Ron Paul on The View

Date: 04/25/2011

  • Princeamor
  • soleprobe

    Nice of that blond bimbo to keep her mouth shut for a change

  • kumpud

    I want to hug this man.

  • Amy31415

    This is the **only** (potential) candidate who would actually get us out of the wars. If those 77% who are allegedly against these wars would wise up, they’d vote for RP.

    Do the right thing–suck it up and switch your party to Republican (hold your nose), and vote for him. Don’t just stand on the sidelines, DO SOMETHING.

  • Matu1

    Ron Paul is great, he even suspects that there might be conspiracy but he do not get sucked in to it, instead of that he just runs for president and will kick the shit out of them if there is.

  • GexiMovies

    3:10 “I don’t know why, it might even be a conspiracy.”

  • GexiMovies

    3:00 “I don’t know why, it might even be a conspiracy.”

  • salseroca

    The true hero! This man is a saint! The only one who is not interested to impress people, but to speak the truth. Many Americans have been used to so much lies that when someone like Ron Paul speaks, they cannot handle it. Ron Paul is the only hope for this nation to get back on its feet. Vote Ron Paul!

  • imagrandpa

    The reason we don’t have Ron Paul for president is what is wrong
    with a Democracy. Too many people want a sugar daddy.

  • germandogs

    my hero.

  • naveclipsys

    Classy man.

  • matthewgsteel

    7:44 Hasselbeck had been thinking about his son (Rand) the entire time.

  • DaJinXx

    Please donate to Ron Paul’s Presidential Exploratory Committee.
    Also talks about the South Carolina Debate for CincoDeMayo ,Take care!


    Wow I was so prepared for a total hack job! Ron Paul is the TRUTH!!! The only president I would even consider pledging allegiance to…go Ron 2012!!!! I can’t believe how skillfully he dodged their traps….

  • DaJinXx
  • Prohhmetheus

    Looks like he has already gotten more positive media coverage than the last election combined. Ron Paul 2012.

  • thaiblacky

    I had to open this video 3 times because I just can not watch the view. However I am proud to say I made it through. One of Ron Paul’s many accomplishments is getting me to sit threw and entire segment of the view. haha.

  • jordanlizbailey1

    That went way better than I expected. Great job Ron!

  • DarkReapersGrim

    I have respect for Ron Paul. I hope the people elect him over his monkey republican opponents, but the American people deserve to have their economic system collapse on top of them. It was the American people who were drunk with war and it was the American people who elected these politicians who lied to them consistently. Ron Paul rocks, I really hope the he gets the nomination of the republican party but fuck the American people, I surely have zero sympathy for them.

  • podfreak

    sad part is…maybe the “system” will not LET him win…with powerful corporations controlling the so called “democracy”…who knows it cud be a deja vu of bush getting re elected!(this time with obama)…u know there are influential forces working behind elections…i just hope this is not true 🙂