Ron Paul Revolution 2012

Date: 04/28/2011

  • rx327prime

    Obama will never debate with obama, just because everydoby will see how obama is blur and fake.
    In france when “Jean marie lepen” won the first election, “Jacques Chirac” refused to debate with him, he brokes the tradition, why ?
    You’ll see.

  • rogaczysko

    …but didint had time to be able to.

    What do you want to understand? What attack? You mean destroying socialistic party?

  • rogaczysko

    stupidity which comes from people. Overwhelming amount of pople have certain ideas which they heard or saw in TV. And TV is rulled bmy politicians, everywhere. You wont hear anything thoughtfull, thought provoking, >normal< in television. Seems to me that whole European civilisation is falling. By the way, I wanted to ask you - what do you think aboute foreigners that wants to learn your language? (french, is it?). I think its a beautiful language and I always wanted to study it but...

  • rickyp17


  • rx327prime

    Ron paul est le seul candidat contre l’Empire.
    Ron Paul is the only candidat against the Empire.

  • rx327prime

    Il faut que tous les americains se reveillent et vote pour Ron Paul, il veut arreter immediatement toutes les guerres dans lesquelles sont impliqué les etats unis, il veut fermer la FED et redonner le pouvoir de la monnaie voler au peuple
    comme en france en 73, il veut redonner le pouvoir au americains, ce type est exellent et est veritablement porté par les americains

    Je suis attentif aux médias francais a son sujet, les medias mentent et ne veulent pas que le peuple francais decouvre ron paul

  • rx327prime

    I’m french and I beg you to vote for Ron Paul !


  • rogaczysko

    Hey,I’m from Poland and we have the same situation in here. We have only one polititian whos telling the truth and who wants things to be truly right but he has very low support nd people dont want to believe that he can do it, despite that they believe at him.

    I have an advice for you ameican – Democracy gives you freedom to choose becouse in 1st round, you can vote for anybody you like and in the second round – you vote for lower evil. Remamber that and profess what you believe is true. GL!

  • cptmuska

    nice comment by the young man. at about 8 mins

  • apokradical

    May 5th Money Bomb!!!!!!!

  • jamestargetedindiv

    Closely listen to an Inception dvd made prior to the January 8th Tucson shooting, especially during the dialogue, “Do It.”

  • MegaMollymollymolly

    you dont have to know NLP for this to not affect you. 869 people like this video but that doesnt mean they all know NLP. its just good to keep it handy. remember. everybody is not vulnerable to NLP hence 869 likes lol.

  • MegaMollymollymolly

    another thing is when he said “libertarians say government is too big” he has this tiny book of the bill of rights. what he’s doing there is anchoring. which means hes placing into you the viewers subconscious the idea that the government is not big and that its in fact small, as small as that tiny book of the bill of rights. but he does this on a subconscious level so the average person thats not awake will not notice it.

  • MegaMollymollymolly

    wouldnt assure the customers safety or organization thus making the viewer think the government is needed for safety. straight up manipulation. he response to that well though. then with the poison tuna and how the government would keep the food safe. all in all hes just trying to make it seem like we need the government for safety and that we wont be safe with out them. straight up NLP.

  • MegaMollymollymolly

    there’s so much mind control going on in this interview. First he ask ron paul “you THINK people are waking up” trying to impose that ron paul is unsure or lacking self confidence thus making the viewer think if ron paul cant believe in himself then why should I the viewer. ron paul fails at this one saying yes he does think lol. then the guy says quoting “the airlines dont wanna kill there customers”. that is just bogus. now hes trying to make it seem like privately regulating an airport…

  • romnrolson24s


  • ConLocJeezy

    of the quality of this video is the same as the quality of the Paul campaign, then there is a lot of work that must be done.

  • DarthIncubuss

    Every-One in the USA needs to Write Ron Paul on their 2012 Ballet

  • zammap

    what’s up with fake obama’s voice ?!?!? O_O


    Jesse ventura made a tv show called conspiracy theorie.
    Isnt that fail enough?