Ron Paul Launches Exploratory Committee, Names Iowa Leadership Team

Des Moines, Iowa – Congressman Paul today announced that he is forming an official Exploratory Committee to assess his options for the 2012 Presidential campaign.

Standing in Des Moines, Dr. Paul also introduced his Iowa leadership team. All three of Dr. Paul’s Chairmen are elected members of the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee, the 17-member Board of Directors of the Iowa GOP, and have served as leaders of Campaign for Liberty in Iowa.

The leadership team consists of:

Dr. Drew Ivers, Chairman – Drew Ivers, PhD, of Webster City has been an Iowa Republican activist for 35 years and was the Iowa Campaign Chairman for Congressman Paul in 2008. He was a District Chairman for Ronald Reagan’s campaign and was the Iowa Chairman for the presidential campaigns of Pat Robertson in 1988 and Pat Buchanan in 1996 and 2000. Dr. Ivers has chaired his county party and is a five-time delegate to the Republican National Convention. He is a United States Army combat-wounded purple heart-awarded Vietnam veteran. Dr. Ivers earned his Master’s and Ph. D from Iowa State University and is the holder of 7 patents as a plant geneticist. He also has a Master’s in Theological Studies and is an Elder in the Evangelical Free Church. Dr. Ivers was instrumental in the forming of the initial Christian Coalition in Iowa, which is known today as the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition.

David Fischer, Vice-Chairman – David Fischer of rural Polk County is the founder and President of Precision Research, Inc. He has served on his district Executive and Rules Committees, and is the longest-serving member of the Executive Committee for the Polk County GOP. Mr. Fischer has been a delegate to numerous Republican conventions – County, District, State, and National. He is a homeschool leader and has been an elected member of his Township Board since 2002. Mr. Fischer was a top graduate from Iowa State University’s College of Engineering, and is an experienced expert witness in the energy industry.

A. J. Spiker, Vice-Chairman – A. J. Spiker of Ames is a former Chairman, Co-Chairman, and Treasurer of the Story County Republican party. He has been a delegate to several county, district, and state GOP conventions and served on his district Executive, Rules, and Organization committees. Mr. Spiker is a Realtor and is a past President of the Ames Multiple Listing Service, Inc. He serves on the Ames Economic Development Commission Board of Directors and is an active member of St. Cecilia Catholic church and the Knights of Columbus.

“Iowa has a special place in American politics, and Dr. Paul is very pleased to announce the launch of his Exploratory Committee in the capitol of the Hawkeye State,” said Dr. Paul’s political director Jesse Benton. “We are also extremely proud to enjoy the support and leadership of Drew Ivers, David Fischer and A.J. Spiker. All three men are pillars of their communities and leaders of the Republican Party and will be tremendous assets as Dr. Paul makes his final decision about the 2012 Presidential campaign.”

  • Michael

    I would vote for Ron Paul for president even though I understand that he hasn’t got a chance. His stance on 9/11 in saying that it was caused by American presence on the Arabian peninsula is simply not acceptable to most voters. Even though it’s the straight truth. Bin Laden also said as much. Ron Paul just knows that what goes around comes around and he’s not afraid of saying it.

    He didn’t say that 9/11 was an inside job. His detractors took his words and twisted them. He simply said that the Bush2 regime probably used 9/11 for an excuse to attack Iraq.

    Besides that, his stance on ending the wars is not acceptable to American voters even though it’s right on the money.

    • Backbiter

      Can you just see the ads run by his opponents? Ron Paul wants to take away your SS checks and pension checks. He will most certainly lose the senior vote and all who are near retirement. We have been spoon fed by the government for so long it will be almost impossible to break the addiction. Every govt. dept. he wants to do away with will just add to voter dissention. I don’t see how he can overcome these things….


      • tj

        he overcomes these things because freedom will reign in america once again…the rasmssen poll a year ago was no fluke….people are ready to vote for freedom now more than ever

        • Backbiter

          That sounds real good but doesn’t change the hard facts…

  • Paul

    Then I guess we’d better figure out how to overwhelm those organizations, those people who are actually backbiters, not just those who are rightly pointing out where the flaws are. How do we do that?

    • Backbiter

      They are extremely powerful and have existed through many presidents. I’m sorry to sound so negative but I’m 60 years old and I’ve seen alot of politics

      • Paul

        I understand what you’re saying, and I don’t disagree with you, but power is not, necessarily, the end-all and be-all of political influence. I guess my hope is that someone with a lot more brain power than I have can devise a strategy, and the tactics to accomplish it, to overcome that power. Perhaps it’s not a matter of overcoming it, but even undermining it may work.

  • Backbiter

    As much as I am going to vote for RP he will never be allowed to be president. They’ll find a way for him to lose at the convention and even if he wins the nomination the elections will be rigged so he loses. Big government, the Federal Reserve, the military complex will never allow it.

  • Paul

    Doc… in 2008 I was swept up in the fervor that came with “Mr. Change”, and I have regretted, very desperately -being unemployed now since September due to the changing economy-, my vote since that time.

    If you decide that the plumb is right, and do decide to run, you will have my vote hands down. Everyone else was a clown back then, and that’s been proven true by this hokey President we have, now, and everyone else is a clown this time. I am nearly 40 years old, and my shame deepens on this nation -in particular, our government- each day. I don’t know where my family and I will be next week, but I’m staring the maw of financial ruin -when we didn’t have that much to begin with, except each other- square in the jaws, and I know we need to withdraw our claws from the rest of the world until we can get ourselves straight.

    For the record, I’m not looking for another savior, I already have One, so that pressure is off; however, if you could bring some common sense back to Washington, and you can growl loudly enough, I will do all in my very limited power to help you.

    Thank you.

  • So excited by this news! You have my vote (and had it in 2008)

    RON PAUL 2012!

    • raychel

      yay! me too Diana doing the happy dance as I type this!