Ron Paul: The Founding Father

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He is a constant in a changing world, an emissary from an older America. A self-styled constitutional purist, he has for forty years been a voice in the wilderness. But now he has sparked a movement that has put him at the center of the struggle over what kind of country we want to be. But is America ready for his radical vision?

  • Jan

    I think that the world needs a leader like Ron Paul, since he is going to cut military and social spendings and bring peace, free trade and honest administration. These are the clues of development, republic and democracy. However, there are many threats in Washington, since burocrats of both parties are very clever and they should try to stop his reforms. With Ron Paul at the chair, their comfortable life will be in danger and so the road to serfdom. They should be obligated to work hard in the competitive private sector, since taxpayers are no longer going to pay for a party in which they are uninvited. I strongly believe that Ron Paul is the best candidate, since he is the man who is going to bring back the Constitution to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

  • Edward

    I will be backing Ron Paul 2012 with everything I can possibly afford!!!


  • Esquire Manipulation

    I read the entire article. All it does is subtly manipulate us into thinking they are taking him seriously while making slight jabs and biased information in to push away support from left-leaning readers.

    The most obvious is the picture on page 2 of the “10 Commandments of Libertarianism”. Others include implying he’s ignoring the supposed contributions of Alexander Hamilton, and the National Banks. Another is a link on the right side of the page with his Esquire Profile reading “He’s been crazy so long he’s starting to make sense”.

    They also include telling people that instead of listening to the other speakers of CPAC, Ron Paul supporters instead went to listen to Thomas Woods talking about how “Abraham Lincoln was a dictator who used the Civil War to close newspapers and put editors in jail”. They imply that Ron Paul supporters are bloodthirsty cavemen because when they showed the American Dream cartoon, people cheered during the part when Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton.

    This is a slander piece, polished and wrapped in a shiny cloth to make it look like they care about what he’s saying, and want to open normal people up to him. When in fact, it does the exact opposite and makes Ron Paul and his supporters look worse than the goddamned NeoCons.

    I was excited by the article as well before I saw the ’10 Commandments’ bullcrap, and realized they were just making fun of us and Ron Paul himself. It’s another ‘Bruno’ all over again.

  • Gabriel

    Good article. It’s nice to see Dr. Paul get some positive press. Hopefully he will soon announce his decision to run for President, and more positive articles will be written about him.