Ron Paul: End the Libyan War!

by Ron Paul

Last week the Obama Administration took the United States to war against Libya without bothering to notify Congress, much less obtain a Constitutionally-mandated declaration of war. In the midst of our severe economic downturn, this misadventure has already cost us hundreds of millions of dollars and we can be sure the final price tag will be several times higher.

Why did the US intervene in a civil war in a country that has neither attacked us nor poses a threat? We are told this was another humanitarian intervention, like Clinton’s 1999 war against Serbia. But as civilian victims of the US-led coalition bombing continue to add up, it is getting difficult to determine whether the problem we are creating on the ground is worse than the one we were trying to solve.

Though the administration seems to be playing with semantics, calling this a “kinetic military action,” let’s be clear: this is a US act of war on Libya. Imposing a no-fly zone over the air space of a sovereign nation is an act of war, as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates pointed out before the bombing began. That the administration hesitates to call this war, possibly due to the troubling Constitutional implications, does not mean that it is not one. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution could not be clearer: the power and obligation to declare war resides solely in the US Congress.

There was ample time and opportunity for the administration to consult the UN, NATO and the Arab League before going to war, but not the US Congress.

Aside from the manner in which the administration took us to war, it is also troubling that our government has taken a decisive stand for one side of an internal conflict in another sovereign country. The administration speaks out of both sides of its mouth on this, claiming that the US is not attempting to overthrow the Gaddafi regime while clearly benefitting the rebels and stating that Gaddafi must leave. Does this make any sense? Gaddafi may well be every bit the “bad guy” we are told he is, but who are the rebels we are assisting? Do we have any clue? Will they bring freedom and prosperity to Libya if they are victorious? We might like to hope so, but the fact is, we don’t know. Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, explained in a recent article that there is plausible reason to believe the rebels are current or former Islamist mujahedin, eager to engage in jihad. Indeed, Gaddafi has fought against Libyan Islamists for years and is seen by them as a bitter enemy. Astoundingly, it may well be that we are assisting al Qaeda in this new war!

The costs of this terrible mistake cannot be ignored. Congress has been locked in battles over budget cuts and agonizing over ways to save money. Recent proposed spending cuts have by now been completely wiped out with this new war! Will we be rebuilding Libya ten years from now? Will Congress simply roll over and rubber stamp more emergency spending bills for this new war as they have done in the past? We must end our participation in any attack on Libya immediately and I have signed on to legislation that would do exactly that. Congress must assert its Constitutional authority and rein in an administration clearly out of control.


  • HasidRA

    God bless Ron Paul. Tell the children the truth – stop bombing Africa now!

  • missles518

    I love My Congressman Ron Paul Very Much. I just can’t tell if his National Security plan is the Solution to World Peace. “If you leave the U.S. Alone, We Will Leave you alone”. can that really create a World Peace between the U.S. and the World?

  • deficithawker

    Ron Paul hates America.

  • The countries involved in the conflict and their leaders give the impression that they really don’t know what to do next. Just look at the sudden change of attitude of the Arab League, which I think proved that the Arab countries hadn’t really wanted to support the UN resolution. And then there is the dispute of the Russian president with Putin over the legitimacy of the whole intervention.



  • envanje

    Ron Paul for President !

  • DeflationBomber

    Not Looking Good
    The Rain is Coming

  • jhunted7667


  • Libertarian777

    and now… we have troops on the ground…

    ok ok, its just CIA special activities division, probably a couple Air Force combat controllers, couple navy seals to scope out the harbours, and A-Teams / Delta to map out entrance / exit routes. Nothing to see here, move along…

    but no, this time it will be different.

  • rdiaz978

    how you want to fight evil, whit love ok, but you know what is love?dont anwer whit a ego mind, u dont, or nothing of this evil manifestation happend ok.we live this free- doom and sleep wend the evil just play free, what i mind. free you’re mind from religions infection of fears, whit a bliend wisdom or bliend fate to full fill the emtiness whit confiucions, but actions makes realitys its what come out of you, fears, ego,or what is fine to do. we are one, sleeping in hell, you want to chagen t

  • James

    Dr. Paul,

    I admire you for telling us the truth.


  • Anyu7378

    George Orwell

  • kalvin6996

    Dr. Paul we need you in office more than ever! Our government is using HAARP on countries who don’t agree with us. Is using Earthquakes necessary? I know you wont speak on these things but you do know 2012 is man made.

    In USA when Japan got hit it was 3-10-11 you add 9-11-01 You have 12-21-12.

  • Gerard Newell

    Does any foreign nation have the right to attack another nation that is NOT attacking it?

    Does Obama have the right to use the U.S. military attack Libya without declaring war?

    Does Obama have the right to use the U.S. military as he sees fit? Do do so is the actions of a dictator not a president!

    Then there is the question, if the people want Gadhafi removed, what countries are giving him the military equipment to supply his armies? Bear in mind that the U.S., France, the U.K., China and Russia are the biggest suppliers of arms to such “tyrants”.

    Would it have been better if the United Nations imposed an arm embargo on Lybia?
    And if Gadhafi had been a beast so long why was such an embargo imposed oong ago?
    And not just Gadhafi but all the other dictators and tyrants.

    The forum needs to open up the subject of what countries are dictatorships and which countries are supplying them with arms! Why is this not being discussed in U.N. or in the newsworld?

    The overcoming of dictatorships can be accomplished without the use of violence or economic pressure.

  • kevinal

    I’m afraid with this war in Libya not only will the out come of our involvement trigger another terrorist attack here America soil, but most importantly. I can see the price at the gas pump go up much faster.

  • IO_Storm

    Obama makes all of these “great” arguments in an attempt to justify his illegal actions in Lybia. His arguments are void, and completely null. Had he made this case for humanitarian aid, and “if good men do nothing” arguments to Congress while obeying the law, and seeking a legal means of declaring war, perhaps he could have done something right. However, now he is simply blowing smoke at the american people, and doing a tap dance on the Constitution that he has sworn to uphold.



  • My Dear Americans,

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    Together We the People must stand firm and demand that 545 Elected Officials of the U.S. Federal Government govern fearlessly, morally and compassionately for, the current State of Governance is threatening the Life, Safety and Happiness of our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.


    1) End of the immoral and illegal Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the immediate return home of our beloved men and women in the U.S. armed forces.

    2) No more tax money for Pentagon endorsed Weapons of Mass Destruction and Secret Projects.

    3) Become a Republic as envisioned in the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    4) Corporations and financial institutions must be licensed and closely regulated with fiduciary responsibility for and goal of providing Safety and Happiness of our Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

    5) Public funding of federal elections made law.

    6) Repeal of the charter which gave the control of our money to the private Federal Reserve Bank and the return of the control of our money system to The People.

    ****7) Open governance …including Disclosure of Secret Projects and alien presence past and current in our world. Close down the nuclear plants NOW ;

    • tj

      lol…there is only one problem with your 7 demands….2 of them contradict one of them…..heavily regulating corporations is not what is suggested by the declaration of independance and the constitution and publicly finded elections or publicly funded anything is a contradiction to freedom envisioned by the founders….

      nuclear energy is the cleanest, safest form of energy in the world…no one has EVER died directly from nuclear accidents…and only the case of chernobyl in russia can trace a strong link to eventual illness and death….most current…virtually all current nuclear power plants are not built on fault lines….and the current crisis in Japan….let’s wait and see what happens before judgment…like the BP oil spill….the predictions of doom….far exceed reality

  • datpiffny

    we the people need to march on to Washington and demand an END to all these wars and a new investigation into 9/11…… 9/11 Truth will bring an end to all theses illegal wars(Iraq,Afghanistan, bombings of Pakistan, Libya)(..this “war on terror” .. the unconstitutional “patriot Act”, We need to restore the Constitution as the law of the land! and get out of the UN!

  • catholicforever

    God bless you Ron Paul. The American people are with you!

  • mike1988123

    please run!