Ron Paul: Why Obama Is Wrong on Libya

Congressman Ron Paul, a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee and honorary chairman of Campaign for Liberty, criticized President Obama’s decision to impose a no-fly zone over Libya in a video shot earlier today.

In the video, Congressman Paul argues that:

  1. The action is an act of War.
  2. The no-fly zone is unconstitutional because Congress has not authorized it, a point Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Richard Lugar agrees with.
  3. President Obama has illegally seceded U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations.
  4. The United States cannot afford the financial burden of more military action in the Middle East.

Date: 03/18/2011


  • Nasdaq7

    This man is inflexible and would therefore make a poor leader. A piece of paper doesn’t have all the answers.

    • LG

      are you crazy, all of our leaders ARE already poor. Ron Paul could only help!

    • vee

      The piece of paper reminds us of the principals that have made the US a great nation, the piece of paper is the ideas and fundamental law that governs our society. Those who wrote the peice of paper had the forsight to understand that new understandings would come in the future and therefore gave a method by which it could take place. If the overwhelming majority think the peice of paper needs updating then it can be updated.

      What the peice of paper does is distinguish the US clearly from places like Lybia where what one groups say is the law. The collective wisdom of generations is in the peice of paper and one president, one administration should never be allowed to disregard it.

      God Bless America to uphold the consitution that has made it great, and may all Americans hold in contempt the Presidents and administrations that do not uphold the constitution. The president swore and oath to uphold the constitution on taking office, if he does not then he is a lier and deserves to be removed from that office.

      The constitution whould be held in such high regard that we should allow no one to trample it. The consitution does hold the answeres, use it, uphold it, love it and the US will prosper.

  • Dan1uc

    As for all the rest of the sheepel, citizens are subjects to royalty I am an American and part of “we the people” and an ongoing process quietly behind the scenes to bring down this communist government that has infiltrated our country in disguise as a free market. On my homepage down in the lower left highlighted in yellow is the website for all subverted communist US citizens wishing to become part of the free republics for America and we the people..

  • EndlessWaltzTV

    Obey the Constitution.. YES!!!!

  • ilovealexjones1

    well ron paul said it himself. the president dosent care about the constitution the congress dosent care about the constitution….so i guess that leaves us with one option….VIOLENT REVOLUTION….its time we stand up and defend our own rights, and if that means we have to kill cops, or any other govt official when they infrigne on our freedoms….if a cop tries to impose their will upon you, kill them and who ever else tries to infringe on your freedom…

  • anolmec

    ALL 3 BRANCHES of the govt continues to wipe their ass with the moot constitution

  • xcalibur4l

    for the first time in history a BLACK MAN(OBAMA) is carrying out imperialistic attack on a soverign country.
    OBAMA what have you done.You are a disgrace to ur race and to africa the land of ur father.
    Why are u the puppet of white racist imperialists?

  • GhostRecon756

    2012…. we need you Ron Paul!!!

  • Guts01

    It will end when we break the jewish grip on our mass media and banking.

    • jack

      Guts01 speaks the truth. Put the rest of these speculations to rest. Spend your energy focusing on the truth.

  • qwezzie

    who the hell is the UN, and why is no one asking why it is an american president is ASKING the UN for pemission to act on this matter!…

  • popcur

    We have to obey the Constitution. If this continues, lets just cancel elections.

  • CautiousSaint

    Let’s remember that most governments work together against their people. They use propaganda to keep people fighting each other, hating each other, through lying to their people about other nations and the people of those nations. The only way anyone can overcome tyrannical governments is to stand together as those who have been oppressed by bad men. The governments have power because they keep us in fear. They know that if we realized this, things would change for them.

  • CautiousSaint

    I just want people in other countries to know that not all Americans are war-happy, wanting to go into these other countries, bomb them up, kill their civilians, etc., in the name of “liberation” or whatever else our politicians call it. Our government is out of control and it doesn’t listen to the people, and it certainly doesn’t listen to people in other countries. They are constantly break rules set up at the founding of our nation. It’s shameful.

  • luk3Z

    The truth about USA government – watch this and know the true:


  • Libertarian777

    I’m willing to bet more civilians will die as a result of sanctions and the no-fly zone than Ghadaffi has killed himself.

    E.g. Saddam was estimated to have killed 5,000 civilians in chemical weapons attacks.
    100,000 Iraqi children are estimated to have died as a direct result of sanctions and the Gulf War.
    But the Iraq was was ‘justified’?

    When do we start bombing Bharain? They’re also shooting civilians there. (or are those protestors called ‘terrorists’? I can’t keep track)

    • Diogenes

      Though your numbers are way out of line, the point is well taken. I was and am in a position to know what foreign intelligence forces believed. The French, Italians and the Russians all believed Saddam was a clear and present danger. Given the discovery over time of hidden caches of very nasty stuff (not reported, BTW) there was probably enough left for Saddam to be a threat. However, Rep. Paul does not want us to be ther policemen of the world. Nor do I but there is a problem.

      Nature abhors a vacuum, there will be a “policeman” of the world. To whom do we cede the job. The Chinese? The Russians? The UN? We were founded by “enlightened” revolutionaries with no clue that we would eventually be the greatest military power on earth. In fact, as the Constitution was written, we could not have become a great power. The Civil War changed all that. It was rather inevitable that a society with a wealth of natural resources founded in the womb of meritocracy should become a great power, though the founders would have never wanted that. With greatness there are inelluctible consequences. We have seldom taken on the burden. One could easily make the case that we are the most irresponsible Great Power in history.

      Bill Buckley once said, “I really don’t want us to do that but history finds us in the role. Frankly, there are times I wish I were Swiss. But we aren’t. If we refuse the responsibility, to whom would we give the job?”

      As much interest as Rep. Paul’s views have for me he has never said to whom he would cede the job. We are no longer protected by oceans and the world has become a very dangerous place. Until Rep. Paul answers that question he is simply playing the mother in Shane. “Why, O why can’t there be peace in the valley?” The answer is, “Because someone is shooting at you, you silly twit!!!”

      Does anyone truly think we can simply take our ball and go home? Does anyone remember what happened in China after they withdrew behind the Great Wall?

      It is not a rhetorical question. I would love an answer. Like Rep. Paul, I do not want this job. Right now, however, I can think of no one I would want to take our place and someone certainly will if we simply withdraw.

      The real world is the truth. And the truth ain’t always pretty.

  • Glucus2

    I thought that the americans are all greedy bastards ready to kill and rob everyone only for their wealth covering with their “democracy”. But now I see that some people there seem to be adequate. They are few but they are right. Bravo, Ron!

    • SgtYancey

      riiiiight, and where are you from?

  • Odinshi

    Well it’s not like they are attacking with troops or ships, if they do fight back it will be with terrorist attacks such as bombing civilians to cause fear not damage. They aren’t trying to fight them just scare them off. Which would be a proper definition of terrorism 😉

  • Slatrelle

    Maybe it’s time people go to capitol hill and physically remove the puppet senators. Go to there office, jerk them out of there chair, and kick them out on the street. Obama said that the Egyptian people had a right to remove the government. Wonder what would happen if the U.S. did it? Arrested and jailed with heavy sentences.

  • MrSerenityNow

    God Bless you Ron Paul! Please run in 2012!!!!

  • 8Libertine8

    I give Ron Paul a lot of credit for mentioning that other presidents have done the same thing, a lot of credit actually. This is quite different though, this seems to be about humanitarian aid and in his speech a couple days ago, a lot of things were said by Obama that could go a long way toward getting the people of the Middle East to have a mid-set that American is not all bad (put simply). That is what i call getting us back on the right track [after Iraq/Israel].

  • slicvic2012

    It will END when Jesus our Lord and saviour RETURNS.