I have been invited to participate in the May 5th…

“I have been invited to participate in the May 5th presidential candidates debate in South Carolina, and I am strongly considering it.”Ron Paul

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  • Charles French

    I think most American’s are just looking for someone to simply tell the truth. Enough of the empty promises and pretty words that pander to voting blocks.

    Look at the approval rating for Congress. People are disgusted and fed up with professional politicians from both parties. Everything political is about power, control and money. It’s a stand-off between the left and the right, neither side will ever agree and the citizens keep getting the shaft while the politicians continue their childless bickering. Politicians are perceived as idiots, lier’s and thieves…and rightfully so.

    When our government is the single biggest employer, something is wrong with this picture. The government is an elitist class with wages and benefits far exceeding that of those that provide (taxpayers)

    The warmongering politicians would have you believe that you are un-patriotic should you merely mention cutting military spending. The United States is the only country in the world who is spending billions and billions of borrowed dollars to police the world.

    This country needs someone that’s not afraid to tell the truth about the corruption of our government.

    I fear…make that know, that nothing will ever change as long as we have the two parties ruling. America is a young nation and spiraling rapidly out of control. China being over 4000 years old knows full well that America is just a “flash in the pan”…and you can thank your government for that!

    Save our nation please!…Ron Paul For President!


  • Christine

    If you are not there then it is not a debate. It is just a group of people spilling propaganda out of their mouths. Someone needs to be there to tell it like it is. We are all so tired of the political correctness. We want to hear the facts. We don’t want a group of politicians saying what they think we want to hear. We want the rest of the world to be educated.

  • You HAVE to be there Ron your our only TRUE politician! THE PEOPLE NEED YOU!!!

  • Bill

    Please don’t consider, Congressman Paul. You MUST do it.

    I am not permitted to vote in the election, but no one can stop me from donating to your campaign. Only you can save America from the free fall it is having, and which will only get worse if someone doesn’t step in and put an end to it. The country is collapsing. We need you, badly.

    Please run for office in 2012. We are all behind you to support you in any way we can.

  • Justin Watkins

    I hope you go, a few friends and I have already got our tickets and hotel ready, don’t disappoint us! You’re the whole reason we’re going.

  • Michael

    I am a Canadian and I would support you, but for one thing I would need to know. Would you be for universal health care for all the American people. I believe this is the only responsible position a presidential candidate could take. I could even be for taking away a woman’s right to choose abortion if you were for health care for everyone.

    That is, abortion only when it’s absolutely necessary for the life of the woman. Can you comment on this Ron?

  • Dr Steven Mark Hults


    I followed closely your activities and ideas during the last presidential campaign and I must say that I whole heartedly support with vigor many of your ideas and philosophies. I would be gravely disappointed in a campaign that did not include you and the sound ideaology which unites so many of us. May 5th could be a great beginning for 2012. I salute you and will be watching closely during the upcoming weeks.

    Ron Paul in 2012