• Angel to Heaven!

    I think we have to reset the financial markets worldwide!

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  • Angel to Heaven!

    Yeah Gert, this poem is hip!

    The troll!

    The beast of burden lives inside

    inside of that lovely troll

    but sometimes it is breaking out of

    out of the body from that troll.

    The troll is mostly friendly

    and thought the times would never change

    but that was the biggest mistake

    the biggest of all!

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  • Early bird

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  • Early bird

    I have to show you something: http://www.usdebtclock.org/

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  • bob saget

    Paul/Paul 2012. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Go after Trump hard in the debates. Do NOT back down. Romney and Huckabee have more pork barrel miles than Miss Piggy at a rodeo. No more spending. We need to learn to be self reliant as a Country, rather than be dependent on others and interfering with their affairs. Our number one responsibility and duty as a Nation should be to protect OUR freedoms and improve OUR quality of life. There are unfortunate things going on overseas but policing the globe has put us trillions into debt. Standardized test scores are down nationwide, hard working families filing bankruptcy and having to walk away from their homes. We are in a damn recession people! It is outrageous how we can go on our daily lives knowing OUR country is shifting into a pseudo-socialistic caste system. Freedoms being stripped every day. We can develop a complex nuclear weapon that can whipe out a chunk of the globe but we still can’t teach our kids to read and write. The bar gets set lower and lower each year and it is saddening. Meanwhile our number one priority has been sending good young soldiers into harms reach and printing out essentially monopoly money and giving it away to countries like Pakistan and Israel. Ron and Rand Paul have a positive vision that can actually impact our Country in right direction. Not just “change”.. But change in the right direction.

    PAUL/PAUL 2012

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