Ron Paul: Price Inflation Caused by Federal Reserve

Date: 04/05/2011

  • hstone39

    The federal reserve is doing this on purpose so they can bankrupt more people so people will become so poor that they won’t be able to fight back.


  • pimezon

    please people, especially you republicans did not elect him in 2008, elect ron paul for president!! this time or never. its too late already.

  • TheBullionBull

    this is a huge difference in media coverage from 3 years ago when they all said he was a lunatic. it makes me think he actually has a chance this time.

  • 1kingconan

    The people demand that Ron Paul be our president 2012!!!!!!!!

  • MrDemonshalo

    I love this guys! he complimented ron in such an awesome and truly deserving manner!

  • drakionx

    Dr. Paul’s only faults are he’s all for abolishing the separation of church and state and wishes to force laws onto women’s bodies.

    • tj

      actually…as a libertarian, he is probably for the legalization of prostitution and the legalization of drugs…2 issues where women are now not permitted freedom over their bodies…men too.

      As for the other issue, Ron Paul…as an MD and scientist does not deny reality…the fetus is as much of a human being as you are…except probably smarter

  • bmhcj6gg

    Dylan hears what Ron has to say, and has respect for the man.
    Too bad Cenk is totally blinded by his dear democratic agenda, to see what is right and what is wrong!!!

  • watertonrivers

    Ron Paul’s message is quite simple; Stop foreign intervention, End the Fed, drastically reduce the military empire, and other programs, ie–TSA, Dept. of Homeland Security, etc. But the government does things bass-akwards…They cut domestic spending before attacking the real problems.

    • tj

      lol… hate to burst your bubble, but as a libertarian, ron paul would cut domestic spending quite a bit more drastically than military spending…for instance, he would eliminate entire departments such as Education and Energy and phase out welfare, etc

  • MrDeathSmiles

    Such an intelligent man. If the world was just, Ron Paul would’ve already been president. Let’s get him in office.

  • MojoGuitarPlayer

    “Both Republicans and Democrats really are responsible for this huge deficit financing.” Bam!! There you have it!

    Vote 3rd Party!!

  • kmg501

    Ron Paul represents the last run-away truck escape ramp on a mountain road going down hill.

    He is the LAST chance we are going to get to head off the complete collapse of this nation. And even if he does get elected it will probably not be soon enough.

    We are going to have a currency collapse, the only question is when exactly. Gold & silver keep climbing in price. That is one of our last alarm bells getting ever louder.

  • Joe11Blue

    I just heard on Cavuto that they are blaming our Inflation on China now. I guess they are starting the propaganda push to blame China for the problem’s that the Fed has created. Possibly framing the debate for WW3.


    obama is gonna win again.. some thing BIG gota happen to save human race

  • kbgrowkid420
  • ostric145

    Ron Paul seems better than the other guys

  • VoiceOfModeration

    what do you think? will obama win in 2012?

  • msjche

    Well done Mr. Ratigan!!! Wonder how long he’ll last at MSNBC promoting Dr. Paul?

  • libgrimmett

    Ron Paul is a great guy! He is what we need as a Constiutional stateman for President!

  • aphtj

    Run Paul run!

  • VMATT500C

    Build America, Audit the Federal Reserve Mob.