Ron Paul: People Will Panic out of the Dollar

Date: 04/27/2011

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  • GhostRecon756

    In Soviet Russia you rob bank, in Capitalist America bank robs you!

  • America is blind. America is doomed.

  • If people LISTEN to what he says, people will have no other choose but to accept his ideas. HOWEVER, people just vote based on race and how the candidates are portrayed by the media….

  • … America will never accept ron Paul’s ideas. They’re too whacky. You know who else doesn’t accept Ron Paul’s ideas? The Republican Party.

  • MrSzalasiFerenc

    It is so simple just require some balls to do it. Take the control of your money out from the Zionist Jews hand and you are on the right track to be free.

  • bnfox

    hey honey – just sit there and look pretty while the smart man talks…

  • runned

    Worldnewsbbc1 I don’t think Paul or anyone is assuming there won’t be short term rallies in the dollar as well as profit takers on gold and oil, I am sure he’s speaking long term

  • worldnewsbbc1

    The dollar is stronger against the Euro and Pound since this video was made Oil, Corn, Gold, Silver, all down since this video was made. So much for the dollar collapse.

  • tpstrat14

    u know what? I’m kind of suspicious that this guy hasn’t been assassinated yet. What with transparency of the fed…. how does that NOT get you shot?

  • ItsNotShake

    i feel sory for you americans, you are just your govenments slave thats why your all broke nigga

  • KH

    Look at Ex-GOLDman Sachs executive Bernie with the shit eating grin as Dr. Paul talks. Bernie is a front man for the international money-changers.

    US foreign policy is dominated by moneychanging zionists.

  • tropical481

    Get rid of money period and support the Zeitgeist Movement and help create real social change.

  • mrselfdestruct23

    The Federal Reserve, an institution that made money, currency out of absolutley nothing, then loaned it out to the US government but to be paid back with tacked on interest. A debt that has been imposed so huge that it is impossible to pay back. We got close to balancing the budget during the Clinton years, but the Bush administration and their gross spending has just sent us plummeting. Great view from Paul, but here in America- the things that make sense will always be vetoed.

  • msungs

    America has cancer and needs a Doctor…Ron Paul for President 2012. Ron Paul has been sounding the alarm about the Federal Reserve as “Federal” as Federal Express and their inflationary practices for at least 30 years. The man is a modern day Founding Father. If elected or even if he gets close he will be assassinated much like President Kennedy (our last real President) was when he tried to put an end to the Federal Reserve private bank with Executive Order 11110 and Vietnam. I left the USSA

  • jmlicari

    Once people realize how the mainstream media controls everyone’s thinking, when you watch a clip like this it’s so transparent.

  • numba1stunna4269

    Ron Paul – WINNING!!!

  • LetsgetphysicalAg


  • HK379

    they photoshoped his picture in this video …

  • stpthreat1

    I just can’t wait until the Doctor is in the house ; ))

    Go get em Dr. Ron Paul!!