Ron Paul: People Will Panic out of the Dollar

Date: 04/27/2011

  • MiloDaemon

    Okay, I’ve got a suggestion. One television / radio program that everyone has to watch where there’s Ron Paul explaining people how economics work. Because it’s quite clear that many people don’t.


  • mccoya2

    I love it – somebody talking sense. I not american but PLEASE vote this man into power. The world needs him!

  • lilsm555

    if he doesnt become the president or nominated im giving up on this country.

  • anonymootle

    This woman is dumb as hell. She’s basically sticking up for the fed yet i believe she has no clue about the fed…

  • rtljmc

    the minute he said 1971 her face just look like she had a stroke. god forbid anything happened before this bitch was born

  • GreatInca

    If Ron Paul abolishes the fed, he has to make sure the states don’t all create their own state-level central banks that print more money and create more inflation than the national central bank.

  • TheHigherVoltage

    Candidates have been running on platforms of transparency and governmental reform since the first government was formed…and none have ever made good on their promises.

  • MrResisting

    why is it nearly every interviewer comes across like a dunce when ron’s on. they look so vacant!!

  • chrisashton95


  • therightchanges

    Ron gets 3 votes from this family.

  • DirtyCodingHabitz

    Fuck yea! Ron Paul just keeps uploading videos for 2 days :).

  • PostToastie

    hahaha, 3 on 1 and the treasonous little bitches couldn’t say a damn thing.

  • PostToastie

    Abolish The Federal Reserve ! ! !

  • zg76

    nice one!

  • ZoneTelevision

    God Bless You Ron Paul ! 2012.
    6 votes from family here !

  • hazballs09

    The value of the US dollar is only as good as people’s trust and faith in the US government. And those levels are not sitting highly right now.

  • depomb

    Even if he doesn’t get the nomination, write him in!!

  • randyb12

    end the wars

  • GMGvanS

    Ron Paul aka. Our Last Hope.

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • hellsunicorn

    It is my hope that Paul will prevail and hold both Bernanke and the other FED crooks accountable for what they’ve done to this country. I’d also like to see Obama and Bush as cell mates in federal prison for the unconstitutional wars they’ve started, but I’ll settle for the country getting back on the proper economic track for now.