Ron Paul: Why I Want To Be President

Date: 04/26/2011

  • Radhakrishnan

    I am an independent voter. Ron Paul is the only candidate who appeals to me. The rest of the GOP potentials suck. Prez Obama has disappointed me on many fronts. I will volunteer for your campaign Ron Paul.

  • hautestyle

    Ron Paul….you are IT. You are literally the ONLY man for the job of being President. I have never seen anyone close to your common sense logical principled approach to life, morals, and government. I think you could EASILY win but unfortunately Satan is on the loose. I still have faith and hope you will win this and if you do the world will CHANGE for the BEST!


  • ayocisc0

    sucks knowing this guy’s never gonna win, knowing how corrupt the government is even if he does get elected they’ll rig votes and shit

  • Trimbler00

    We are going to get this guy elected in 2012. Time to take it to the streets.

  • foxoftheswamp


  • vandalfan5816

    We need more men of character like Ron Paul in our government. He is naturally intelligent, however, does not try to wow you with his smarts, with ideas that stem from accessible foundations. There are no agendas to sort through with this man. It has always been apparent his motives are purely to serve America and its people for the very reasons this country was founded upon. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.

  • Tell me something:

    How can a man who boasts of a pseudo science, “Austrian economics,” which not only advocates banking, but even *elevated rates of interest* (purportedly to discourage “excessive borrowing”)… how can the preposterous idea of “competing currencies” (all subject to interest) or “competing banks” (all imposing interest while they no more than publish evidence of our promissory obligations to each other)… how can these preposterous (ever unqualified) notions save us from an obfuscation of the currency which inherently, irreversibly, and therefore terminally multiplies artificial indebtedness in proportion to industrial capacity to service debt (as we are forced to borrow interest and principal back into circulation as an ever increasing sum of debt)… how can this possibly solve the issues before us, or save us therefore from no more than artificial, terminal failure?

    The stupidity of this notion is that “ending the Fed” is actually *to preserve* its crime against us!

    Why won’t Ron Paul himself debate this issue if he is so right?

    Why can’t you explain otherwise, if you indeed understand how he could possibly serve us?

    What could be more irrelevant than “auditing the Fed,” when we could have had solution a long, long time ago, if it weren’t for the persistence of this stupidity?


    • Keith Cunningham

      A perfect example of ignorance.

    • Evan R

      Please explain to me why, if the users of this site are such retards, you are using words that retards obviously wouldn’t understand to communicate with them? Either you believe them capable of understanding which contradicts your claim that they are retards, or you are just attempting to make yourself seem intelligent and aren’t actually trying to inform people or spread worthwhile information.

  • CACBoi314

    this guy is a really really good guy. he seems to know what hes talking about and everything he says sounds fluid rather than forced to make ppl like him

  • Machine2063

    There’s HOPE! RON PAUL! Need leader with integrity!REAL hope/REAL change!RON PAUL brings back real leadership,inspirational image of our founding principles that makes US great!Brings success and sound economics back!Bring international cooperation/peace,WE NEED RON PAUL!One way or another,no accounting trick can escape the realities Ron Paul has been saying for years!We need hard work,family values,dedication,strong national defense,leading forefront of strong economy,achievement,success!

  • Machine2063

    Obama=FAILURE,BANKRUPTCY,blame game,status quo!People SEE only says what want hear!Costly same war expansion,same tactics got into economic mess!New jobs?Energy/transportation/living/food/housing/education costs INFLATING!Obama printing dollar for all good idea?ACCOUNTING TRICKS!LIES!Also defund programs ie NASA, FRACTION cost his welfare programs…great presidents ie Kennedy was source international pride,but Obama special interest/entitlement programs continue sink US into abysmal mediocrity!

  • JB89iMPACT

    I’m all for Ron Paul being president but i think the death of bin laden most likely will get Obama a second term.


    Donate to Ron Paul’s Debate Day Money Bomb Tomorrow!!! RonPaul2012[dot]com

  • tballz420

    Don’t let the TV tell you he can’t win. The media has an interest in keeping the status quo, whether represented by republicans or democrats. They will tell you Ron Paul has no chance to win. Think for yourself. Our generation’s future depends on it.

  • ih8suvz

    I’m voting for that guy.

  • Amino2

    In an ideal world Ron Paul would be president, but the sad fact is that the news of capturing Osama right before the election gives Obama a possible 4 more years, just like Bush capturing Saddam under false pretenses to win the election.

    The really sad thing here is some of the public realizes the truth when it’s too late. Thankfully there’s the internet and a lot of intellectual people with open minds who want to learn the truth.

    • Emily

      I respectfully disagree. With more than a year before the election, and so many domestic issues being such a hot mess, not to mention bin Laden really being a non-entity (in terms of attacks or videos or whatever) over the past few years, I think that the celebration will end and people will be focused on what comes next by the time the election cycle starts getting serious.

  • trillz518

    Beginning should be a commercial

  • MegaMollymollymolly


  • deb

    A huge Ron Paul supporter here and excited to see him as a possible candidate on the presidential ballot. I believe in most of his stance on issues, however, he seems to be changing his ideas on immigration and our borders, which is scary. Will be following with great interest his words on this subject.

  • Tony2010able1

    he has my vote when he is asked a question he gives a straight answer popular or not, none of the usual politician double speak. I think the man is the real deal and if elected would do his best to fulfill any promises made.

  • deficithawker

    Ron Paul does not understand Austrian economics. Here is a director quote from Hayek that appeared in a letter to a London newspaper in 1932:

    “No one thinks that deflation is in itself desirable.”

    Ron Paul has said many times that deflation is in itself desirable. He said exatly that in the first hearing he held as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

    Google this phrase: “No one thinks that deflation is in itself desirable.” +hayek

    • g

      perhaps he was referring to disinflation