Ron Paul on The View

Date: 04/25/2011

  • peacerenity

    I love how the interviewer didn’t know there wasn’t even a presidential election in 1998.

  • voispoed

    Great interview…could have been longer….a return to principled leadership…what a concept!

    Ron Paul 2012!


  • AthiestU2uber2

    Ron Paul’s Debate Day Money Bomb – May 5th, 2011!!

    Debate – Day – dot – Com!!

  • RickReinster

    joy should have realized there was no presidential election in 98, oh wait.. it doesnt surprise me

  • jswag19801

    Don’t just run……WIN!

  • jswag19801

    Don’t just run….. WIN!!!

  • xanthoss

    Run ron run!

  • frankiegmh

    That because a lot of those people are actually libertarian they just don’t know it. They think like libertarians and would vote like one but call themselves Democrats or Republicans because they don’t really understand there is another choice and a lot of people who feel the same way. That is why there are so many independents in this country. Most people don’t realize that there are more independents than any other group. That is how Obama won this past election he won the independents.

  • frankiegmh

    For some reason when it comes to donating money they seem to show up but when it comes time to vote it is not the same result. He had the single biggest fund raising day of any candidate and then came close to doing it again. They happened with people donating small amount of money so it took a large number of people but I think the problem was they were not organized well enough but I think this time around it will be different. I would not be surprised to see him win one of those early states

  • frankiegmh

    I actually love when he answers those questions like that because when they ask those questions its like saying we don’t think you are going to win so what are you going to do to change that. So he gives them a smart answer. Mitt Romney doesn’t get those kinds of questions, everyone assumes he will be a front runner. People forget Ron Paul actually won electoral votes in the primary last time around and beat out a lot of “front runners” like Julianni and Fred Thompson.

  • tallbrowneyes

    It occurs to me that the Republican party is so militaristic because of a sense of moral righteousness which makes us believe we can be the policemen of the world and meddle in the internal affairs of other countries, yet we condemn the liberals for wanting to meddle in our own lives with big gov’t policies, which I’m sure they also believe serves the greater good. Ron Paul is like anti-matter to the moral busybodies on both sides, and he’s starting to make a lot of sense to me now.

  • flagshipaudio

    2012 Get the word out men and woman

  • fullclip16117

    Ha! That was classic. 1:13 blonde dumb whore is like what will take for you to win the primary? RP’s like “more votes”. hahaha. What an asshole, but it was hilarious.

  • benjaminmcintosh


  • jeremytones

    you guys praise ron paul and hope he becomes president, so get your lazy hipster ass off your macbook and facebook and go vote for him, its not gonna happen itself

  • saladfingers2057


  • toemasie

    The media doesn’t give Ron Paul enough attention. If anything, they portray him as a nut job. If most Americans were told about his policies, they’d vote for him. Especially those who tend not to vote in elections.

  • gigiontube

    He needs our votes to be president. Lets support him anyway we can.

    Send lots of video links to your friends & family to raise awareness.

    This vote should not be about a party, it should be about who IS our true president and who can lead us out of the long time created mess.

    Dr. Ron Paul has an immaculate record of being a true visionary and a true leader of this country.
    He won’t sell us stories, he won’t make empty promises, he won’t give empty speeches – he will act on constitution.

  • Operationjugular

    He’s a good bloke Ron Paul..

  • Operationjugular

    We have adopt an old aged Pensioner in Australia to help with costs…Maybe(And i’m just tossing it in the ring) wealthy Americans can adopt a family or persons medical costs…