A thoughtful Iowa-centered blog has up a presidential straw…

“A thoughtful Iowa-centered blog has up a presidential straw poll up right now- please vote for me if you have time. Our 2012 GOP Presidential Straw Poll » Caffeinated Thoughts www.caffeinatedthoughts.com Just for fun, we at Caffeinated Thoughts are curious. Who do you favor as the Republican nominee for President if your caucus/primary was held today? Be sure to vote below. The straw poll will end on April 22, 2011 and we’ll announce the results on our Facebook page so be sure to like us there or wi”Ron Paul

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  • Dear Congressman Paul,

    Please run for President! It certainly appears you are our only real hope. We MUST abolish the FED and implement an honest monetary system. We MUST eliminate the IRS and set up a proper system that supports honest reasonable government but doesn’t intimidate our Citizens. We must pass a law that FORBIDS the requirement to file your “papers” every year, which as you know has nothing to do with collecting “revenue” and everything to do with CONTROL.

    Personally I don’t file and I don’t pay and I haven’t in more than 30 years and I have no intention of starting, which actually creates great hardships for me and my family. If I did file and had a “good” lawyer (liar) and CPA I would probably be able to reap great benefits from the current corrupt system, but being forced to bow down to these thieves and send in my “papers” goes against every ounce of my being so regardless of all their threats and regardless of how it might benefit me and my family I will continue to refuse.

    You are the only person in government that I am aware of that has a clue about what needs to be done. Please don’t let us down. Please let us know if there are any others like you. Please also let us know what you think we need to do to get them in office and also what we need to do to get our country and government operating properly and honestly for the benefit of our people. I don’t know much about your son yet but I hope he thinks like his father and if so he would certainly get my vote as well. I haven’t actually voted in years because I usually would give 2 cents for anybody who has tried to get elected on either side. But I would vote for you. (Provided the IRS doesn’t violate the law and have me arrested before then.)

    That brings up another sore subject, can we not eliminate the whole “party” system. I couldn’t care less if you are Dem. or Rep. or whatever, I want you to be fair and honest and do the job you were hired for, that’s it. It’s not suppose to be a party it is suppose to be a job.

    I also commend you on your thoughts on drug policy, the “war on drugs” is a dismal failure that costs far too much in resources and lives. This is certainly another critical area that must be addressed immediately.

    Thank you for your time and I sure hope we are saying President Paul very soon. You would likely be the closest thing to a Constitutional President since Andrew Jackson! That really would be historic! (Unlike the “historic” farce that recently kept the joke of a government we have now from shutting down.)

    Steve Garren