After I vote against the final budget bill tomorrow I’ll be…

“After I vote against the final budget bill tomorrow I’ll be heading to New Hampshire to speak at St. Anselm’s College at 6:00 pm ET. I hope to see ya’ll there!”Ron Paul

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  • You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

  • The only way we are ever going to fix the economic situation we currently find ourselves in and not just dig ourselves out of the hole that the globalists have put us in, but actually repair the damage it has executed on our society is to completely wipe out the entire monetary system world wide and live and operate in a fully resource based economy. To learn how this is currently being pushed through right now visit and Educate yourselves, for knowledge is power and applied knowledge achievement.

  • Kenny Clark

    Mr Paul,
    I met a lady here in Redding Northern California at the jolly green giant flea-market that was selling ”RON PAUL 2012bumper stickers at cost. She actually sells old used records there,but had a Ron Paul sign and Alex Jones items. I thought this was so moving and patriotic,so I bought all of her bumper stickers and gave them out to my friends who are also supporting you. You have built up a large number of supporters here,probably more than you realize. It must be hard to get a figure on where you stand with the media not giving you a fair run,but we are waking people up one soul at a time. If you decide to run I am going to put a huge support sign in my yard. I have friends who own land on major highways that love you too. Maybe we can get a billboard up!
    They can’t keep a good nation down!

    Thank you sir,
    Kenny Clark


    • Mr Paul and the likes:

      You simply refuse the only Mathematic Prescription for what you have declared you actually want.

      Austrian economics, Mises, Hayek are no help, come to think about it any system that still has USURY or INTEREST %%%%% as part of it will also FAIL us as never in history have any precious metal monetary standards either sustained industrial production requiring greater circulations; nor is it possible for them to arrest multiplication of indebtedness by interest.

      The only currency which we should be considering is mathematically perfected currency‚ As there is one and one only solution to inflation and deflation; to systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; and to inherent, irreversible (and therefore terminal) multiplication of artificial indebtedness by interest… thus it is only by eradicating altogether the latter costs; manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; and inflation or deflation.

      The so called central banking systems The Fed, BOE, ECB, World Bank, IMF of the world in fact never earn this “money,” not only because they produce no product or actual service for it, but because the “money”

      they pretend we must borrow from them is no more than our own promise to pay. Nor are they actual creditors, for on the contrary, they give up nothing for our promises to pay, and only intervene upon our commerce to pretend the justification for dispossessing us of all our production is no more than their unassented authority to no more than publish our promissory notes, at no practical cost to themselves whatever. They thus collect, just in ostensible principal, so much as all the wealth which is ever subjugated to these obfuscations, only as if this mere publication of our promissory notes made them actual providers of credit; and only as if any resultant debt is ever actually owed to them.

      They further subject these lies then to interest, as if actual risk existed in the negligible costs of no more than publishing our promises to pay. All these intentional falsifications of principle then are such blatant, self evident, and ever demonstrable facts that it is amazing any truly free and just people would ever tolerate their fatal subjugation to these obfuscations for nought. Evidently too, this is the common observation of today’s vast pretended representation, for never were these purported principles subjected to the assent of a knowledgeable, intelligent public; nor is it possible they were ever passed by one, for it is intellectually impossible to intelligently ensure our demise for no more than handing over the publication of our promissory notes, the very fulfillment of which is ultimately even made impossible by the breaches of principle in the resultant, wholly unnatural, ever unjustified, and fatal arrangement.

      Pretended representation therefore would hardly achieve these purposes if a knowledgeable public discovered that the lies of pretended economy invalidate its every asserted principle; that none of this has even the least power to serve us in any way; that the allegiance of the government of every republic owes to the very perpetrators who, by taking so inconceivably from us, readily install and enforce usurpation in every vital office and controllable media. The perpetual, concerted evasion of accountability before us therefore is no accident, it is instead a calculated, vital accessory to the most serious, arrogant, and repulsive crimes in history.

    • Stupid is as stupid does

  • Carrie Christie

    Rep. Ron Paul:

    I hope you run in 2012…you’re the only representative who represents the working U.S. citizens…not lobbyist, not big business, and not entitlement lifers. If you cannot get the exposure running as a Libertarian, please run as a Republican. I will vote for you either way. You are the one voice of the people, but must be heard by the people for them to realize that.
    Thank you.

  • tj

    So, I am watching news on Sunday…abc and nbc…and they make it seem like trump and palin are the frontrunners…some reports included santorum and pawlenty…with Romney mentioned as an afterthought….they showed these two giving speeches at the tea party rallies…..

    certainly, there must be someone on this website or on his staff, that can find a way to get him some fair exposure?

  • John Phillips

    You have my vote either way. Have you read the “Abuse of power” book yet? Let me know what you think.

  • Scott Brown

    Dear Dr. Paul and my fellow Libertarians,

    I say Libertarians because we are not Republicans. We believe in less government. But lately I have been having my doubts about how small a government can be yet still be effective.

    As I see it, a government, in the least obtrusive way, protect and serve the people of their society. And as a Libertarian, I believe that should be done in such a way that the people are the ultimate authority, not the government. There’s one problem with that and I want to know how other Libertarians feel.

    My question is this. Wasn’t Allan Greenspan a Libertarian? Didn’t he believe that the markets will correct themselves and that government oversight would hurt the economy, not safeguard it? He was in fact, a fan of Ms. Rand’s was he not?

    Didn’t he have to testify after the OTC derivatives market tanked that he was wrong in his Libertarian world view? Let’s put aside the fact that he is indeed the chairman of the Federal Reserve at the time he erred to the time he was brought back to testify after his term. Let’s focus on the fact that this Fed chairman was ONE OF US. A LIBERTARIAN. And his philosophy was wrong. What the hell do we do now? Deny it? Ignore it. Hope no one notices?

    I propose we face it and fix it. And that will set the precedent of a political group actually evolving their ideology. I think we need to rethink free markets as a whole sale, 100% good thing. Here’s why.

    Free markets would work if all the good people played by the rules. I don’t think people do that. I think people are stupid. That’s really why I’m a Libertarian. Governments are made up of the people, and most of the people are idiots. Don’t believe me? Look no further than your car.

    They get drunk and drive, they text while tailgating at 70 miles an hour, they cut you off then give you the finger. So, in general, I’m not thrilled by the thought that any one of these people has power over my liberty by way of government jobs. But in a free market, we’re asking those same people to be smart enough to not lie their way into a mortgage they can’t afford. We’re asking middle to lower level white collar workers in the financial industry to shovel fraud on to the public disguised as the golden goose, aren’t we? I don’t have that kind of faith in people.

    Look at the way China screws with their money. We have free trade, but they don’t. Their government punishes their people and the effect is most of the jobs in my industry are now done in China for half the price. These are countries that are not free. So suddenly I’m competing with damn near slave labor. When I’m a citizen of the United States, the largest consumer in the world, and I give away the leverage that comes with being the consumer because of one aspect of my ideology that says government should not meddle, I say we may have a problem with our ideology.

    I don’t think we need government to hand us anything, but they should cover our backs. I’m sorry, I believe in everyman for himself, that’s the world. But, there are large parts of the world that hate our guts for reasons we all agree with, so like it or not we need each other. Libertarians want a country. Just one free from tyranny. But I want to be free from the tyranny of other governments, not just my own.

    When China manipulates with currency, totalitarianism and inhuman work conditions, I don’t want that to affect my wages. Sure I care that they’re evil, but in terms of the Libertarian view of an absolutely free market, I don’t know if it works. Wall Street failed to regulate itself and the people of China are not going to suddenly demand US wages when doing so will get them imprisoned or executed. So what is our recourse, as a country? I hear a lot about my rights as an individual, but who’s going to protect our rights as a country.

    Until we can answer this Dr. Paul, how we stand together against foreign competitor in a rigged game, our principals will get us killed, because it seems as though it may already done just that by way of Presidents Clinton & Bush, and Mr. Greenspan.

    The same morons are in charge now (Summers and Geitner, both cohorts of Greenspan’s) and I’m afraid that although they are democrats and republicans, the philosophy of total deregulation is Libertarian. And they have another bite at the apple with Obama.

    Please let me have it. These are just questions and I could be fundamentally flawed. I just want to know what you think. If I’m an idiot and you hate my guts, then please, after the insults to my mother etc., include why. So that way I can hear the points of view that I have yet to consider.

    Because we better have open ears and working minds if we ever hope to matter in the history of our country.

  • Wayne Young

    I think it would be smart to run for the Republican presidential nomination, because if do get the Republican nomination then the press won’t be able to ignore you anymore!

  • David Altuna

    Ron Paul,
    Yes run on the Republican ticket. What else are you going to do? Run as a Nader? No, your best bet is Republican even if you are a true defender of our liberties which clearly the Republican party is not. Plus I have my grandparents love you. Thanks for listening, and ron paul twenty twelve!!!!

  • tj

    Atlas Shrugged tonight at a theater near you…one lesson from the book is that at some point, one needs to accept reality and not fight it.

    This is never more apparent than the latest budget vote. Most Republicans are not conservative enough to vote on principle. Thus the deficit will grow and inflation and unemployment will continue to exceed 10 percent. It will exceed this if a libertarian is not elected in 2012. Romney, Trump, Pawlenty, and so many other R’s will only grow the deficit…you know it and I know it.

    So sit back and enjoy it people…what will be will be…tj

  • Satar

    Steve – The beauty of being Libertarian is that you can have any type of belief system as long as your belief system does not directly affect another citizen. So if you want to be gay or be against homosexuality, you are free to do so. It’s the role of the government to protect individual liberty. That’s what makes a republic different from a democracy.

    Paul – Keep up the good fight. If we had more people like you in government, we would be a better country as our founders wanted for us. Too many politicians being corrupted by multi-national corporations, unions and insurance companies. You’re the only one that makes sense! I’m also glad that you changed your views on illegal immigration from the 80’s. The path to legal immigration needs to be more efficient, but no one should be here illegally, especially if legal citizens need to pay taxes to support the illegal aliens.

  • Johnathan


  • Rep. Paul,
    Thanks for your steady and principled stands throughout the years. Full disclosure: though I do hold what are probably views considered libertarian, I do tend to be liberal on many issues. There is, I think, a lot of overlap between left-libertarians and ‘real conservatives’ , which is what people know libertarianism to be in America. …I just wanted to say that I hope some of your supporters read this comment from a self-avowed liberal as myself, and realize that we are not that different from what real conservatism embodies: freedom.

    • tj

      well Steve, as someone who has voted libertarian for 30 years, we welcome you…if you believe the only function of government is to protect life, liberty, and property…not redistribute wealth, provide education, health care, housing, food, retirement, and so much more….that is a liberal

  • Matthew J. Neilson

    Serious question from a long time supporter. Even in my military days. Have you considered a run in 2012 with Michele Bachmann ? Shockingly she is voting in a manner which I agree with, as are you. I truly believe that if we do not get a limited government white house with Austrian economics and a non-interventionist foreign policy the future of this country will be 3rd world. I cannot think of a single note you have spoken on that I have not picked apart for accuracy. I agree with them all. Your path for this county, with the grace of god, can at least begin to restore what I believed in. If I can provide any service whatsoever to your campaign in 2012, let me know.