Ron Paul: End the Libyan War!

by Ron Paul

Last week the Obama Administration took the United States to war against Libya without bothering to notify Congress, much less obtain a Constitutionally-mandated declaration of war. In the midst of our severe economic downturn, this misadventure has already cost us hundreds of millions of dollars and we can be sure the final price tag will be several times higher.

Why did the US intervene in a civil war in a country that has neither attacked us nor poses a threat? We are told this was another humanitarian intervention, like Clinton’s 1999 war against Serbia. But as civilian victims of the US-led coalition bombing continue to add up, it is getting difficult to determine whether the problem we are creating on the ground is worse than the one we were trying to solve.

Though the administration seems to be playing with semantics, calling this a “kinetic military action,” let’s be clear: this is a US act of war on Libya. Imposing a no-fly zone over the air space of a sovereign nation is an act of war, as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates pointed out before the bombing began. That the administration hesitates to call this war, possibly due to the troubling Constitutional implications, does not mean that it is not one. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution could not be clearer: the power and obligation to declare war resides solely in the US Congress.

There was ample time and opportunity for the administration to consult the UN, NATO and the Arab League before going to war, but not the US Congress.

Aside from the manner in which the administration took us to war, it is also troubling that our government has taken a decisive stand for one side of an internal conflict in another sovereign country. The administration speaks out of both sides of its mouth on this, claiming that the US is not attempting to overthrow the Gaddafi regime while clearly benefitting the rebels and stating that Gaddafi must leave. Does this make any sense? Gaddafi may well be every bit the “bad guy” we are told he is, but who are the rebels we are assisting? Do we have any clue? Will they bring freedom and prosperity to Libya if they are victorious? We might like to hope so, but the fact is, we don’t know. Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, explained in a recent article that there is plausible reason to believe the rebels are current or former Islamist mujahedin, eager to engage in jihad. Indeed, Gaddafi has fought against Libyan Islamists for years and is seen by them as a bitter enemy. Astoundingly, it may well be that we are assisting al Qaeda in this new war!

The costs of this terrible mistake cannot be ignored. Congress has been locked in battles over budget cuts and agonizing over ways to save money. Recent proposed spending cuts have by now been completely wiped out with this new war! Will we be rebuilding Libya ten years from now? Will Congress simply roll over and rubber stamp more emergency spending bills for this new war as they have done in the past? We must end our participation in any attack on Libya immediately and I have signed on to legislation that would do exactly that. Congress must assert its Constitutional authority and rein in an administration clearly out of control.


  • zapproowsdower

    The war will not end until Gaddafi is dead. It’s simple. We started it – if we don’t finish it, he will emerge more powerful than he ever was in the past. We certainly can’t allow somebody to best the USA and live.

    Vote for RP but don’t expect much. If he gets out of line he’ll be murdered. I don’t expect to get any “thumbs up” for this but it’s the cold, hard truth. The enemy we face is FAR GREATER than the federal reserve.

  • jrhazagmail

    You Run we will Vote

  • L1amL1oyd

    GO RON!!

  • psalm91forgee

    2 TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Americans wake up and fight our way to a Constitutional Freedom:-)

  • 10secs2lovetffl

    Wake UP PEOPLE and vote for this man against Mr. Hope and Change himself Barry Obama!!! He is a clear fraud, hoax and an illegitiment U. S. President!!! Wake up people!!!

  • Shohadaku

    Paul/Ventura 2012 or bust

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    This man is a HERO

  • rdiaz978

    it a chame how people put hope in one man, to fix all this mess hahahahaha, Ron Paul for president, hahahahahahaha what a chame ..what about you. you are the answer yes youuuuuuu.wakeup dump, this is what Ron paul its tellen you. for long time you just dont lissen.but yes fix the problems, hahahahahaha. what a chame and fears soft ass

  • rdiaz978

    this is just more bla, bla, bla,.what the congress are doing to stop obama,he open other war in libia whit out the congress. how protects the constitucion of this country, well is not the obama, the congress, i dont see enything from eny party democrats or republicans just more bla,bla. ok senate? are so silence, i just fill so a chame. wakeup people its on us to ends this bssss…….what you going to wait untile cant eat or the gas is over, hahahahaha

  • efrem1

    I support you and Gary Johnson as presidential candidates. All of the others, I have grave reservations. Who is next on our bombing mission, Ivory Coast?

  • WTC7WasPulled

    Obama needs to be in jail and deported back to Kenya.

  • 1dabirdman

    Folks,you are listening to a living breathing founding father.Possibly the last hope for us as a nation.Hes the ONLY person in washington,other than his son.who has our best interest at heart.Ron Paul speaks and lives his life like always,with the TRUTH.Whether or not you agree with can BELIEVE what hes saying.Obama is crashing hard and fast.RON PAUL can save us,we’ve gotta make it happen!! PRESIDENT RON PAUL,has a very nice ring to it,doesn’t it…

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    ( melinda gates o my god bill )

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    Please Ron Paul… please will you run for president and start the ball rolling on ending the global bank cartel.. Not only the USA is effected, we all are!! We have UKIP in the UK, but they are not quite in the position you are.

  • Nomolos2010

    Ron Paul for President 2012!!!

    I posted that Obama should step down, but who would replace him?! Joe Biden? Butch Clinton?! My God how has it come to this?

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    I got your Back Sir…

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    Thank you Congressman. Now when are you going to impeach the traitor ?

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    Did what?!?!? USA has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with interfering with wars.. *facepalm*

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