Ron Paul: Why I Want To Be President

Date: 04/26/2011

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  • POLAK1Nysa

    I hope this man wins. USA can fnally stop being a terrorist state.

  • AmRonPaulian

    Time of American Spring. Vote Ron Paul 2012!


  • vladimirobamaosama

    Should the President and Government be right up in your life. Or should they be out of it?

  • katnap72

    My observation: RP supporters are labeled as terrorists or a potential threat according to the DOHS.
    I don’t see RP followers walking around in full body armor with tactical weapons.
    What ever happened to the American traditional values?

  • erelpc

    Can he beat Obama?

  • I spend time in his district and in NY, and have put up a blog in support of a 2012 run. Check it out and if anyone wants to post on it in support of him, send the text to me at with some info about yourself and I’ll be happy to put it up there.

  • noequalusername

    mr president ron paul .

  • ztroilo


  • GreedX23

    Utah for Ron Paul!


    I Ron Paul becomes president for Illinois , and America , i will. Host 10 free challenge lobbies for xbox, mw2,cod4,waw, and blackops , and lvl 100 and all gold guns on gears of war!!!!!!


    Illinois Ron Paul!!!

  • JagdtygerII

    IF you are for the Constitution, Individual Liberty and Citizen Rights, then you better vote for Ron Paul and true TEA Party and LIbertarian Candidates in 2012.

    Failure to do this, means the end of the Constitutional Republic called the United States and the Freedom we enjoy.

    Get out and vote and get your friends and Family out to vote for Ron Paul

  • katnap72

    YouTube: Clint Curtis–The Million Dollar Programmer.

    Make your vote count, don’t use a voter machine!

    Demand secure voting!!



  • MaryJewWanna1

    MAKE SURE YOU VOTE BY HAND NO COMPUTERS BECAUSE OF TOO MANY TWEAKS AND HACKS !!!!! he must win if not were better off in a third world country

  • MaryJewWanna1

    ILLINOIS FOR RON PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaryJewWanna1

    PAUL IS AS REAL AS THEY GET you must be a moron with no brain if you deny him

  • chriswest1973


  • airtobreathe

    This interview just takes my breath away… we need to vote for this guy already!

  • gianttroll1