Ron Paul: It’s Time to Get out of Afghanistan!

Date: 03/17/2011

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    First off when it comes down to war I’m mostly against it, however under my circumstances my dad depends on his job as a marine in Afghanistan because he was out of a job for a year so he needs to be stationed there due to his job title as a translator and if he wasn’t in Afghanistan he wouldn’t have a job. So there are attributes to this being a good thing and a bad thing. But it would save America tons of money. Everyone’s preference is different and mostly depends on your life’s circumstances is what I’m trying to get at in this little story. I just like Ron Paul better than gingrich, santorum, and Romney. He seems like a leader that would get things done and bring more peace


  • Ron Paul is a pacifist. Ron Paul = Dennis Kusinich

  • What is freedom?

    That I have found in an other blog and I agree:

    An open letter to David Cameron!

    Mr. David William Donald Cameron,

    you have said that parts of English society are sick, without a sense of responsibility. You’re right. But it’s not the people you have mentioned. It’s the politicians, the bankers, the industrialists; that people who have robbed the people for decades. And now that the stupid little people imitate you, you get scared. That’s good. The battle for truth has begun – and people like you are to blame! You have never helped more that the politicans and the bankers can steal more from the people worldwide than in the past three years. Now it looks like that your fruit is harvested. I congratulate you for this intimate performance, you now want to blame these perpetrators.

    As has been said by Ron Paul: Don’t steal, the government hates competition.

  • most votes are rigged

  • why americans always vote for warmongers?

  • shadowofears

    why americans always vote for warmongers?

  • German submarine

    Usama Ibn Ladin is dead

    We have murdered a murderer, now we are murderers!

    Found in another Blog (written from ke). And: Yes, this is right!

  • hahaha….you are so funny… definitely missed the evolution…..

  • hahaha….you are so funny… definitely missed the evolution…..

  • lol