Ron Paul: Libya Is Not the American People’s Fight

Date: 03/14/2011

Libya Is Not the American People’s Fight

by Ron Paul

Last week we once again heard numerous voices calling for intervention in Libya. Most say the US should establish a “no-fly” zone over Libya, pretending that it is a benign, virtually cost-free action, and the least we could do to assist those trying to oust the Gaddaffi regime. Let us be clear about one thing: for the US to establish a “no fly” zone over all or part of Libya would constitute an act of war against Libya. Establishing any kind of military presence in the sovereign territory of Libya will require committing troops to engage in combat against the Libyan air force, as well as anti-aircraft systems. The administration has stated that nothing is off the table as they discuss US responses to the unrest. This sort of talk is alarming on so many levels. Does this mean a nuclear strike is on the table? Apparently so.

In this case, I would like to make sure we actually follow the black letter of the law provided in the Constitution that explicitly grants Congress the sole authority to declare war. This week I will introduce a concurrent resolution in the House to remind my colleagues and the administration that Congress alone, not the president, decides when to go to war. It is alarming how casually the administration talks about initiating acts of war, as though Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution does not exist. Frankly, it is not up to the President whether or not we intervene in Libya, or set up “no-fly” zones, or send troops. At least, it is not if we follow the Constitution. Even by the loose standards of the War Powers Resolution, which cedes far too much power to the president, he would have no authority to engage in hostilities because we have not been attacked – not by Gaddafi, and not by the rebels. This is not our fight. If the administration wants to make it our fight, let them make their case before Congress and put it to a vote. I would strongly oppose such a measure, but that is the proper way to proceed.

Constitutional questions aside, Congress also needs to consider the interests of the American people. Again, we have not been attacked. Whatever we may think about the Gaddafi regime, we must recognize that the current turmoil in Libya represents an attempted coup d’etat in a foreign country. Neither the coup leaders nor the regime pose an imminent threat to the United States and therefore, as much as we abhor violence and loss of life, this is simply none of our business. How can we commit our men and women in uniform to a dangerous military operation in Libya when they swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution? We must also understand that our intervention will undermine the legitimacy of whatever government prevails in Libya. Especially if it is a bad government, it will be seen as our puppet and further radicalize people in the region against us. These are terrible reasons to put our soldiers’ lives at risk.

Finally we need to consider the economic cost. We don’t have the money for more military interventions overseas. We don’t have the money for our current military interventions overseas. We have to rely on the Fed’s printing presses and our ability to borrow from China to fund these wars. That alone should put an end to any discussion about getting involved in Libya’s civil war.


  • Yes. I heard building 7 that it couldn’t be saved and so they had to detonate it. Although I am not fully sure. I was always curious about Pentagon and Twin towers. What about United 98? If it was all fake then what happen to United 98 and the rest of the REAL flights? I can see terrorist planting bombs. They do that shit all the time. I might be an inside job. I am basically no comment on 9/11.

  • None. I don’t watch Fox news but that most be a common thing for you Europeans or what ever you are to say. You know what. I love the ignorance of people like you. You don’t live in the United States of America but you can make assumptions and think like you know the whole country inside out so furthermore you should probably shut the fuck up because I bet your country was involved in Iraq too.

  • dewege39

    thumbs up if obama is a dick head!!!!!!!!1

  • aziizrocks

    its a shame to see Obama make the same mistakes as Bush. I just hope that people see him more than just a first black president cause as a african I can say that I am proud of him being president but ashamed of how and what kind of president he is

    • mark 971

      I agree azizrock , it is great to see the American people get past its old racist views. But I feel it did the African American no good, but yet set the wheels rolling in the wrong direction as many white people say we knew this would happen. I had hoped Obama would have been a man of his word, but it turned out he was Bush III. A lot of the policies he came up with have not come into affect and many of the stuff he had to deal with was George Bush’s doing. With his new deal cutting medi care and passing a historical military budget increase he turned out to be in it for his own profit. I agree we need a strong president no matter what color skin. But they must have the don’t mess with me attitude for the people not business. I ask the American people to do any kind of research on any president elect and make an educated choice for president.

  • Bob

    Just think, the true form of urban war fare, maybe.It is just a practice run for biggger and better things to come in the next chapter. I watched the secratary of defense and secratary of state laughing about all this today. On beat the nation.

  • Bob

    And they looked accross the land and said, Let us make the mid east in our own image.
    At any cost, so long as they comply.

  • xxoooOFxx

    Here is the icing on this ghastly cake for you. The war in Iraq and Libya have nothing to do with saving civilians. It has to do with oil. Libya has kept out international oil companies out for the longest time from its oil fields. Hugo Chavez started that in the 1990s and attracted the ire of the west, but is alive to tell about it. Saddam is not. What the U.S. and NATO are doing is the bidding of the oil companies. They just tell you some fluffy story so you can sleep better at night.

  • xxoooOFxx

    That’s a pretty sorry scenario, to say the least. The grass has to be mowed for one, and cutting grass keeps the lawn healthy. I don’t know if your ignorance is about grass or civil strife, but a pretty bad example either way. What is going on in Libya is a civil war, not unlike what went on in the U.S. in the 19th century. Now you imagine how different an outcome it would have been if some powerful country came and started attacking the north after seeing the south was losing.

  • xxoooOFxx

    Oh…there is nothing in the UN and/or NATO treaty that states that those organizations can get involved in civil conflict within a sovereign country. NATO’s motto is, an attack against one (i.e. a member nation), is an attack against all. Meaning, if a member nation is attacked, other members join in. Which member was attacked to cause NATO to join this fight. As far as moral obligations go, why are we not ‘saving’ unarmed civilians that are being shot down in Yemen and Bahrain?

  • 911sheeple

    Well Thank Dog GE doesn’t have to pay a dime in tax on their 5.1 Billion in Profits to pay for yet another war by the Zionists in Washington.
    No, Give the bill to the poor suckers that voted those Zionists in power.

  • shadowhunter388

    Obama this, Obama That. When are you all going to get real facts and stop blaming him for everything?! We are helping them for god sakes not destroying them. Libya revolt was their choice. Not ours. Just because a country wants to change doesn’t mean you deserve to point fingers at the USA. Grow up and stop blaming people for someone else problems. We are helping them. America is the leader of the world. Say what ever you want but I know it sounds crazy but Obama is not always Treason on Wheels.

  • BA Longhauler

    I support Ron Paul 100%. Personally I am sick and tired of the federal government fighting endless wars abroad, and fleecing, gouging, plundering, and pillaging our sustenance at home. I am sick and tired of the neocons’ phony patriotism, and the libtards’ entitlement bleeding heart nanny state. I am sick and tired of government lying to us to pass endless entitlement ponzi schemes, and lying to us to justify wars of aggression abroad. I am tired of seeing the hardworking folks of this nation having their money stolen from them to finance this unrighteous and egregious policies of this thieving government. I am tired of this government not only murdering civilians abroad with their implements of war, but raping and pillaging its own citizens at the point of a gun, stealing their personal liberties, and the fruits of their labor that THEY worked for and earned. And I am tired of this government’s abuses and endless usurpations of power. Obama does not have the authority of his own accord to start wars. He said that the attack on Libya was not a war. But it seems to me that lobbing Tomahawk missiles at apartment buildings and killing innocent civilians is an act of war. Liar! Mr. Obama, this attack on Libya is illegal! You cannot start a war without a declaration of Congress! Mr. George W. Bush, your war on Iraq is also illegal! These two countries did not attack us.

  • 911sheeple

    For the Truth about Japan Quake and Meltdown, Search YT for:
    “Japan Quake Related to STUXNET Virus and HAARP”.

    It all Leads back to ISRAEL and the CIA.

    Thats why the Media WON’T Mention a WORD about it. Zionist Run Media Tells you what ISRAEL and CIA Wants you to hear.



  • 99barrels

    WAR-MONGERS IN CONGRESS; IDIOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE! AMERICANS do NOT support this war, PERIOD! The UN and NATO have a long history of INCOMPETENCE. They are nothing but a “rubber stamp” for more aggression all over the world. Americans should NOT be fighting FOR the GLOBALISTS ELITE trying to take over all world resources that belong to the people, using vaccines and chemtrails to depopulate by 95%, and using our military to KILL millions. AMERICANS, please keep posting “NO MORE WAR!”

  • shadowhunter388

    I love how everytime the US does something for the good you cry like little children. You know damn well it is not right for a country to kill it’s NON-Supporters. North Korea for example. Look at what it does. Their would be war if it wasn’t for china being the mommy and telling North Korea to sit the fuck down and go take a time out. Of course this isn’t our war but this is what U.N. and N.A.T.O. are for. Human Rights. I grantee if US wanted 300+ dead US citizens. You can expect same response.

  • Fox

    This IS our fight, everything this nation stands for is at stake in Libya, those people will be Massacred if we stand by and do nothing! They are fighting for their freedom from a tyrant, a monster, a madman! who would kill every last person that spoke up against him if he could.
    This is a matter of basic human decency, not of O this could cost us money or this is a violation of Libya’s sovereignty, There is NO such thing as a sovereign tyrant, and if I recall correctly our own revolution was not won by our sole effort so.
    The truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as no action, if we stand by we are taking action, we would be dooming the thousands of people who rebelled to death, and the rest to oppression for the foreseeable future.

  • 411American


  • sevwinters

    You xenophobic asshole. Get out of my Congress!

  • 911sheeple

    WE DEMAND these TREASONIST Bastards be Brought to Real Justice!

  • rand

    We as a nation have been stripped of our ability to think for ourselves and make well thought out decisions. MTV tells our children what to think and feel. Our laziness is substantial. Our country supported the war in Iraq because we were lied to and no one had enough sense to evaluate the situation and do what was right. Anyone who thinks we should be extending ourselves to end the unrest in Lybia is insane. We have hundreds of thousands of people in prison, a system of education that is offensive, and our money is being fleeced only to end up in the Federal Reserves account. Why cant we stand up and take OUR OWN country back???!!!!!