Ron Paul Still Considering A Presidential Run, Says Congress Not Serious About Deficit

In an interview with Simon Constable, Congressman Ron Paul says that neither party is serious about reducing spending to curb the deficit and that he is still mulling a presidential run.


  • STAB1L

    Why are there no Ron Pauls in Sweden..? :/

  • nakor667

    I will only vote for this man (or a candiate he endorses like Gary Johnson)

  • gjcamann

    Go Dr.Paul!! Please run for President! We’re huge advocates of you here in western NY and will support you all the way.

  • wentbackward

    I think we can only pray he gets in and stays alive. Not a gold standard, but gold and SILVER legal tender with the market deciding their value. He can be the Wizard of what Was.

  • vakmerohos

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  • johncrazy8s

    i regret not voting for this guy in 08. i’ll write his name in the fucking ballot this go-round

  • anyusmoon1

    Highlights? TOO MANY GREAT THINGS TO TYPE! Wow, Ron Paul concise and clear, wise and honest as ever. What a great come back to ? about gold standard. Need competing metals would help too. END THE FED! Stay out of Libya. This is the end to American type colonialism.

  • stpthreat1

    the elite will never let Dr. paul run for president! it is a sad truth 🙁

  • kariido1

    Dr. Paul is my role model. God bless you, sir.

  • yay78900

    i will vote for you ron

  • Citizen

    As a registered Democrat, I’ve always found Dr. Paul’s brand of conservatism fascinating in comparison to his FoxNews cohorts (Rove, Gingrich, Beck, etc.). Yes, I did vote for Obama, but it was not an easy decision if you consider the competition.

    Please keep in mind, I am a secular American who believes fully in every individual’s rights to worship and expression. I believe in the free market without reservation. But the idea of any candidate backed by an army of Bible Belters intent on the “re-Christianization” of America and sitting the Oval Office scares me to death. So for this reason, I saw no alternative but to shy away from Senator McCain (a fine patriot and law maker) and Governor Palin (a puppet of the GOP and a Grade A whack-a-mole), and support then-Senator Obama and his dogs, Beau and Biden.

    ***For those Christians reading this forum, crying atheistic intolerance, I present you the following scenario: President “Blank” is a devout Muslim/Buddhist/Sikh/Pastafarian/Mormon who wishes to pass laws and promote academic debate from the perspective of his/her religious scriptures written “Blank” millennia (I guess the Mormons are technically excluded from this group) ago. These scriptures posit the existence of an omniscient entity that can neither be proven, nor disproven, but contain a worldview antithetical to observed phenomena. Do you feel comfortable?

    I’ve spent the last hour reading up on Dr. Paul and his views (self-admittedly no expert). Although I’ve come to consider his view of social policy as disastrous (somewhere between Katrina and Fukushima), Dr. Paul’s voting record speaks to a man of great conviction of principle and dare I say, albeit cliche, “common sense”. Although his views are represented within the Republican Party, somewhat, Dr. Paul has the distinction of separating the political necessity of catering to a large base with the task at hand. That said, I vehemently support Dr. Paul’s approach to sustainable fiscal policy, monetary policy, handling the national debt (properly), and dismantling America’s neo-colonialist foreign policy (although as far as reproductive rights go, I don’t think anyone has the right to claim, scientifically at least, where and when life begins. If this were the case, wouldn’t the destruction of our ecosystem by means of pollution put an end to many other forms of potential life?).

    If Dr. Paul were to make a presidential run, I would most certainly vote for him (provided Sean Hannity isn’t up for VP). In this case, I wouldn’t be voting for a Christian politician, but a politician who happens to be Christian (and this I can live with). Unfortunately for Dr. Paul (and I think the entire nation), left-leaning individuals such as myself have never considered voting for a conservative candidate simply because of the GOP’s religious overtones to satisfy its base.

    Thank you for reading, and I bid you adieu with an enthusiastic,
    Ron Paul, 2012!

  • AssholeBlogger

    Undecided??? WTF.. America NEEDS him to run.. no exceptions.. Regardless if he has a chance of winning or not, at least if he runs there’ll be more exposure of the REAL issues affecting our country.

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Poopyface Paul is a crazy old fart that just uses Nazi, communist and islamofascist talking points.

  • riethc

    Ronnie boy is still waiting to be tapped by the elites. Got to see how these austerity cuts go. May need a popularist in 2012.

  • MrGETitGOTit

    The only man from Washington that I believe in and that Im willing to put all my trust in right here…The best ever!!

  • dskillz1

    25 years from now this man will be seen as one of the All Time Greats.

  • FumingPoliticalPunk

    hurry and run. I’m in iowa, and want to join the cause asap

  • xGerryAcunax

    8:58 Fosho


  • radicaldanzero

    Paul/Paul 2012

  • toxiccrumpz

    to hell with ron paul better yet Fuck Ron Paul and the info bobble head bitches that think he can make any changes fuck all governments and all these stupid money grubbing puppets