Ron Paul: Congress Not Serious about Tackling Spending Problem

Date: 03/16/2011

  • It seems that Ron Paul has all of the pieces in play to win, but then forgets that you cannot win unless you align yourself with either the Republican or Democratic party.


  • When Your thirsty why dont you just fill up a bucket with a hole in the bottom that will help the situation immensely. I can never agree with Ron Pauls political views he has been runny for president since I was toddler.

  • fitymanelkuli

    tell your friends, family, and neighbors WHY you want ron paul in 2012 … today!

  • force3264

    So if insurance companies think of them as a risk, then wouldn’t they say pre-existing condition and not cover them even if they pay? Telling them they can’t do that is government interference.

  • force3264

    If you get rid of medicare then how will the elderly be insured? Wasn’t it created because no one wanted to insure the elderly. Even if they become insured, how are they going to afford it. The elderly are a big risk to insurance companies.

  • machinations7

    “it’ll be the destruction of the dollar that will bring this to an end, it will not be politicians with backbone” (R. Paul)

    how true, how sad.

  • smb12321

    The public mentality – and this especially includes politicians – is one of “hear no evil, see no evil.” They don’t want to consider the inevitable consequences. Instead, they thing they can continue passing the buck to the next generation.

  • Ron Paul for President! Make your voices heard and let him know that we want him to Run and that we the people have his back!