Ron Paul: Why Obama Is Wrong on Libya

Congressman Ron Paul, a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee and honorary chairman of Campaign for Liberty, criticized President Obama’s decision to impose a no-fly zone over Libya in a video shot earlier today.

In the video, Congressman Paul argues that:

  1. The action is an act of War.
  2. The no-fly zone is unconstitutional because Congress has not authorized it, a point Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Richard Lugar agrees with.
  3. President Obama has illegally seceded U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations.
  4. The United States cannot afford the financial burden of more military action in the Middle East.

Date: 03/18/2011


  • aviomaster

    Libyan students in Serbia live like Kings , They get all tuition fees paid They get their own car and 2000 Euros per month from Libyan goverment, There are not too many but I know some of them , I do not know why they are protesting. They have cheap GAS cheap electricity

  • Yankees717

    The current president is becoming more and more like the previous one with regards to foreign policy. The only war in the past few decades we had a necessity to enter was with Afghanistan. If France wants to be the big kid on the block let them. Let them bitch about us not helping for a change (Rather ironic that they chose not to assist in Iraq when Saddam was directly responsible for far more murders). Oh the hypocrisy!


    Exactly. The president answers to the people. We won’t know if supporting the coalition force is good for a long time. Only time will tell.

  • blackmog1

    People seem to see this ron paul as the best president they’ve never had, but he doesn’t have the balls to point the finger at the Zionists who are behind all this in case they call him anti-semitic. This will end when people aren’t afraid to ask would benefits from these wars and what the end game is, a zionist controlled one world government

  • aviomaster

    WHICH army is bombing LIBYA , WHO created chaos in Libya in the first place ?


    If I where to transfer this to United States language, we would have the United States in a second civil war. The President would be carpet bombing his own people, having his soldiers fire into the crowd. In this situation, whoever the president was would have been ruling for 40 years, doing what he wanted. America looks doomed. Then Europe comes over and assists us by shooting all American planes out of the sky and destroying supply lines.


    Out of all war action taken by the US, except for the one in Bosnia, I believe that by getting rid off a bully is the right action. We should help all oppress nations.

    • Libertarian777

      hope you signed up to go fight North Korea, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, DRC, Sierra Leone etc. etc. then.

      Not sure if you’re saying we should help TO oppress nations (which the US does by funding dictators) or if you’re saying we should help oppressed nations (by bombing the crap out of their water and electricity supplies)


    Out of all war action taken by the US, except for the one in Bosnia, I believe that by getting rid off a bully is the right action. We should help all oppress nation.

  • aviomaster

    USA is run by EVIL people , Created to export WAR and Inflation.

  • joejacksonriley

    Get rid of income tax please.

  • Lizzio1980

    Its funny seeing america debate for there president they will never rise again they will keep falling and falling harder.

    Sorry america you had your time, get a whole new goverment and senate not only a new president. Also this time not one of the same blood-line.

    People forget Bush, Clinton, Obama ”all the presidents of america” had the same bloodlines except JFK who was killed its a family bussniss 😉

  • XpresloX

    US regime invate libya for OIL as in Iraq

  • quill6211

    Ron Paul you need to do a little more then just nibble around the edges, take a bite.

    You know Obama is not eligible to be president because he was born a dual citizen without sole allegiance to The United States as the requirement of Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 U.S. Constitution ONLY A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN IS ELIGIBLE.

    You can stop the down fall by just speaking out with the TRUTH. Every bill Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obmam un-Constitutionally signed is NULL AND VOID.

  • MysteryPromotes

    Sadly, even though the mainstream media corrupted by bankers and business, bash on Ron Paul and make him out to be some terrorist. The funny part is, he is constitutional, and he is AMAZING. This is the next JFK, the last real President we had. If Ron Paul ran as President Elect, I would elect him in on a heart beat! I am glad he is YouTubed now because YouTube exposes truth more than that of mainstream Media. Notice the like rate compared to the dislike? PEOPLE OF AMERICA ARE SAYING RON PAUL

  • Skandalos

    I rarely agreed with R.Paul with his foreign policy views in the past, but this time Im on his side. There is nothing to win in north africa, only to lose.

  • InfernoMultimedia1

    The dude was in power for 40 years and he was ok until now? Obama answers to the UN not the American people, he’s a whore for huge corporations. Everyone got duped what else is new…

  • mypont

    whatever.,.. its easy to blame Obama for EVERYTHING, the stock market crash, the broke economy, the war..hmm werent all those things already there before he took office? YES they were. even though everyone knows that the president doesnt really have all that much say in what happens people continue to point fingers. Is it written somewhere that Obama started this war in Libya? Or did someone just say it one day and all the flies carried the crap everywhere? Ron Paul for pres not a chance.

  • vmv

    I completely agree with Ron Paul.

  • sevwinters

    Last week you guys were asking where the president was on Libya. This week you are attacking him for finally getting off of his ass. It’s NOTalright to let a dictator kill his own people while they cry out of our help. Where was Congress on this while it built up for a month? Why didn’t they weight in before? Why did you leave it to the President to make a choice in the first place. Sometimes, leaders have to lead. They have to stand up, do what’s right, and take the flack for having done so.

  • CriticalTh1nker

    Hey Ron! I Just in case you plan to run for office, here’s an idea that I think can greatly circumvent the damage that will be cause by any repeated attempts at censoring that the media pulled in 2008. It’s a long shot, but if it is possible, I think it would have a major impact…

    See if you can arrange to have owners of gas stations, who have those little plasma screens on their pumps, to play some of your videos. I think people will listen while they’re being pumped for the price they pay.