Ron Paul: Why Obama Is Wrong on Libya

Congressman Ron Paul, a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee and honorary chairman of Campaign for Liberty, criticized President Obama’s decision to impose a no-fly zone over Libya in a video shot earlier today.

In the video, Congressman Paul argues that:

  1. The action is an act of War.
  2. The no-fly zone is unconstitutional because Congress has not authorized it, a point Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Richard Lugar agrees with.
  3. President Obama has illegally seceded U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations.
  4. The United States cannot afford the financial burden of more military action in the Middle East.

Date: 03/18/2011


  • CriticalTh1nker

    …Where the confusion in that? How much simpler could it be?…

  • CriticalTh1nker

    …Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution, sometimes referred to as the War Powers Clause, vests in the Congress the exclusive power to declare war, in the following wording:

    [Congress shall have Power…] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

  • CriticalTh1nker

    If they desired to keep it simple, and do the right thing, then it seems logical, that adhering to the Constitution, would be the means to that end; but no!

    What they choose to do, is to create bodies and write laws to justify what they intend to do. And if there isn’t loophole, create one. As far as I am concerned…That’s all the U.N. resolution is. That doesn’t make it right…

  • CriticalTh1nker

    Whoever said…”Keep it simple stupid”; must’ve been as honorable and wise as Ron Paul.

    I believe that part of the problem is, that govt has intentionally convoluted everything about itself to such an extreme, that not only are most of us incapable of untangling its web for the purpose of understanding every facet, but that even its lawyers would need lawyers and a lifetime, just to comprehend the laws it writes and signs; which is why most are never read – let alone understood…

  • Want to hear and see for yourself what your great “patriot” Ron Paul has to say about the Americans who oppose the Ground Zero Mosque? (Well, he calls them haters, demagogues and islamophobes)
    Check it out here:

    Do you want a guy who spits in the face of everyone who lost loved ones on 9/11 to be your president? Seriously???

    • joe

      you seem to be smearing ron paul, neo con. dont see any one or issues you offer. yea divide and rule, ohh and you are so pissed off about 911,? huhh. how come we have failed to kill osama? how come the funders of al quaida are still breathing. its war right, what we cant cut off the head of the snake? why did we not flatten all those mountain tops and put LZs on top with bases? why are we supporting al quaida under UN orders in libya? who is al quaida? how come americans are dying and those funding terrorists are living? who benefited the most from 911? how was 911 used a crisis that didnt go to waste? where was newt when the housing bubble was blowing up? how come we dont put bounties on the criminals who fund the terrorists? what was wachovia bank doing with 380 billion in cartel $? who has profited the most from the war on terror? the war on drugs? who are they, what country do they live in, do they have a country? where did the bail out trillions go? who got it, what banks are involved? why are they not in jail? where do they live, what country? who has been moving their corporations to china? who is pushing for cap and tax? who are the main funders? how much will they make? who is loosing their business over cap and tax? answer that neo con, your party is over. the internet has informed free america, and we will not vote for globalists.

  • True American

    First of all, who cares what Ron Paul says? He’s an idiot. He calls those, including the ones who lost family members on 9/11, who oppose the ground zero victory mosque haters, islamophobes and demagogues. I wonder if this old senile retard even knows what demagogue means. Anyway, calling the MAJORITY of Americans (which oppose the mosque) haters is already a deal breaker. But the fact that he is another islam appeasing idiot, just like closet muslim Obama is a big read flag. Obama just let an additional 80’000 muslim immigrants in this fiscal year 2011. He says it’s in the national interest. Is sucking up to muslims our new foreign policy? If it keeps going like this, soon we will have a situation like in Europe, with no go zones for non-muslims etc. What happens if we have more muslims living in the US? Will we have consequently have even more terrorist attacks? AND DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SUPPORT SOMEONE LIKE TRAITOR RON PAUL WHO BELIEVES ISLAM IS PEACEFUL? DON’T SUPPORT RON PAUL.

    • lg

      good lord, take a pill you lunatic!

  • Bob

    Are you referring to “Dr. Strange Love or I love the Bomb.”

  • harryinitiative

    Congressman Ron Paul, you are my hero. But please purchase a better camera and better audio recording equipment. It will make your lectures such as this one more effective, in my opinion.

  • LongLiveOx

    I’m watching tv and I just saw that new Navy commercial. It shows how wonderful the Navy is, and it concludes with a map of the world, with the motto: “America’s Navy: A global force for good” stamped across the map. IS NO ONE ELSE ALARMED BY THIS?! Look, I have all the respect in the world for our troops, but the only way this nonsense is going to stop, is if kids STOP joining the military. DON’T JOIN. As long as we have a volunteer military, the powers that be will continue to pull this crap.

  • Scripter555

    let ron paul hold a dead Libyan child hi his arms and let’s see what he says then. Kadaffi threatened to go into every household and murder it’s residence – how could anyone stand by and watch that happen. This isn’t a matter of a political decision . Obama did what he did on humanitarian grounds HE HAD NO CHOICE. Check out Ron Paul on Anderson Cooper- see a man in an act of desperation!

  • vgriff

    159 cruz missiles….ride’em cowboy

  • CriticalTh1nker

    Obama’s decision to bypass Congress and go to the U.N. for approval, when the Constitution he swore to uphold reserves that power to Congress, is not only a blatant disregard of that which he swore to uphold, but a smack in the face of America and all those who believe in the Constitution. What is America without it?

    His action is also almost a childlike manipulation; when in the case of a child that knows beforehand, that it won’t like the answer of one, it goes to the other for approval.

  • rmr355

    Ron Paul I’m done being nice…. You BETTER run for president.

  • NoBailout4Banksters

    Great speech by We the People’s President as always.

    Dr. Ron Paul/Dr. Rand Paul 2012

    “Only Doctors Will Heal Our Country”

  • manmanguy

    $112 million dollars of tomahawk missiles, paid for with OUR money, has already been launched into Libya. What a waste of money when we are already 14 trillion dollars + in debt and slated to add around another 1.5 this year alone. We are all totally fucked.

  • MissAsha69

    Are the Chinese worried about Libya? Fuck NO! They are sitting back laughing their asses off at how fucking stupid the Americans are. Spreading themselves so thin they are going to bankrupt the country and the Chinese will own us. And did Congress approve this war? Fuck no. Is your son or daughter going to get killed by an illegal action by the U.S. fucking government? You bet your ass.

  • joe

    Congressman Paul, now is the time that we need your leadership, the way the nation needed George Washington during the birth of this nation. Obama is bombing Libya in the name of the peoples right to protest their leadership. Now we need to protest our leadership. We need to protest in DC, we need large scale protests. How will this man respond to dissent in our country. I believe he will round up leaders, he will arrest protestors, and likely use the iron fist of violence. Freedom has never been and never will be free. America will realize who controls this country when protests here are opposed by the state. This is the time to add the straw that breaks the camels back. Please Dr. Paul, as the voice of the people, call for the people to march on dc in peaceful dissent. Call for we the people to take our country back. Now is the time, now the state is weak, and will look like a dictatorship when it makes peaceful revolution imposable. Americans will see a state that bombs libya in the name of a peoples right to protest, and at the same time calls its own protestors teabaggers, right wing terrorists, nuts, nationalists, birthers, hate groups……. lets make them.

    • Ron Paul is the wrong man if you look for leadership. He’s an old ignorant fool who calls most American haters because they oppose the ground zero victory mosque.

      • joe

        thats his position, i dont agree with the ground zero mosque, but that is small time. this criminal government is big time. its our government, we own it. who else is winning straw pols and yelling end the fed? whos your guy? end the UN, FED, and the shadow government. its time to take this country back, now.

  • SinVigor

    122 United States tomohawk missiles compared to 2 british missiles doesn’t sound like we are limiting anything.


    Our country has become a nation of lounging idiots, Im proud to say im a Ron Paul Supporter and not one of those people.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • TechnoDevotee

    But we are now making the right choices in our interventions into the ME in supporting demcoracy instead of anti-communist dictators

    So just because we made mistakes in the past does not mean what we are doing now is bad or going to lead to never ending conflicts

    And this mission is even better than iraq because it is multilateral and legal under internetional law and we are limiting our role to support the more active british and french position, so all around this is a good policy