Ron Paul on The View

Date: 04/25/2011

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  • davitodude

    We gotta have planned parent hood! What do they do again?

  • Jnymack123

    1998?? Damn I did’t know we voted for presidents every two years….

  • seanpizano6

    Elizabeth is not that bright is she?

  • defkon99

    haha i second that FilthyScumX!!

  • hollywoodjim45

    can the poor get off their butts ever???

  • hollywoodjim45

    whoopi is a nasty slug and waste of blood

  • Sanguiluna

    “We have a system of corporatism now where business and governments are partners and are ripping us off.”
    And THIS is why I’m hoping this guy beats Trump for the nomination. Because we all know that if Trump becomes President, it’s just going to be more of the same.

  • PJCelis

    Unbelievable how women always seem to care about minor stuff like Planned Parenthood and have no inclination whatsoever to talk about the big picture.

  • openbreakwhat

    Ron Paul I think will sing a different tune when in office. It’s always good stuff until they have to do something. Maybe Ron Paul will shock the system. Maybe he’s the man that gets the NWO up and running. I don’t know. Lies are what they run on. I hope I’m wrong.

  • bjarnet3

    I admire Ron Paul so much… He has such peaceful message,,,, everything just seems logic and right… But not only what he says now,,, look what he has said in the past. IT IS JUST AMAZING…


    Wow they were actually mildly respectful to Dr. Paul.

    That’s a bit of a shocker.

  • Smilesaurus

    Wow, all i’m gonna say

  • john5246

    wow they actually sat there and let him talk, and no one disagreed…I think his message makes so much sense that it’s hard to counter it without looking like an idiot, and elizabeth hasselbeck looked smart with her mouth shut =)

  • neoplasmax

    My president!

  • rightsman123

    Yeah being asked to explain to the less informed all your major ideologies that have been cultivated over the course of your life and experience in 8 minutes is a little taxing. Paul did good.

  • zapproowsdower

    “The book’s a very interesting read”

    Somehow, I doubt she knows that from personal experience.

  • Pison87

    Why isnt Ron Paul President?