Ron Paul Still Considering A Presidential Run, Says Congress Not Serious About Deficit

In an interview with Simon Constable, Congressman Ron Paul says that neither party is serious about reducing spending to curb the deficit and that he is still mulling a presidential run.


  • Pepsifx357

    I think that Ron Paul will be our next president. The reason I say this, is because he’s already got the publicity that most soon-to-be presidents get. And he’s getting more and more as time passes.

  • FreedomsReigning

    I’m sick of wasting my time and listening to Ron Paul’s wishy washy answers. He needs to announce or get out of the way.

  • eveilslayer

    obama and hillary dont like this video.

  • pkalpacas

    any man who wants the job should be banned from having it… and as Ron is reluctant to have it, he must be the right man for the job

  • cedricalien


  • Alicia4David

    You know he is going to run.. He is not going to let us down. I belive and listen to what he says……

  • MrDeathSmiles

    You have our support. Let’s make this happen. You’re the chosen one by the people, not the media whores.

  • Gioxtream

    Ron Paul.Don’t worry.You will have your Own Team to work with you. WE support you all the way.

  • Guy

    Can Ron Paukl win? Consider this. I have a friend that is totally Obama. This is what he told me. ” Ron Paul is the only republican that has a chance to oust Obama.” He further said, “Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the likes, they don’t have a chance against Obama. Obama will walk allover them.”

    Obama supporters would like nothing more than another neo-conservative republican candidate.

    The only man they fear is Ron Paul!

    He’ll get my vote if I have to write him in!!!!

  • libertyfizz

    I hate to have to be the voice of reason but a Ron Paul run is only good for educating the public not winning the office. Firstly Obama has a massive advantage. He has a lot of money and no primary expenses. Also, Ron Paul is too old he will almost be 80 years old. The last campaign was horribly managed almost appearing intentionally done so as to not win. Ron wasn’t in it to win it last time doubt that has changed. His main motive is to increase awareness don’t get your hopes up.

  • beldapriest

    Our government has become so top heavy it is going to topple on its self. When the smoke clears, we won’t want anything to do with any of the party politics. These parties have sucked the lifblood out of this republic. There needs to be accountability by responsible intelligent people for the regulation of the economy and we need to put an end to reckless and convoluted journalism that has led to the emergence of an idiot class.

  • EvilResult

    though i endorse Ron Paul running for pres, what i don’t want is people to believe that if he wins the presidents position that he can fix our problems from his position… he doesn’t want to run the country he want to put the country back in the peoples hands… we must then continue pressing for our liberties on ALL levels of government as it is not just corrupt from the top only but all the way to the bottom… the people. only if we help our selves can we help Ron Paul in his position.

  • nwofunclub

    I love you Dr Paul!

  • shroomingnewman

    thats my boy ron paul!!

  • kixdirtsevin

    run RON run……….RUN RUN RUN i will vote…..we all love to be free.

  • saadasim

    Republican Party – Turd Sandwich
    Democratic Party – Vomit Lasagna

    Ron Paul – All Organic Beef Sandwich

  • timberwolves100

    He will run guys, he’s been working for this his whole life. I think he is just trying to build up the drama a little bit and drum up some more support. No problem with that.

  • brown55061

    Ron is my hero but I think he is naive to think this ship can be saved. Even if they made a 2 trillion dollar cut in spending, the interest alone on what we still owe would compound and we would have to continue cutting year over year. THAT will never happen in the welfare nation. For that reason, this system will end. I just hope the right people have a say when they decide to start over with a reserve currency/commodity.

  • nickvonmises

    Ron makes barack look like an economic retard… “uh, uh, uh, uh, ya know, uh, uh, we’re committed to making jobs, uh, small business, uh, uh, jobs, uh, uh, uh, change.” -b.h.o., economic retard.

  • usexoticsltd

    I can honestly say that my life depends on Dr. Paul becoming president. There will either be a Ron Paul Revolution… or a bloody revolution. I definitely prefer the first option, but will be proud to die in these streets. So many fathers, grandfathers, brothers, etc have been conned into taking lives and giving their own, overseas for corporate interests. Now we see, the only way to truly fight for America is IN America. I fear that any president other than Dr. Paul will be our last president.