Ron Paul: Why Obama Is Wrong on Libya

Congressman Ron Paul, a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee and honorary chairman of Campaign for Liberty, criticized President Obama’s decision to impose a no-fly zone over Libya in a video shot earlier today.

In the video, Congressman Paul argues that:

  1. The action is an act of War.
  2. The no-fly zone is unconstitutional because Congress has not authorized it, a point Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Richard Lugar agrees with.
  3. President Obama has illegally seceded U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations.
  4. The United States cannot afford the financial burden of more military action in the Middle East.

Date: 03/18/2011


  • theyugunter

    so – emperor and mass murderer Obama and NATO/USA Imperial army invades independent lybia with the goal to support Al Queda rebels who want to setup an Islamic caliphate and expel or kill all blacks who they see as inferior, and then attack them again saying it is Al Queda and control the oil reserves of Lybia,eliminating that state all together in process relying on short-term memory and deliberate ignorance of the mainstream media, and likely resulting in further weakening of the UN … wow

  • cybercentury

    There are enough people sitting around the world without jobs that we could finally organize to END world hunger. What happened to an America where there weren’t enough able bodied men for the amount of work that had to be done?

  • cybercentury

    We as Americans care very much about what’s happening to the Libyan people, but what about Central America? It’s not a pretty picture down their right now either. Now that we have the windows of our house open, does it hold a mirror? The time is right for Peace, but never forget “Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.” Thanks

  • William R. Everdell

    I’d very much like to see a copy of the Resolution and a list of any sponsors it has acquired. Is it anywhere on this website?

    Also I’m wondering what Representative Paul’s position was on the effort by Representative Tom Campbell (R, CA) and Senator Russ Feingold (D, WI) on the night of on May 26, 1999 to accuse president Clinton of being in violation of the War Powers Act after his airstrikes in Kosovo. Would he think (as does Rep. Kucinich) that an impeachment resolution was appropriate for members of the executive branch who flout the prerogatives of Congress under a Constitution that they swear to preserve and protect? Or any law they are sworn to “faithfully execute,” like the 1994 U.S. statute that defines and incriminates torturers (violated by members of the previous administration). Finally, does Mr. Paul have any sympathy for the more fundamental criticism that Senator Robert Byrd (D, WVa) made on October 3, 2002 of S.J. Resolution 46, “Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq”:

    “S.J. Resolution 46 would give the president blanket authority to launch a unilateral, pre-emptive attack on a sovereign nation that is perceived to be a threat to the United States. A unilateral, pre-emptive attack on a sovereign nation that is perceived to be a threat to the United States. This is an unprecedented and unfounded interpretation of the president’s authority under the Constitution of the United States, not to mention the fact that it stands the Charter of the United Nations on its head.”

  • cybercentury

    The attack on Gaddafi’s forces is just an extension of the War on Terror. Stability in the region was the goal all along wasn’t it? STABILITY IN THE WORLD Some say it will never happen. It shouldn’t be only on our backs for sure. Why doesn’t Europe ever come through and surprise us?

  • cybercentury

    The attack on Gaddafi’s forces is just an extension of the War on Terror. Stability in the world was the goal all along wasn’t it? STABILITY IN THE WORLD Some say it will never happen. It shouldn’t be only on our backs for sure. Why doesn’t Europe ever come through and surprise us?

    • Libertarian777

      EVERYTHING’s an extension of the ‘war on terror’ and ‘war on drugs’.

      TSA, homeland security, patriot act, ATF gun running to mention a few. Did you know TSA is now preparing to scan you at bus and train stations?

      And the military are designing and building drones that can detect heartbeats and breathing through walls. The police will shortly be using these drones, violating your 4th amendment right to be secure in your home.

      Remember… it’s ‘for your safety’…or so the politbureau says.

  • TheStreeser1

    what a different world with you as president of the US! please go for it Ron.

  • m1935

    Thank you Mr. Paul for fighting the good fight. What all can we do to help get our country out of everybody’s business and back to our own business?

  • tj

    where do i begin? We have some misguided individual who wants to link Ron Paul with Dennis KUcinich. They are on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum…fools, fools, and more fools. I have to wonder if people like that are plants that want to sabotage Ron Paul, s movement of freedom. I mean if I was uninformed about Ron PAul and clicked on this website and saw Ron PAul linked with Dennis KUcinich…who happens to be my congressman…. would dismiss ron paul as a viable candidate and consider him a nut…but we know better, right? Ron Paul 2012
    next, we have some guy who likes weasel Bernanke….the stock market is still well below its high and has only been propped up by a flood of printed money into the market…which has raised the price of everything…from gum to stocks….nevertheless, when wall street discovers how fragile earnings will be over the next year, when inflation eats away at the discretionary income of americans, the market will crash again….interest rates are too low which is a disincentive to save and create wealth…productivity will decline and we will reenter a recession by the end of the year…

    Now, what i really wanted to write was a comment on how conservatives now seem to be split on LIbya….this will be to Ron PAul’s advantage…while conservatives weigh arbitrary standards in order to form opinions, Ron Paul uses a consistent approach of noninterventionism…this approach is gaining more and more popularity

  • rtljmc

    obama mythbuster special! 9/11 right ? wrong ……. such a joke

  • Richard Allen

    There are very few remaining in this corrupt government that serve the people and their interests. One is Dr. Paul. I do not agree with him on everything, but the most important thing to save the US is to stop the control of the military/industrial/banking complex on the government before we are completely destroyed.
    The attack on Libya is one more example that all is right and well with the powers that be who rule us. Continuous war and aiding foreign nations like Israel are examples of what is destroying us.
    Under a forced two-party system there may never be true democracy in the US. I live in Puerto Rico where four and one half milliuon citizens have no voice in government whatsoever.
    For those of you who still have rights I suggest sponsoring Ron Paul for President with Dennis Kucinich as VP. These two men together may be able to appeal to many different kinds of voters and are the only hope for the future.

  • rts4761

    obama is the enemy of the american people. he must be compelled to prove his eligibility to hold the office now. that means birth records, passport records, college records and any other relevant info. obama is NOT an american.

  • SilentEagles

    I support Obama on No Fly Zone over Libya for protecting the Libyan people from Gadahfi military. I don’t care what Ron Paul say. So what it is unconstitutional or non of business even if Libya didn’t attack us. Let me give you people a history lesson. The French help America win the Revolutionary war. Hey British and German didn’t attack French. The American people ask French for help same as the Libyan rebels and Libyan people as US and NATO for help.

    • Libertarian777

      why don’t you sign up for the military then if you support the war.

      Also buy US treasuries and send the government more money than just your income tax to pay for the war.

  • kenfo0

    so ron paul has time to co-sponsor a “legal pot” nonsensical bill, but isn’t sponsoring a bill demanding the President (I don’t care WHAT party) follow the Constitution, especially in attacking foreign countries? Being “CinC” does NOT give the President the Constitutional authority to wage war (I don’t know what the hell you’d call firing cruise missiles and shooting down planes) on his own. People should be OUTRAGED, and yet the response, including from Paul, is “meh” (shrug).

  • BorgKing001

    I hope they bring back the draft, it pretty much guarantees a libertarian president in 2012

  • Nasdaq7

    All your life you will find people that will just complain and do nothing.

  • IndianaPolitico

    Thank you Congressman Paul! I agree with you 100%!

  • Scripter555


  • Nasdaq7

    Ben Bernanke comes and he saves the US economy and stock market from a CRASH. And all Ron Paul can do is criticize him. What a big man! Big mouth. Ron Paul wants to do nothing in a crisis. Vote him in. He will be fast asleep on the job. And I can assure you he will turn out to be a totally different president once he is in office. Everyone thinks, “Oh I’ll do this, I’ll do that”… Until they are in office and they have to be RESPONSIBLE for 300 million. And listen to 300 million opinions.

  • CriticalTh1nker

    …The War Powers Resolution of 1973 (50 U.S.C. 1541–1548 ) was a United States Congress joint resolution providing that the President can send U.S. armed forces into action abroad only by authorization of Congress or if the United States is already under attack or serious threat.
    If after this, we are attacked, his actions will have created the circumstances used to justify further wrongs.