Ron Paul on The View

Date: 04/25/2011

  • tbed63

    Ron Paul is a saint to be so patient and kind to this sort of peppering of questions and rudeness.


  • rudeasp

    Ron Paul a Catholic Freemason who flip flops on 9/11 truth. hmm

  • forthymaker

    Wow did you here that! Paul says were all going to be poor ,And Whoopi shill says no what are you going to do about the poor now !!! Ill have to agree with Paul there Poor will be the norm . As form the shill Idont know of any poor now except the homeless all the others have little cards to buy food no rent better cars than me.And Im still working and use cash.O miss shill start up a homless shelter with that doe you be bankin! Well done again Mr Paul, Ron Paul 2012 save our country!

  • MrIsaiah722

    Ron Paul/ Jesse Ventura 2012! C’mon America, something’s gotta give. We’ve been lied to for too long.

  • DamienBlade

    The biggest disappointment of all in this segment was that they never let Dr.Paul finish his definition of “Constitutional”. If they understood exactly why he was against things like planned parenthood and the “right” to healthcare, they would change their tune. Yes, applaud old America because old America followed the constitution, which is exactly what Dr.Paul will run on.
    Best news I’ve heard all year, we will know in a month’s time. I’m excited and I’m Canadian!

  • MrB0TT

    Planned parenthood is peanuts compared to what needs to be cut. Why would these harpies ask him such a stupid question like that? If Ron Paul wins he should slap a stupid tax on all of them and cancel their show.

  • Five00700

    I wish these dumb cluckers would have shut the hell up & allow Ron to speak!

  • iamnick2k3

    Joy Behar…WHAT A FRICKEN MORON. No Joy, Ron Paul did not run in 1998 because there was not a Presidential election in that year. How does a woman like this get on television.

  • garrethdavis

    fucking Ron PAUL 2012.


    whoopie used to do a routine on saturday nite live where she played a junkie, slurring her words and wiping her nose, seems she is back to the old act.
    she is a disgrace, and I think of the whole panel, which was very respectful, she was not. (although she could have been worse).


  • junglemike72

    Whoopie you are a fat dumb bitch.

  • junglemike72

    Planned Parenthood, Margeret Singer, was the founder and hated Blacks, but know they praise this abomanation. These stupid bitches are bullshit and morons. Wake up people and research.

  • 420LowKey

    Our votes don’t mean shit

  • wogsland

    Wow. Whoopi has gotten really fat.

  • AgStrat

    Whoopie is still completely ignorant, but at least she didn’t storm off the set this time… good for her!

  • FilthyScumX

    This was the first and only time “The View” was actually watchable.

  • Landazar321

    It’s easy . Vote for Ron Paul in 2012…or for the police-state.

  • MarkMarvin1983

    Im confused here. If you cut funding to planned parenthood how do you get the benefits it can provide?

  • sanewave

    i fucking love ron paul. im going to plaster flyers for him all over everything

  • MrDeppness

    Ron Paul was a little above their heads, but it was nice to reach out to bored house moms even if we’re talking about planned parenthood instead of the Federal Reserve.