Ron Paul Still Considering A Presidential Run, Says Congress Not Serious About Deficit

In an interview with Simon Constable, Congressman Ron Paul says that neither party is serious about reducing spending to curb the deficit and that he is still mulling a presidential run.


  • jimatmomz

    Ron Paul is the last hope of the Republic.

  • akxeel

    He seems ok, but people should always be on guard and critical of politician’s moves, no matter how great characters the seem to be, i just hope people unite and protect ron paul! its ridiculuous how i would not be surprised if the gov pulled a jfk.. the gov should fear the people !

  • nicoSF5

    Why is this little bitch interviewing Ron Paul seem so nervous? Why does he keep looking another direction?

  • 8BitCommando

    It needs to be Ron Paul, and the US people need to be vigilant for once in their fucking lives and keep the CFR away from his administration.

  • JBBlitz

    Ron Paul should be prime minister of France, because whines just like em :p

  • JBBlitz

    ron paul, fake and gay

  • san123blue

    Ron Paul becoming president in 2012
    would be like the second coming of Christ

    he is only person I know that can set us free

  • unfad1ng

    If this guy does not win the next election its over for america…

    The world is in the hands of the american voters, if Ron Paul does not get elected we might aswell hand the world over to China, China needs competion too balance their power out.

  • Php48

    lol, Ive heard of suicide by cop, but honestly the honorable Ron Paul wouldn’t even last as long as JFK (America’s last real president) and if he did make the presidency and not get sniped it would mean he wasn’t as honorable as he seems. I’m surprised he has lasted this long even as a congressmen with his knowledge and stance on the FED.

  • DadoPennsylvania

    Mr. Paul if you dont run or win.,…I’m moving back to Bosnia. Fuck this so called freedom

  • Andrew Navarro

    I did not vote for Ron Paul last time becuse I though he cold not win. This will not happen again and I think there are alot of people out there like me. Also I belive that he has reached even more people out there and changed there minds. America needs this man at its helm. So, if your paying attention Mr. Paul please run for Presedent in 2012 America needs you
    Thank you, Andrew Navarro

  • joechien0218

    America Needs This Man

  • deficithawker

    Let Bush tax cuts expire and reduce unemployment and budget woes disappear completely Simple problem and we have a proven solution. Economy did very well under the Clinton rates and has done very poorly under the Bush rates. No need to keep the Bush tax rates. They appear to be job killers. Get health care inflation in line with the rest of the developed world and the US runs surpluses There is no budget emergency, simply deceptive economic theory called supply side economics.

  • GhostRecon756

    You go tell em’ Ron Paul!!!

  • stigler30

    I used to support Ron Paul but the more research I do on the man the more I see he is a right winger disguised as a libertarian. Just look at that authoritarian monster that he sired.

  • envisageCP

    This man needs to run.

  • Takako127

    The only sound politician with any credibility left~ Ron, I am Australian, but the fate of the US directly effects the fate of the rest of the world in the near future. I hope you do run, at least that way there is hope at the end of the dark abbyss

  • RonPaulforpresident1

    everyone sign the petition at the site show him support

  • RonPaulforpresident1

    please run for us Ron Paul I have faith in you that you could truly be this Country savior

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Poopyface Paul is a defeatitarian career politician scum who is a senile old fart that hates America and people that aren’t white KKK satanists like him!