Ron Paul Returns Unused Portion of Office Budget to US Treasury

Washington, DC: Congressman Ron Paul has returned $141,580 of unspent office funds to the US Treasury. This represents just over 9% of the total office funds, and an increase over the $100,000 returned last year.

“Since my first year in Congress I have managed my office in a frugal manner, instructing staff to provide the greatest possible service to the people of the 14th district at the least possible cost to taxpayers,” said Paul.

The surplus funds are intended to go towards paying down the national debt.


  • Apollo7

    Can I please get a legitimate source for this? Knowing Paul’s character, I certainly wouldn’t doubt it, but we can’t just take things for truth without seeing hard evidence.

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  • daisy

    We love you Ron Paul!!

  • USAF Major

    Nice job, sir. I can only hope you have an idea of much money is wasted in the US Military, and the civilian contractors by NOT following your example. I continue to see/fight the “spend it or lose it” mentality EVERY DAY – but I feel as though it’s a losing battle at this level. So many down here “in the trenches” see our piece of the pie as small and “a drop in the bucket,” so why not spend every last cent…. often on end of year “gucci gear” or $40k conference tables (yes I’ve seen both). Bottom line – thank you for setting the example by sending unneeded money back!!! And if you ever need a “frontline view” of how the taxpayer’s money is being used by the military, or the many contractors I’m exposed to – feel free to drop me a line… hopefully you’re already aware and will continue to educate the masses as you continue the journey to Presidency. – A United States Air Force Officer

  • Robert

    I am a liberal progressive who believes strongly in Universal Health Care, Food subsidies for the poor, lunch programs for our children, and I stand 100% behind our vital and proud unions.

    Having said that, I would vote for Ron Paul. (Actually I did vote for Ron Paul in the Oklahoma Primary last election.) Obama has been a progressive’s true nightmare. We thought he would be different than Bush, but he is a war monger just like Bush, and he loves the banks and the Fed just like every stupid Republican out there.

    Ron Paul is honest and I like him. I know we disagree on most issues, but we agree on the important ones, like getting our military out of all of the 100+ countries we are occupying as a [email protected]#$ empire. No wonder we can’t afford to offer free vaccinations to our children, we are too busy building expensive bombs that we can drop on brown people and then pay a US corporation to rebuild it with our tax dollars. Really? Wow. (Yeah, Iraq really turned out great after 10 years of war and a trillion dollars … way to go “W”. We now know what a real “weapon of mass destruction is” … our military’s budget.)

    Not only would Ron Paul get us out of this stupid militaristic interventionist paradigm, he would also crack down on the FED, which is a cruel and evil institution that robs wealth from all of us … liberals and conservatives.

    Seriously, if Ron Paul can get the votes of some of the progressives like me plus all of the libertarians, some of the Repugnicans, and a few of the middle … he CAN WIN!!!

    PS – I knew Bush was the devil, but Obama is a Judas goat.

  • Citizen

    I’ve followed Dr Paul since the early 80’s and he’s been a consistently honest politician, but standing alone in the wilderness.

    I have the utmost respect for Dr Paul, but he’s going to need some serious help from an energized Tea Party AND a major portion of the Independent voters. The Republicans won’t support him at all, because he’s not glamorous enough and they hate his Texas Straight Talk.

    The Republican Party has been overcome by the Dark Progressive Side and they loath Ron Paul for his honesty and forthright manner. Everything we like about him.

    I’m all in but we need a lot more of US, to get him on the Republican ticket / nomination.

    What can WE do People ???

  • tj

    Enough is enough…Does anyone know why he has not declared his candidacy yet? Does it hurt if you declare too early? What is the strategy? I don’t want to support someone who is not serious about winning. I heard on TV today that Oboma has declared and they expect him to raise close to a billion dollars and that only Romney can match that….

    Hogwash….a campaign that starts early enough can generate the momentum needed to raise enough funds to win the White House. I am not being gullible. A billion dollars or a 100 billion dollars is not enough money to get a candidate elected if that candidate is incompetent…like Oboma is. Can anyone give me some answers please…tj

  • H

    Sir. I don’t know if this can reach you but you HAVE to get out of the region of California and New Madrid NOW, A.S.A.P. There’s proof that a great quake will hit California and perhaps a tsunami in Los Angeles and they’re running drills at New Madrid Fault and FEMA has bought up all the pre-prepared meals supply to “prepare a major disaster at New Madrid Fault” or something between those lines. They want to blow it up, dig it, whatever. New Madrid Fault is an active seismic region and unstable so if something happens there it won’t be good. They run drills there just like they’ve run drills before Haiti and 9/11. Please stay safe. As far as I see you sir, I think America needs you. So if you happen to be in those regions please take precautions and stay safe!! Perhaps a lot of people will criticize this post but I pray that you take heed. Godspeed.

  • Virgil


    • Fem

      I think the problems accumulated will not be solved just by getting rid off taxes and how politicians are elected.

      If anything the problem I see is that the richer they are the more they keep and the more power and resources they have, and because the issues of currency and the limitations it keeps on an expanding population the problems associated with poverty are expanding (the pinata effect). Maybe taxes HAVE to be proportional to WEALTH, for real, or none at all.

      Priorities should be to stop corruption, if it’s coming from humans humans should be able to find it.

  • Virgil


  • William

    “The surplus funds are intended to go towards paying down the national debt.”

    Now thats funny.

    …Then again, maybe it will freeze the debt clock for a couple of seconds.

  • Lilly

    Dr. Paul does this every year. Not just this year. EVERY. YEAR. Can anyone else match that? If they can, wonderful! introduce them!!

  • Ben

    He is just the only good honest politician left. Ugh. Run Paul Run

  • Will

    To Brain,
    I’m pretty sure that all of the senate members get the same budget to work with. With that being said Congresswoman McCaskill of Missouri manages a pop. of ~6mil and Congressman Chaffetz of Utah has an even lower population to handle with only ~2.7 mil while Ron Paul is the senator of Texas with a pop. of ~25mil. I think that is a vast difference of what is needed staffing wise to deal with that many people. I hope this changes your opinion.

    • tj

      to WIll,
      Just a small correction…Ron Paul is a congressman with fewer constituents…tj

    • genep34

      Dr. Paul is a CONGRESSMAN not a senator… The districts are divided into relatively equal population…please look into supporting Dr. Paul, this man will truly work for the average american. These other clowns are owned by the big money special interests that gave them cash. His voting record is beyond reproach and he will fight the fed.

  • Brian

    Sorry, here’s one more:

    I’m not trying to discredit Ron Paul. I think he’s the only qualified person to uphold the Constitution as president. But let’s not say it’s “unheard of”. Because other congresspeople are returning (according to them) far more than the 9% Ron Paul has returned. Frankly, I’m surprised Paul hasn’t returned far more than the 9% of his office budget.

  • Brian

    This is unheard of. Seriously, is there ANY question who the best candidate to run and win the Presidency is? You don’t have to agree with everything the man says, but when it comes to representing the people, he’s the ONLY person who does that. Don’t be fooled by the snake charmers.