Ron Paul: Price Inflation Caused by Federal Reserve

Date: 04/05/2011

  • BenLevine16

    Ron Paul Debate Day Money Bomb! May 5th, 2011! LibertyPAC!


  • BenLevine16

    Ron Paul money bomb on May 5th, 2011! Google “Debate Day Ron Paul”!

  • Kavenger11

    What amazes me is msnbc is a leftist demo news media, even they see Ron Paul as the cure.

  • 2011mrjuve

    Wow. For any political commentator to say that to a potential candidate is amazing. That last minute was fantastic and is definitely what the less informed viewers need to hear. Hopefully they will begin to do their homework on who this Ron Paul is now and they don’t need to do much because he is so transparent and his message and principles are so simple to understand.

  • oldereb38

    Inflation is profit gained by the Fed. The FRB of NY received $8.4 trillion last year from the auction of Treasury securities—OFF OF THE BOOKS–without any mention in the ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS or to the public ! Its embezzlement ! The Ponzi scheme Fed inflict perpetual indebtedness on society and confiscate the wealth of the people while impelling the nation to national bankruptcy. The mathematical inevitability is at RIP OFF BY THE FED RESERVE Posted 3W scribd dot com message 48194264

  • efrem1

    Ron Paul does it again. He stated that there would not be a shutdown. RIght he was for the moment.

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  • LonnieBaty

    This man cured my apathy~~Run Ron RUN

  • JBBlitz

    Ron Paul fiscally conservative and socially a liberal.

  • ledaohio

    Everyone NEEDS TO FIND THETINYDOT one word on youtube here! Get and watch that.. It HELPS FOR DUMMIES!!!

  • guevodeplomo

    I sure hope Mr Paul runs for prez, it would be an honor voting for him .

  • chrisleon64

    Ron Paul, you have my vote. Just run for president.

  • msungs

    Like a gunshot victim who is shot through the heart and doesn’t know they are “walking dead”, so is the USSA economy. The Federal Reserve as “Federal” as Federal Express is hoping that it’s last ditch effort to shell out the “Owe”bama bucks will do the trick. It is only pushing the day of reckoning a littler further out and once it hits it’s going to be bad. I am glad I quit my job as a cop and left the USSA. Ron Paul is a modern day founding father and is one of the few who shouldn’t be hung.

  • TheBrewskiBaby

    my page owns paultards!

  • PirateRadioFullMovie

    Every one loves Ron Paul now! People might actually be waking up.

  • Ross

    Here we will see more bartering as the $ collapses.People drink more during hard times so spirits can become a medium of exchange.Honey will also store for years and not spoil at room temperature. Foods will appreciate so nuts,potatoes etc can also be traded. When you can eat/drink your currency,this is a bonus.

    Americans need to make a list of all tradable items which will store for a long time.The obivious ones like silver or gold may not be plentiful enough to act as currency.With the internet ,goods/services can be traded more readily,linking buyers and sellers. Things like copper could be used as currency and thus a hedge against inflation. Consider also other semi-precious metals like tin, zinc, nickel etc

    So who has some more good suggestions.

  • wizardofozar

    He has always supported Paul. When has he been against?

  • amcmillan2008

    i like him he looked very honest,i am all for it as long as he worships god , not the devil,.i don’t know him or his past so will have to check that out. but i am really tired of all these horn people,our world is close to being taken over by these devil worshipers. and i don’t like he has my vote i am in Mississippi

  • Pure1989

    Its sad that ron pauls videos don’t have many views. but i hope he does run for pres in 2012.

  • collectivebargainer1


    IRS TAX TIP 2011-33 says: “The FAIR MARKET VALUE of bartered goods or services must be reported on your tax return.

    This means that you do not have the right to set the value of your labor or service independent of “THE MARKET”. A barter is an EVEN TRADE and NO 3rd Party has the right force their valuation on your service, labor, or personal property.