Ron Paul: Libya Is Not the American People’s Fight

Date: 03/14/2011

Libya Is Not the American People’s Fight

by Ron Paul

Last week we once again heard numerous voices calling for intervention in Libya. Most say the US should establish a “no-fly” zone over Libya, pretending that it is a benign, virtually cost-free action, and the least we could do to assist those trying to oust the Gaddaffi regime. Let us be clear about one thing: for the US to establish a “no fly” zone over all or part of Libya would constitute an act of war against Libya. Establishing any kind of military presence in the sovereign territory of Libya will require committing troops to engage in combat against the Libyan air force, as well as anti-aircraft systems. The administration has stated that nothing is off the table as they discuss US responses to the unrest. This sort of talk is alarming on so many levels. Does this mean a nuclear strike is on the table? Apparently so.

In this case, I would like to make sure we actually follow the black letter of the law provided in the Constitution that explicitly grants Congress the sole authority to declare war. This week I will introduce a concurrent resolution in the House to remind my colleagues and the administration that Congress alone, not the president, decides when to go to war. It is alarming how casually the administration talks about initiating acts of war, as though Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution does not exist. Frankly, it is not up to the President whether or not we intervene in Libya, or set up “no-fly” zones, or send troops. At least, it is not if we follow the Constitution. Even by the loose standards of the War Powers Resolution, which cedes far too much power to the president, he would have no authority to engage in hostilities because we have not been attacked – not by Gaddafi, and not by the rebels. This is not our fight. If the administration wants to make it our fight, let them make their case before Congress and put it to a vote. I would strongly oppose such a measure, but that is the proper way to proceed.

Constitutional questions aside, Congress also needs to consider the interests of the American people. Again, we have not been attacked. Whatever we may think about the Gaddafi regime, we must recognize that the current turmoil in Libya represents an attempted coup d’etat in a foreign country. Neither the coup leaders nor the regime pose an imminent threat to the United States and therefore, as much as we abhor violence and loss of life, this is simply none of our business. How can we commit our men and women in uniform to a dangerous military operation in Libya when they swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution? We must also understand that our intervention will undermine the legitimacy of whatever government prevails in Libya. Especially if it is a bad government, it will be seen as our puppet and further radicalize people in the region against us. These are terrible reasons to put our soldiers’ lives at risk.

Finally we need to consider the economic cost. We don’t have the money for more military interventions overseas. We don’t have the money for our current military interventions overseas. We have to rely on the Fed’s printing presses and our ability to borrow from China to fund these wars. That alone should put an end to any discussion about getting involved in Libya’s civil war.


  • dolesponger

    Gadaffi is an evil bastard, a murderer, a tin-pot dictator, a brutal tyrant, and the world will be a better place when he’s gone.It is the DUTY of the West to prevent him from killing his own people and to remove him.

  • dolesponger

    Ron Paul is such a selfish arsehole, and seems to be completely ignorant of the origins and motives of his own nation. Of course Libya is America’s fight ! The sole reason God founded the USA was to lead mankind to enlightened democracy under principles of brotherhood in accordance with the Order of the cosmos. Study the wisdom and teachings of Manly P. Hall and Max Heindel.

  • DrinkSkateSleep

    Personally I am more of a left winger when it comes to politics. But in the U.S.A, Ron Paul is on of the only honest politicians. Please america, get him into office. It would make this world a better place.

  • 1falconeye2

    Obama, please take care of our problems here in the US. The economy is crumbling. We need to focus on education and training of young people so that they can be productive and not fill up our overcrowded jails. More and more money is being taken away from education. The new remedy for this is an all out assault nationwide against teachers! So much money has been wasted on Iraq, and we helped put Sadam in power years before. Look at Afghanistan! What is the end means!

  • 1falconeye2

    Obama, please take care of our problems here in the US. The economy is crumbling. We need to focus on education and training of young people so that they can be productive and not fill up our overcrowded jails. More and more money is being taken away from education. The new remedy for this is an all out assault nationwide against teachers!

  • dadefinest305

    Yes, did OBAMA Violated the constitution of the United States of America by sending troops in Libya. Any ways, Ron you’re talking very nicely, just like obama was talking, and he even got a NObel peace prize and yet now when the families who are running the world put the knife under his throat to go to war he just went. So when you will get the same treatment, will you have the courage to say no, just like Kennedy and the other that were assassinated did?

  • Flippbeazz

    This is true. Fuck you Obama, you can’t call me racist just cause he’s black. He’s just an awful president. First of all, Western and European nations DOES NOT control the fucking world. I’m coming from Canada and I deeply disagree with these pricks intervening into someones war. Please get the fuck off Libya. This matter just piss me off, they’re making our ALREADY STRAINED relationship with Arab nations worst. Sigh…

    • Brian

      Very interesting train of thought, too bad that your vocabulary is so limited that you opt to use profanity to make your point. I suspect that it is in anger rather than your ignorance.

  • Garrett

    I can’t believe we keep feeding this BEAST. It keeps up the pretense that it cares about those people or you and me. But its the concern that a parasite would give its host in order for it to keep feeding.

  • openbreakwhat

    It sounds more and more to me like, congress is begging us to stand behind them while they ask for a say in what happens to the United states.

  • sjbarul
  • Sings2Jesus1


  • sjbarul

    its not r problem

  • veryn


    IE NO WAR.

    Get over it, we asked that dictator to stop killing innocent people, he kept doing it, now we let the UK and France Start airstrikes and us does a little.

    Educate yourselfs people, this is not a decleration of war, its a WARNING

    • Lilia


      There are multiple moves that a country can make that do not involve troops on the ground but still constitute acts of war. If one state blocks the ports of another with its navy, or likewise inhibits air traffic in the other state with its air force; if it fires missles, gunfire, poison gas, bombs, or any other weapon onto another state, even without any troops present in the area affected, such moves would be acts of war.

      In the case of Libya, in order to establish an effective “no-fly zone” the state doing so would have to shoot down any planes in the zone. Whether that state would use troops on the ground in Libya or launch missiles from outside Libya, whether it uses unmanned or piloted aerial vehicles, any attack on the Libyan government’s planes/helicopters constitutes war. In fact, under international law, any direct attack on a state’s military bases or military forces currently in uniform can be considered a declaration of war.

  • JBBlitz

    cry moar paulie cry moar.

  • variezn34gm

    Ron Paul living by MATTHEW 4.3 as viewed about to enter into MATTHEW 4.5-6-7.

  • LivingDead221

    I agree with you but people say we on this planet can not just watch dictators massacring people, does somebody know how many has Gaddafi killed yet?

  • boomwolf999

    I am neither republican nor democrat, but I am aware enough to realize that ron paul is the only candidate even close to worth voting for, that’s assuming the american vote is still relevant.

  • 911sheeple

    Another War, Another President that is a NWO Puppet of Israel. Like congress isn’t Israeli Loyalists too. Another Regime change, Puppet Govt and suck some Oil under the Table like Bush with Iraq.
    And for the TRUTH about that Japan Quake and the Meltdown Just Search YT for:
    “Japan Quake Related to STUXNET Virus HAARP”.

    It will Blow Your Mind with a Coverup the NEWS Media Just won’t Discuss at all.
    Gee, would it be because it leads to Israel and the CIA?

  • troutmask1970

    Ron you are a beautiful beautiful man. god bless

  • selfrealizedexile

    is the crux of any conflict; every attack and ensuing counter-attack hinges upon it.

    Gov’t, when truly tested, is actually one of the most fragile institutions ever devised. Some of us only think otherwise because we’ve only seen it beat up weaker versions of itself in conventional war. But, it loses in guerilla warfare every time for the aforementioned reasons. So, I do not fear gov’t. What I really fear is an ignorant populace that lets itself believe the sophistry, timidly allows the