Ron Paul: Price Inflation Caused by Federal Reserve

Date: 04/05/2011

  • chifylube

    I now have much more respect for Ratigan,

  • drifter105

    big cheer for dylan aswell

  • drifter105

    and if he sells out ill believe its the end to humanity lol

  • drifter105

    peeople stop being fooled by the current government they dont give a shit about u in the long run, Ron Paul is the only guy who actually gives a shit about u


  • allmiles1

    Obama voted once

  • MrDeppness

    RUN RON RUN!!!!!

    2013 is waiting for President Paul’s inauguration speech!!!!!!!!

  • goran26041984

    I like him…and I dont usually like American politicans..except Sarah Palin..I would pound that ass all night long..even if I would have to move to Alaska..I would

  • amcmillan2008

    800,000.00 x 10$=80,000,000 and i am sure that’s not all our gov. that’s just the ones the gov. is laying please think about this.sometimes people have to take a pay cut,for things to work out.also put a halt to our jobs going out of country.if you live in this country and have a business in another country a factory that makes stuff, you should not be aloud to sell/ship the products back to USA.they can sell that product over there, but to sell stuff here ,the factory should be here.

  • amcmillan2008

    look Ron and Rand Paul, are you willing to take a pay cut to show others how to follow suit.if you took a pay cut of 10$ and everyone in government took a pay cut of ten dollars,how much money would that create.this is the only way you gonna make it lowering the pay check even if it is by a little.just like the car company had to do was sell those jets.your pay needs to come down some.i’m not saying break you or anyone else, but really 10$ for all of government that we pay for.

  • KenMacMillan

    If he runs I’m voting for him, if he doesn’t run I’m writing him in, & if he runs & doesn’t get the nomination I’m writing him in.

  • amcmillan2008

    #1 if you live in america and own a company here that takes calls,the jobs for that should be in america.job creation.not them getting rich because they can give all the jobs to another country.#2pay cuts if everyone in the government took a pay cut even 10$ it would help.if people go to be doctors/nurses/dentist.medical.each one should donate there time say 8 hours a month to a health clinic for the poor.get those bad teeth pulled out and we will have less med. problems.hope this helps.

  • nastyness19

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!
    Be the change you seek start campaigning for Dr. Paul ASAP!
    Print out the flyers at

    flyersforchange(dot)blogspot(dot)c o m

  • neoplasmax

    This has been a miserable and equally detrimental 4 years as the previous. I hope this man gets in office. I think he’s the only one that seems to really know what’s going on.

  • stevemcgee99

    “pro-wrestling” lol

  • jskillz99

    ron paul 2012 please vote for real change

  • 187dAFeD

    Wow how awesome is this backing of Ron Paul… Something is not right. Something is very wrong with this picture. I smell a trap.

  • bluefootedpig

    Honest and politician in one sentence… only by Ron Paul.

  • muhls

    Kudos Dylan, Kudos

  • amnmarino


  • jethrodassam

    Can anyone on the planet explain to me how this man is not our President?