Ron Paul: Wars Are Harmful And Costly And Ultimately Bring Down Empires!

Date: 04/28/2011

  • Downfacingdog

    Tea Party Inc. End the Fed…you dead! RIP JFK.


  • RashadzMcCantz

    David Rockefeller and George Soros dislike this

  • qortin

    jesus christ in the end he surely roped in 2 other ron paul fans… they were in awe at his articulation of the problem

  • ChrisPCrunchy

    Ron Paul is the Chuck Noris of the political world.

  • dskillz1

    2 people like their chains.

  • vidmanx0

    The tea party was founded by Ron Paul supporters and was hijacked by Fox News and Sarah Palin because they saw it as a threat to the Republican establishment.

    The tea party is now a joke and they almost deserve the crazy racist claims being made by easily-lead, retarded Liberals.

  • Michael

    It would be great to see Ron Paul win even though he doesn’t stand a chance. The voters are not for ending wars and they’re not with Ron on the fact that America had it coming on 9/11 because of it’s presence on the Arabian peninsula. Ron is way ahead of his time. I would support him 100%!

  • Fem

    Thank you Dr Ron Paul for ALLOWING the public to learn about economy and monetary issues, at least some of what you know, and in a clear way. And thanks for your effort to improve the mess we are in, which seems to have accumulated over many decades of reckless behavior and ignorance. Not everyone has been that reckless, yet we are paying a heavy price for that.

    A better economic system is a must, everyone knows there are tough problems though don’t quite know why. The violence has to stop so that people can interact in real time rather than through the media.

    I think!

  • NaturalGroundation


  • Ryance85


  • pwnfilm


  • Maziyar

    I love his reactions to the media.

    puts on honest face on the television set.

  • NCIcaucus

    Run Ron RUN!!

  • BorgKing001

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win the republican primary then i’m voting for Trump, the US deserves that ass clown

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Paul looks like an autistic hobbit that pooped his pants.

  • tj

    Yes, Ron Paul or Bust!

    Start calling national and local talk shows. Here we are preaching to the choir. FRiday is open line on Rush’s show. Tomorrow, there will be a guest host. Please call 1 800 282 2882 and express your calm, rational, intelligent support for our next President of the USA…Dr Ron PAul.

    Lower taxes, lower regulations, lower spending…and a stronger national defense…protecting our borders by bringing those troops home…and cutting some military spending too…and he has the history to back up these claims….

    Ron Paul or Bust in 2012

  • 3rdEchel0n

    LOL. When he said shenanigans I thought he was about to say “The shit that goes on.”

    Go Ron Go.

  • waterchildtera

    we need to stop our participation in all wars abroad
    and finish the one removing all these bad politicization !

    vote for RON PAUL and protect him !
    remember JFK !

  • elricmlbone

    Unbelievable the media coverage Paul is getting. Especially since the talking heads are even giving him some respect, (except that arrogant douche bag, Spitzer) Even the fluff on The View were agreeing with him, I almost fell of my chair. We need to keep up the momentum.If we don’t then we get another rino or neocon.

  • pollo1970

    Ben Bernake and his mother dislike this video.