Ron Paul: Why I Want To Be President

Date: 04/26/2011

  • yourtube20061

    RP always feels like such a breath of fresh air, giving simple, consistent libertarian ideas. so different from the politicians and experts which are normally touted on the channels. will US sheeple understand him this time ?

  • Theitisme400

    unfortunately, because of the idiots running the world, people like Ron Paul tend to get a bullet to the head which usually shuts them up pretty well…..


  • bj373

    if americans dont vote this guy in im just giving up on you guys.

  • yourtube20061

    Neo-cons,RINOs and Progressive Liberals probably all see Constitution as cuntstitution.

  • PaleRider626


  • puttefnask

    I salute you Ron Paul.
    Here is one of my many favorite Ron Paul moments of 08
    PS! It’s when he owns Huckabee when debating the “war”.


    I’ve never voted ONCE in my eligibility to vote (since 2005)—but if R.Paul does indeed announce his candidacy, and he seriously hits the runnings—I will b-line my ass straight into a voter’s booth. I’m amazed at this guy’s goals, and I’d love to give him the chance to see what he could do in a term (or two!?)

  • gassys84

    I love to see USiA open their eyes, and adapt the freedom once again in their country. It will help not only them, but all of us, which live in the country, where USiA is treated as an example (like some EU countries)….

    GOOD LUCK Ron Paul, Sir.
    gassy from Poland

  • ostric145


  • 40oz2coolidge

    Ron Paul = Liberty

  • TrojanMike60

    God damn I love Ron Paul.

  • thejobloshow


  • LoCoLebanese

    i like this man.. i hope he wins but if he does that will be weird, because then he might be a apart of the NWO, other wise they wont let him win!!

  • derekstaroba

    nice comment at 4:01 the measure of man is not determined by what he will do but by what he won’t do.


    I want to vote for him, but I can’t I’m from Spain, I remember when Bush bush got reelected there was a Global poll and if all the planet would have been allowed to vote he only would have got 5 percent of approval!!!!!!!

  • Chobitsx3

    im in the UK but I want you to win Ron Paul , but please have alot of security around you

  • 999silverhk

    Dr Ron Paul, you earn my respect!!! 2012 President

  • ivangelism

    Yes. F*ck yeah. And this is coming from a Malaysian.

  • rubyslippersebels

    vote for freedom, vote for ron paul

  • Sonnedude

    We need this man