Gold is over $1,500 and ounce and silver just broke $45.

Gold is over $1,500 an ounce and silver just broke $45. We are seeing some major inflation.”Ron Paul

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  • It’s not the gold that got expensive. It’s the dollar that got depreciated.

  • Anthony Pitlik

    I know one man can’t fix this but i think you know what’s going on andit;s a good start to get you to run for president. Watched the morning news this morn and anybody can win. We have to fix this and i think you are the one, go for it!

  • Anthony Pitlik

    Do you think the dollar, world wide , is going away, what at 60 years old should we do?

  • Joseph Washburn

    Ron Paul has been the foundation of the original thinkers of this nation. His thoughts and ideas are for real. The only problem is usually we do not heed the advice until it is too late and we have to pay the fiddler. We have allowed the government handout to grow to a point of non-belief that the money will collapse. People with their hand out and not willing to see the inevitable of not willing to work to survive have grown so much and quick the mind is beginning to short-circuit. It seems that the only way to survive is for the working class to begin to prepare for the meltdown quickly and refrain from supporting the handout crowd. Of course this will promote more crime, and destruction but then only the strong will survive. This nation is on a fast track (bullet train) to destruction.

  • PeoplePower

    Dear Ron,
    I belive the money system needs a total overhaul the BRICS system ie currency backed by real metals is just comon sense.
    I also had an idea of replacing the dollar bills (paper money) in favour of dollar coins which also use real resources & not thin air. in this way the dollar’s value would not be effected & ensure no more money magic tricks. 🙂