Ron Paul: Wars Are Harmful And Costly And Ultimately Bring Down Empires!

Date: 04/28/2011


    War for their profits, and our Debt.

  • gnayler

    you are the one fear mongering saying if we don’t establish a one world government we will all be dying of starvation and dehydration in 50 years; talk about hyperbole. Quit wanking and start actually doing something, get off your arse and start solving problems, coming up with solutions, and actually working to make the world better. I’ve got news for you, your Utopian fantasy world is untenable, there will always be problems in the world, but there might be less if you did something

  • gnayler

    “One world government =no war, harmony with nature, and progress in general, instead of straight up greed, we’ll all be working to better humanity, because we won’t be in competition anymore. We can do what is best for the world and actually make peace with the others living among us.” Your Utopian fantasy is ridiculous, why not quit whining that we need one world government and start actually doing something to promote peace, help people live in harmony with nature, and progress in general?

  • ostric145

    This man MUST be the president or else freedom is lost.

  • ManRacket

    A message to all neocons: “Prepare to reap the whirlwind, gentlemen!”

  • swift562
  • MrDeppness

    Woo!!! Ron Paul is on a media storm. This is EPIC!!!!!


    The entire field of mainstream economy is corrupted and has been corrupted by FIAT money issued by the FED. They are co-opted and will never stand to oppose the destructive effects of their puppet masters. Ron Paul is principled individual, a sort of enlighten figure that appear once a generation to awaken slumbering mass of soulless body wandering into the miasma of ignorance and misinformation. I thank him for my own personal awakening: Thanks Ron!

  • Jason

    Hey, what do you guys think about “Ron Paul or Bust” as a new slogan for his campaign? It can be interpreted two ways, as the country busting if he doesn’t get elected, or as us busting trying to get him elected.

  • continuityofliberty

    Fuck the Tea Party.

    The so-called Tea Party isn’t the Tea Party anymore, but the original “Tea Partiers” are still here, we’re still aware, and we’ll still vote in our primaries for Ron Paul.

    If he doesn’t get the nomination and the Presidency this country is toast – it may be toast even if he does win.

    Ron Paul or Bust – Literally!

  • dnaak

    The best man for President of the US right here.

  • jdetuncq
  • jacobosmak

    lol obama dilikes this video

  • calmingspeed

    Ron Paul and Michael Scheuer for the oval office

  • jacobosmak

    first they attack you 1988, then they laugh at you 2008, then you win 2012!

  • Boeing727223

    Ron Paul, the REAL Hope and Change!

  • ToxinalX

    He’s recent interviews are good, but if he’ gonna be able to run against obama he will have to slow them down a bit so that he doesn’t just come off as a whiner.

  • russianlegionaire

    As far as i am concern he is My President, the only politician i see as being fit to run Our country. Legitimately or not, he is Mr. President in my eyes.

  • cobrajitsu

    Can’t the talking heads stop interrupting my President???

  • sinitskyd

    we need to have more wars to boost the economy. also, we can also spread democracy around the world. justice and corporate socialism will ultimately prevail.