Latest New Hampshire poll has me at 10% – that is very…

“Latest New Hampshire poll has me at 10% – that is very promising! RealClearPolitics – Election 2012 – New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary Senate: Ratings, ChangesFinal Senate ResultsHouse: Ratings, ChangesFinal House ResultsGovernor: Ratings, ChangesFinal Governor Results”Ron Paul

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  • mary

    Congrtulations, Dr. Paul. Ask Colbert to get you a PAC!! Let’s win!!

  • David F.

    Ron Paul=Milton Friedman with a Constitutional base…you cant get better than that.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, Democrats opposed to unnecessary wars will register Republican and vote Ron Paul in, as opposed to voting for a sure loser like they did last time in order to help Obama.

  • Ross

    There are a lot of agencies running polls which do not even include Ron Paul as a choice of Candidates for President.Are they that frightened of Ron that they fail even to acknowlege him?

    The choice is clear.The banking powers are totally out of control causing wars /depressions for power and profit.This time they have over stepped the mark.This time they are taking us,and themselves to the brink of extinction.

    What profits a man if he controls the entire planet and loses both his life and soul?

    The devestation of Fukushima has yet to realised.The nuke industry has been totally irresponsible.They put profit before people again.They did not use the best technology nor best practise in safety.Now many in the NATO alliance are considering using mini nukes against Russia and China. Do cockroaches make good companions in nuke shelters?

  • Randy

    Washington has forgotten that they work for us. Ron Paul will enforce that fact. Cut spending have sound money! We want truth from Washington! Ron Paul will deliver that to the American people .

  • CD File

    I find that 10% a predictably low fixed number by the insiders. Ron Paul is the only legitimate candidate we have, everybody else mentioned is just a product of the new failed policy.

  • MSNBC Chris Mathew on PRIME TIME twice a day. What a soothing, hipnotic out of the big question on the economy he plays. Whom he is working for, who pays him. Get him out and let have Ratigan instead.

  • Stephen M.

    Please beware of those who could very well rise up to try to impeach Congressman Paul if he is elected President. Cutting government back to Constitutional limits will make a lot of people very angry.
    Virtually every Federal Department not authorized in the Constitution should be abolished. One way or another it is coming to an end. Lets all pray that the “Empire will not go broke.
    He is as smart as they come right now but make no mistake his enemies in D.C. etc would hate him as much as Richard Nixons enemies did in the Watergate era.