Ron Paul: Both Parties Have Driven America into Bankruptcy

Date: 04/27/2011

  • rctube1958

    In 2008, the Democrats were bold enough to select a candidate who just 4 years earlier would not have been given a chance. However, Democrats recognized that serious change was needed and selected a black man with a muslim name to run — and he won!
    Can the Republicans be as bold and select a constitutionalist, a man who believes in American values of freedom and liberty. Can the Republicans select Ron Paul?
    Do Republicans have any American constitutional balls left?
    Can they be as bold as Dems?


  • MrFunkymunk21

    Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan= Barack Obama to Ron Paul!

  • therightchanges

    Ron is the man.

  • bossduff

    Dylan knows the right ?’s to ask. He knows what’s coming.

  • tangledweb79

    When he speaks I hear Charlie Brown’s teacher.

  • 33ItHappens

    That was a great interview!

  • muckypup1975

    in 2008 my father told me i was crazy for supporting Ron Paul. now he tells me i was right and he was wrong. makes me happy knowing that i helped him see the light.

  • thejobloshow

    I remember when the commentators laughed when they mentioned Ron Paul’s name. He’s got a little credibility now the country has gone to shit.

  • eurohim

    When the dollar is dying and the economy is in the tank, it would be silly for people to decide their vote on someone’s view on abortion.

    • tj

      …this is so true…especially when given the fact that since 1976, the country has had 20 out of 35 years with a pro-life President…and abortion is still legal…at best, ron paul will stop funding abortions…but, lol…he will try to stop funding everything except defense…and even here, he will cut…

  • twinfk

    I’m Canadian and I LOVE Ron Paul.

    From the outside looking in at US politics….he (by far) is the only ethical person in Congress!

  • CelticMusician71

    Please American, vote for Ron Paul and any other individuals like him (if they exist) for Congress.

  • StanwoodSpartans

    Print more money its fine, dont worry, its fine.

    Heres more money. But where did it come from?

    It doesnt matter, its fine.

  • CliveSinclairZX

    All I hear from Ben is “Blahblahblahblahblah”


  • danielzopola

    Dylan Ratigan must be a quiet Ron Paul supporter.

  • garrethdavis

    haha I love how he laughs at Trump

  • garrethdavis

    Ron Paul, the only honest one for 2012

  • ufcfight420

    I would vote for Ron Paul if Im American , Fed creating big problems for the entire world’s economy.

  • lillybart123

    I love Ron Paul. He is the only presidential canidate worth supporting!

  • ThorkilKowalski

    I am positively surprised that MSNBC actually have a commentator who can interview a non-socialist respectfully.

    Oh, btw.: Ron Paul 2012!

  • moscarellimichele

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!