Last night in Florida was great – over 1,000 at Florida…

“Last night in Florida was great – over 1,000 at Florida State University! Really charges my batteries.”Ron Paul

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  • Jason Petrov

    Hey dr. paul, whats withh the seminole love, no love for the gators? please come down to Gainesville your next florida round, youll find plenty of supporters here and around the UF campus, pus everyone in my house, me and al the friends i know. go Dr. Paul you can do this, yooull get that gop nomination no doubt!!

  • Ian

    Sat so close I could smell his breath. Great night! Dr. Paul you are the man!

  • tj

    Ron Paul claims he is energized…this is good news….spread the message to the colleges and watch his popularity soar….there is support and then there is enthusiastic support…the latter has a way of culminating in a tidal wave of exposure necessary for winning the nomination….
    pace yourself though Dr Paul…carry the message, but let your supporters help you spread it…..set up a network of local organizations…find your supporters who have the time and energy to volunteer…and build that grass roots support that will be tough to defeat
    in NOvember of 2008 I emailed the head of our county republican party…Cleveland…and suggested that the Republican Party needed to kick the liberals out of its party…and replace them with libertarians….Ron PAul, Rand PAul, Gary Johnson, and several of the new Tea PArty reps, are the future of the Republican Party…be patient, the transition is occurring….let freedom reign

  • Krystal Best

    Mr. Paul.

    Please come back to Tallahassee again, soon! I would’ve been there to cheer you on, but I didn’t have enough money for extra fuel, being taxed to hell, and a real member of the working class poor, as a result!

    Paul 2012!

    Bring all troops home!
    End exemptions for religious groups!
    End welfare!
    End all entitlements!
    End corporate welfare!
    End the Fed!
    End all foreign aid!
    U.S. term limits for all offices!
    Make lobbying an act of treason!
    Reform tax laws!