Ron Paul: Wars Are Harmful And Costly And Ultimately Bring Down Empires!

Date: 04/28/2011

  • sancalls

    Ron Paul rocks, elect this man as president!


  • JDLUTZ2007

    The more the media tries to discredit Ron Paul and dismiss him, they more they will lose credibility, as he has been accurate, honest, and consistent for many years. They can only call him a loon so many times before they start to look like the real loons themselves.

  • platanaso1982

    being the answer America needs right now. I admire your interest for politics. Many people are in a trance when it comes to these IMPORTANT issues. They think its boring “redderick”..

  • TameFan

    war! war never changes!

  • XsamwiseX45

    Beans and Bullets cost money , but if you bring the troops home, more of their check will be spent in country, do it all at once and you get a new baby boom

  • PostToastie

    Screw Soetoro in 1012 !

  • lstdy

    They say that Bernake is paying attention because the Republicans are in power. No! He’s paying attention because the American people are waking up and realizing they’ve been cheated. It’s the American people who will change the government, certainly not the republican party.

  • muckypup1975

    there are two types of people in this world. those with brains, and they are the ones that would and will vote for Ron Paul. then there are those who will contiune to be blinded by party line bullshit being spoon feed by people like Cenk,Hannity,Maddow and Beck. these are the people i fear and the reason i own a gun. i

  • DennyDucet

    We have to inform all our friends and FORWARD ALL VIDEOS to others. We must spread the word of liberty and preach Ron Paul 24/7.

  • JoeyPencils

    They try to dismiss him everytime…do they think we don’t know that he is a growing force?


    These two seem cute and clueless. I think Mr. Paul needs to take “hip” lessons from his son and speak to the target audience in a way they can understand.
    God bless Ron Paul.

  • RedOnyxProductions

    Ron Paul is the true conservative! It is time to “Restore America Now!”

  • LibertarianChristian

    Ron Paul has had heaps of positive media plugs in the past few days…. I was really excited, but actually starting to get suspicious… lol.

  • therightchanges

    Ron Paul is the last hope for America.

  • hazballs09

    “Wars, always, are harmful and costly, and ultimately they bring down empires, and that’s what we’re on the verge of.”
    -Dr. Paul

  • LongLiveOx

    In the same way that the CIA creates fake businesses to cover up their misdeeds, MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, and numerous other television stations are TOTAL CIA fronts. People need to realize this. I’ll say it again: MANY OF THE T.V. STATIONS THAT YOU WATCH, AMERICANS, ARE COMPLETE CIA INSTALLATIONS. MANY OF THE NEWS ANCHORS THAT YOU SEE ARE ACTORS. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES TO THIS.

  • seantbird09

    Ron Paul, if elected, will be like another JFK…please walk around in a bulletproof suit.

  • jcost2012

    The tea party

  • ha38bb1

    Keep it up Ron! Love ya!

  • KpopManiacSFL

    Ron Paul for 2012!! This will be a slap in the face for the spending and warmongering democrat and republicans!