Ron Paul: Both Parties Have Driven America into Bankruptcy

Date: 04/27/2011

  • nuggz503

    Im going to invest in the Peso b/c soon that will be worth more than the Dollar.

    Down with Bernanke up with Ron Paul!!!


  • waterchildtera

    WOW someone who gets it !

  • texasB666

    Vote on Ron Paul already, you Americans. I’m from Belgium and i would vote on him.

  • Rick Weinle

    Say’s Law tells us production is the means for the demand of goods and services.

    Gold coins (money) is the medium of exchange that consumers use to trade their production for the production of others.

    When the State melts 1000 gold coins adds tin and mints 2000 (prints money) debased gold coins the illusion of additional demand exists as the State uses these coins to trade for production.

    There is no added production!

    Those who accept the debased gold coins soon find insufficient production to trade for their gold coins (money).

    Since more coins exist without additional production one will exchange (trade) more coin for production.

    The illusion of additional demand (more coins, money) is the cause of the rising exchange value of production for coin (inflation).

    Some of the value of one’s production (wealth) is stolen by the State as it trades coin(money) for production before the exchange value has as adjusted!

    Say’s Law has always been the refutation of the Fed!

  • katydig

    So Congress wants money, the Treasury sells bonds to the Fed, the Fed prints money to buy the bonds, the Fed charges the government interest on the money it printed out of thin air … WTF?!?! Why doesn’t the government just print its own damn money? That too is a mistake, but I’m just pointing out that it’s even more immoral for the Fed to have that power.

  • jacobosmak

    I like what he says i like him personally I like his children (entire family of doctors) who do you want in Office? Wallstreet? or doctors? hmmm tuff call… im going to vote for doctors.

  • plodej

    This man needs to be the next President of the United States IF this country has any chance of surviving.

  • Lasse3030

    inflation of the money supply does NOT autmatically create price inflation, in fact more units of currency are completely necessary in a economy that is truly growing.that being said, inflatoin of the money supply when the economy is and has been SHRINKING for several years is what leads to total devaluation of the dollar…

    • tj

      you are almost correct…however, more units of currency are not completely necessary in a growing economy….if currency remains the same and production rises, the value of the currency will rise and prices will decline…once again, we do not need central planners deciding what or how much currency should be…the invisible hand of laisseze-faire free market capitalism will suffice…tj

  • Lasse3030

    “saving our economy” includes propping up the big banks and wallstreet as opposed to letting some of them fail, going through short term pain and instead, investing the money towards bringing back real jobs to USA from CHina India Bangladesh etc. fuck CHina india and bangledesh, fuck them, big crporations have ruined america, they have no alegiance to state, they are ghost entities like the big brokerages and finacnial firms who

  • JamesBlakeWilliams

    Go Dr. Paul!

  • hmfmi

    Must register as a Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the primary in your state if you want to see him run against Obama in 2012, otherwise, it’ll be Trump who’s gone bankrupt 11 times or so and made his money off the crony system and who’s biggest issue is Obama’s birth certificate?, or Romney who instituted universal healthcare in Massachusetts and is owned by pharmaceutical companies… meaning, universal healthcare wont be challenged. And lets not forget Romney is all for bombing Iran

  • zardcat1111

    Notice how Ron doesn’t pause and talks really fast without saying “Uhhh” “Ummm” like Obama and Bush. The last two Presidents had to use the right words to cover their bullshit, Ron Paul can talk as fast as he wants because his ideas are concrete in his mind and doesn’t sugar coat anything.

    • tj

      so true…and it is an important defense of his character…he will be accused of being too old for the presidency…yet, we all know his mind is so much sharper than the dim-witted ivy leaguer who says um so often

  • zardcat1111

    Wow… Ben is just begging China to stop accepting any U.S currency.

  • cbr6864

    so basically his plan is PRINT and PRAY

  • NCIcaucus

    What a sack of lies from Berneke! END THE DAMN FED AND RETURN TO SOUND MONEY!

  • hughoc

    Ron Paul, if I had a vote he’d be my man

  • 247websolutions

    Awesome interview! It’s great to finally see Ron Paul getting the respect and recognition that he deserves.

  • jbster7777

    The Rules is the Constitution will keep things in control. Congress should print money that is backed by gold for the people by the people! Also if Ron Paul does not win the Presidency I’m putting all my cash that day into gold and silver because we are completely screwed!

  • jbster7777

    The Rules is the Constitution will keep things in control. Congress should print money that is backed by gold for the people by the people!

  • Gioxtream


    RON PAUL in 2012