Ron Paul or Rand Paul: Who Should Run for President in 2012?

Ron Paul or Rand Paul? It’s the question of the year, and the answer could determine the future of the planet. What are your thoughts?

Who Should Run for President in 2012?

  • Ron Paul (81%, 9,601 Votes)
  • Both (12%, 1,404 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (4%, 505 Votes)
  • Neither (3%, 408 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,918

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  • Angel to Heaven!

    I think we have to reset the financial markets worldwide!

  • Angel to Heaven!

    Yeah Gert, this poem is hip!

    The troll!

    The beast of burden lives inside

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    The troll is mostly friendly

    and thought the times would never change

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  • Early bird

    And the dept-clock of the Germans:

  • Early bird

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  • bob saget

    Paul/Paul 2012. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Go after Trump hard in the debates. Do NOT back down. Romney and Huckabee have more pork barrel miles than Miss Piggy at a rodeo. No more spending. We need to learn to be self reliant as a Country, rather than be dependent on others and interfering with their affairs. Our number one responsibility and duty as a Nation should be to protect OUR freedoms and improve OUR quality of life. There are unfortunate things going on overseas but policing the globe has put us trillions into debt. Standardized test scores are down nationwide, hard working families filing bankruptcy and having to walk away from their homes. We are in a damn recession people! It is outrageous how we can go on our daily lives knowing OUR country is shifting into a pseudo-socialistic caste system. Freedoms being stripped every day. We can develop a complex nuclear weapon that can whipe out a chunk of the globe but we still can’t teach our kids to read and write. The bar gets set lower and lower each year and it is saddening. Meanwhile our number one priority has been sending good young soldiers into harms reach and printing out essentially monopoly money and giving it away to countries like Pakistan and Israel. Ron and Rand Paul have a positive vision that can actually impact our Country in right direction. Not just “change”.. But change in the right direction.

    PAUL/PAUL 2012

  • D

    Ron paul and Allen west?
    Ron Paul and Rand Paul?

  • Damon McCanlies

    I feel Ron Paul should run for President, why? He can help us defend our civil liberties, for example, he understands the horrible power the Federal Reserve possesses, I could also see him helping each state retain their sovereignty on issues like medical marijuana. He understands the need for limited government.

    I also feel Paul Ryan could be a great vice president. Why? Though many feel his budget plan was a failure, I disagree. He understands the numbers like nobodies business, he did his best to cut the budget with all the other agendas shadowing over him, and could play a powerful role in balancing the budget once the Federal Reserve is disintegrated.

    Together I feel these two could make this country come back to life.


  • Why don’t y’all just take it ALL over? Go for it.

  • D1Pro

    I would like to see Ron Paul run(he definately has my vote) and I think he should take Jesse Ventura up on his offer to be his running may. Both are super patriotic and dont mind getting deep into the underground government. I believe the two of these men could really clean up America and restore our country back to if not better than it ever was. Ron you really need to run. The country needs you!

  • DR

    I hope Rand Paul runs, but I would strongly support either.

  • jessica o

    I have been a loyal Ron Paul follower. It was actually hard for me to type that last line because I hate to be defined as a follower or a sheeple because I have always been a non conformist that prefers the truth over what is trendy or popular opinion. I believe in Ron Paul and what he stands for. I believe America needs an educated leader and a reformer. Someone who will stand up to the corporate slave masters and free us. I think deep down all Americans want the same thing, even the Americans who don’t know why the gas prices are so high or don’t realize the media is biased. But let’s be honest. We are in America. We live in a superficial society. Case in point American Idol. The Presidential Election has become a crap shoot popularity contest. Everything needs to be reformed in this country…especially the electoral process. What happened to qualifications? Can you have a degree in something related to politics or management in order to qualify to run for the most important job in the country! Arnold Schwarzenegger was Govenor of california for crying out loud. WTF? What I’m trying to say is, this is highschool politics. Does Ron Paul have the qualifications, the heart, the intelligence…yes. Does he have what it takes to be popular…no. The jock always wins the popularity contest. Ron Paul I love you but you need a swagger coach. You have to up your presentation, your appearance, your delivery because 30% of the people that are intelligent and hear the truth in what you are saying can appreciate and believe in it, but the other 70% of sheeple that go with what’s “hot” or popular…need to be sold on the image. Ron Paul is a brand. You are representing economical stability. Now find a better team to reinvent and market your brand. Rand might be the better option because he has the same ideals, he has the looks, the intelligence, and the presence that the public will gravitate towards. I write this with love.

  • Roy

    Being British I cannot vote for Ron Paul but I have been following him since 2008. Over the last few months I have been giving him a regular mention in the comments at, which is a lion’s den of British mass media. I am delighted to say that others have jumped in too and now, miracle upon miracles, this article appeared a short while ago:
    More importantly it is linked from the front page. Those who know the DT will recognize the significance of this. No comments allowed on this article, but the chance will come.

    Dr Paul, forgive me for interfering in your sovereign business, but please run for President. The world is waiting, not just American patriots seeking a return to constitutional rule. Your British cousins share so many of your problems but in different ways.

  • I recently did some research on this topic, and found some historical data showing that it was highly unlikely that Ron Paul could win the Republican Presidential primary this go around. I think there is some data that shows unequivocally that he can’t win. But Rand at least has a chance. See the study here:

  • nate

    Just what America needs not one but two doctors Paul/Paul 2012

  • Woopa

    Tired of the virtual revolution? Sick of habitual capitulation to the Federal Reserve’s “hegemony”? Don’t enjoy seeing your expenses shoot up while your income stagnates? Don’t enjoy being dependent on a corrupt instrument — the Federal Reserve Note?

    The American economy is limping, staggering, perhaps soon failing… why?

    Is your energy diminished? Is your work ethic gone?
    Are there not enough resources, or is our technology inferior to its past state?


    Americans are suffering because their currency is a tool to enslave them.

    It’s time to break free. The Alternative Market Project is the beginning of the solution to economic totalitarianism. Join our online network to find nearby individuals who want to act… or to help them find you. Participate in our forum to discuss self-sufficiency, pre/post economic collapse action, bartering, commodity based money, non-commodity credit currency, and other forms of economic emancipation.

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

  • Kathleen Rubinstein

    I would want this poem on a shirt!

  • Gert G.

    This is the FED: A Troll!
    And this Troll will kill all the freedom we need.

    The troll!

    The beast of burden lives inside
    inside of that lovely troll
    but sometimes it is breaking out of
    out of the body from that troll.

    The troll is mostly friendly
    and thought the times would never change
    but that was the biggest mistake
    the biggest of (that) all!
    (Kurt Egger)

    I think the author is german!

  • Skid

    I can’t believe that Donald Trump is doing better than RP in the polls.

    • Fem

      Well, if the economy is based mainly in acting or media shows then Mr Trump should have most votes or win. I think is way past time to get serious on basic issues.

      The first and third worlds have some things in common, like people and both are jungle, one is a jungle of cement and the other one of plants and animals, but as you see the same rules apply to different scenarios. Better to remember that one.


      • Skid

        Donald Trump is proposing force and coercion to keep oil prices down and China’s products high. That is far away from Austrian economics. Someone should explain him what is the Tea Party about.
        I don’t care if he (Donald) run for office or not, but he should stop calling himself Tea Partier.

        • yahya

          I agree. someone who is not for buying oil on the free market, but advocates a ‘grab the oil’ policy is not someone who will promote freedom.

    • Dfens

      Trump is advocating we put TARIFFS on goods from China so he can bring our industry and the jobs it creates back to the US. Ron and Rand want to unilaterally eliminate all tariffs and send the rest of our jobs to China. Any they can’t ship to their communist masters, they plan on giving to the foreigners streaming in through the borders of this nation they want to throw open. Their answer to illegal immigration is unlimited free immigration. If you vote for these Manchurian candidates, you’ll get what you deserve, or maybe sanity will prevail and you will once more get much better than you deserve.

      • tj

        you imbecile…google smoot-hawley and learn what protectionism did for the great depression….tariffs raise prices and cause unemployment in nonprotected, domestic industries….

      • tj

        and as far as immigration goes’? it is true that libertarians believe in open immigration…lol…however, we also believe in no government social programs including education, free housing, free food stamps, free health care…and all the other freebies that illegal immigrants come to the usa for…

        so, immigration would be drastically reduced simply by preventing immigrants from participating in any government programs for 10 years…

      • Skid

        Ha, I can respond to you with one answer.
        I’m not american. I would love to go to america if RP or any other libertarian get elected. I see the disasters from protectionist tariffs in the economy. The ironic part is that I don’t want to immigrate to America for welfare, I want to do it exactly for the opposite reason. Because I understand that all government intervention in the economy leads to chaos.

  • George Peterman

    Gee, ya think the poll is a little skewed? Good luck ding-dongs

    • Kenny Clark

      Please pour syrup on your keyboard……………..thanks

    • yahya

      atleast we actually included ron in this poll.

  • Susan Hatfield

    I’m hoping that Rand Paul will run for President. There’s only the same old Rhino’s out there at this time. Michele Bachman or Paul Ryan would be good VP choices. Whoever wins the 2012 Presidential race will decide which way our country will go – return to a thriving free market capital system or sink into third world socialist status.

    • Egon Walther

      But you have seen the last decades that a nation can be only a nation with a lot of lucky people there. Otherwise capitalism will change to communism.