Ron Paul: Why Obama Is Wrong on Libya

Congressman Ron Paul, a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee and honorary chairman of Campaign for Liberty, criticized President Obama’s decision to impose a no-fly zone over Libya in a video shot earlier today.

In the video, Congressman Paul argues that:

  1. The action is an act of War.
  2. The no-fly zone is unconstitutional because Congress has not authorized it, a point Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Richard Lugar agrees with.
  3. President Obama has illegally seceded U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations.
  4. The United States cannot afford the financial burden of more military action in the Middle East.

Date: 03/18/2011


  • manfood420

    I’m a liberal for the most part, but I’ve find myself agreeing with Ron Paul more often than Obama

  • jtriplett2010

    also discloser is meant to be disclosure. I guess I should have proof read :/

  • jtriplett2010

    To Detroit corruption and ensure liberty, we must have FULL discloser. Secrets and politics can NOT be allowed to mix because power and money are such powerful motivators.
    “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder” — George Washington

  • thamp42

    Ron Paul is the Truth

  • JOConnor100

    The war with Libya is happening because of oil.

  • knytrydr73

    Please run in 2012!!!

  • Jadefentonthailand

    Who are we attacking in this minor civil war, The Libya Army all have familys as well and support their Goverment. Who are the rebels, who is their leader. Complete overkill by Western Goverments. Who wins the people who sell Armenants and want the Oil.? Terrible

  • Jadefentonthailand

    Who are we attacking in this minor civil war, The Libya Army all have familys as well and support thier Goverment. Who are the rebels, who is their leader. Complete overkill by Western Goverments. Who wins the people who sell Armenants and want the Oil.? Terrible

  • Louloe

    BTW, this whole war is based on cash.
    Prior to Japan, it wasn’t on anyones lips, they were all draggin their feet.
    Japan’s day of devistation.
    Possible word of Japan having to cash in on some of the bonds it has bought from it so called freinds, to cover its tragedy.
    Instant Panic.
    Thankfully, Libya has a bit of unrest, no one really owns that oil, just have to handle natives.
    Why is war zone only over oil feilds? not country?
    Us Libya’s Oil to re buy our bonds, of course at lower rate!

  • Louloe

    R. Paul Sr. / D. Kucinich 2012 ticket
    D. Kucinich / R. Paul Sr. 2012 ticket
    either or FTW
    Split is Legit!
    Let not a Label be ones guide.
    A new day is needed, lead by honest men.

  • SgtYancey

    Man i see a lot of mumbo jumbo in these replies. Some people have a good head on their shoulders on here but some seems to be radical seperatists who will never be taken seriously. If people want to say the government is being unconstitutional, which im not saying they aren’t, please cite sources or examples don’t just put rants up. Now with the Libya situation from what i’ve read in news reports, this is MSNBC mind you, the citizens there were waiting for someone to intervene with their situation. Since i am currently stationed i Afghanistanand do not hav regular iterne i just don’t know enough about what is really happening there. But i do agree with the one guy on here who commented that, “who will we cede the power too” this is all too true. If we were to just pull out of everywhere and withdraw our forces, then someone else would just take our spot, and im not sure thats a good thing. China is a communist government that surpresses their people, Russia has always been shady and untrustworthy, Any theologian government in the middle east would definatly be a no no, India..well i do not know enough about their government, but honestly who else would there be? As bad as everyone thinks America is we are truly the best the world has to offer so far. I do think we should try to compromise and talk things out and have a public vote before we enter any futher foreign engagements. And many U.S. bases should be shut down around the world because they bleed us dry and how would we feel if there were foreign bases on our soil?

    • Libertarian777

      one of the problems with the argument of ‘who will take our place’.. was the argument used to get involved in the Korean war, the Vietnam war, Iran in the 70’s, Iraq in the 80’s, etc. etc.

      To prevent China, Russia or whoever else from being influential in those countries and others, the US instills dictators. You think that is a preferable situation? To have dictators who are ‘friendly’ to the US while their people suffer? And yet we wonder why there are so many upset people in the world who are willing to die via suicide bombs etc. just to kill Americans? Doesn’t that sound like Tunisia, where a fruit vendor had everything taken away and just killed himself?

      If China/Russia did indeed exercise the same type of influence on them, it would be THEIR sons and daughters dying by roadside bombs on a daily basis. Their sons and daughters being maimed and injured. Look what happened to Russia in Afghanistan. They lost thousands of soldiers and withdrew.

      Don’t believe all the propaganda about China being communist and evil. China is centrally controlled, yes there are problems of corruption in government, but think about the US. In China there is one party. In the US there are 2. How is that a democracy? Corruption is as endemic here (e.g. Illinois) as in China, its just not as overt.

      China’s also been around for 5,000 years, the US for 250. They do not have a single dictator who controls China, there is still a party (albeit communist) that has the power. It is pure propaganda to just say ‘China is communist thus bad’.

      The government there is taking as many strides as they can to prevent social unrest as they realise once the population is educated and realises they’ve been duped, they too will revolt.

      And please spare me the argument about China’s human rights, when we have dozens of ‘terrorists’ in Gitmo, not to mention the other non-disclosed prisons across the world, with no right to a (sham) trial. If they are terrorists and are guilty, try them in court, bring out the evidence and convict them. What does the government have to hide? The fact that it really doesn’t have evidence? That most of the time the only evidence it has is heresay from some ‘informant’ who’s paid (and will thus ‘expose’ a neighbour he has a dispute with).

      And before you or someone else accuses me of being a ‘China apologist’, I’m merely trying to point out that China is not the USA, and need not be the USA. China is China, USA is USA. I choose to live in the USA, because I believe it has the most potential still. The Chinese are human too, let them choose their own destiny, and we will choose ours. Is our destiny to be the world’s policeman and tell the world how to live their lives / run their government? (I thought that’s what dictators and communists do)

      I commend the bravery of our soldiers in the armed forces, who execute their jobs dutifully. I do not commend congress or the POTUS for expanding violence across the world and sending our soldiers into harms way on a whim. (does beating a violent child make the child more violent or less violent?)

      • SgtYancey

        I can respect your comments about China somewhat, but they do honestly surpress their people, the state runns everything, prisoners are excuted by the dozens on a daily basis some without what we would call a fair trial. When i say who else would we cede the power too im honestly thinking about the citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having been deployed to both places with a job that requires me to go out and talk to the people find out theirs needs and such, i have made many friends. Regardless of what misinformed people might think we are not putting up dictators over here. The elected officials were put there by the people. Karzai was intially thrown in there in order to have a new president but the people chose to keep him there, and Maliki of Iraq was also voted in. Now is there voter fraud over here to keep those peopl in power, you better believe it but the U.S. isnt involved, if we had our way we would throw Karzai out for dealing with Iran. Now in the past, most notably in south and central America, the U.S. has supported dictators such as Penoshay and others, it was either that or let Russia have a foot hold in those regions and we chose the lesser of two evils. And unfortuntly sometimes the people suffered. I would like to think we have learned from ur mistakes, but we’ll see. As far as Gitmo, yes i do think its not right for some of those people to not have a fai trial. However they are not on America soil and are technically prisoners of war so the government can get away with it. But honestly after seeing how we treat the Taliban guys when we catch them here and Al Quaida in Iraq, they have it a lot better than they did. We give them 3 meals a day, room and board, and if we cant pin anything on them they get paid for each day they were captured even the Afghan people here see that. We arent the world police, the U.N. is and we all see how effective they are with the genocides in Darfur and Rowanda, but alas the U.S. does go to them first, then NATO. I like Ron Paul alot and i think he has some great ideas unfortunatly some are too radical, like abolish the IRS, for him to get elected

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Poop should do a video on why he should shut the fuck up and be grown in gitmo for anti-americanism and hate speech.

  • johnanand43

    If he will be the next president he also will a puppet in the hands of the elite group which controles the country. Stop be a WORLD POLICE. Do your business try to solve which is there in your country.

  • Txbreedandraised

    Tea Party hahahahahahah!!!! I’ll stick to voting Libertarian, if not voting at all!

  • delquattro

    The resolution that none of the Tea Party Republicans voted against was to keep the troops home in Afghanistan, or to oppose enforcing the UN imposed Libyan No Fly Zone?

  • macroorchidism

    It looks like Dr. Paul got a new phone and doesn’t want to get rid of the old one!

  • BarryPuppetSoetoro61

    This Is the BESt, Man In on Liftime!… It Would Be A Godame Nighmar If He Is Not In The White House Next Year….These Killing Can’t GO ON ANYMORE! Nixon Had The Army Left, But, He did not have the People..So DID ABE Lincoln!.

  • 19modelA28

    congress must of misplaced the paper work to fill out to go to WAR when they voted to dismantel the department of WAR and replace it with the defence department, that by definition can’t go to WAR, so congress did end WAR for the USA. so we have just battles to fight and bleed with no end in sight. Congress is responsible for the mess in forien afairs. God help the U.S.A. and send in the Marines is congress best answer to fix for their short fall on leadership this vid. is an example, complain

  • NicoretteMan

    I agree, all this money and military might for just an insect?

  • BlueHen123

    crickets from tea party