Ron Paul Revolution 2012

Date: 04/28/2011

  • LordKaisen

    Lol if private comps replace the TSA, they will be discriminatory. Not racially but they’ll do things that will make your skin crawl.

  • JMB1787
  • sharka69

    Thanks for the upload. Very interesting!

  • juicejon1

    1000th like

  • JuliusCaesar1914

    Better Ron than the current Red in office.

    Life long Republican now Libertarian.

  • TheNewBorn230

    is that actually barrack obama?

  • Freedomloveandtruth

    Alex Jones warns about the a potential false flag attack. Counter-terrorism

    expert Dr. Steve Pieczenik concurs with Alex’s outlook, urges the good men and

    women inside the system to say no to this shameful and dangerous tactic artice

    on InfoWarsDOTCOM

  • JMB1787


  • coolaidsgac

    i know Ron Paul’s trying to get his message out … i just wonder why he has to go on John Stossel’s show. what a political sideshow. and man, especially the debating a fake Obama. i’d leave the show if i had to do this crap. it’s so ….. stupid. probably one of the biggest patronized shows i’ve ever seen …….

  • bwild61

    Now is the time for change. Now is the time for Ron Paul.

  • WMisiedjanTech

    But HE didn’t catch Osama Binladen!

  • Mastergallia
  • W2n1dowsx

    Who hired David Corn? He is not to be trusted. Always someone like Corn worshipping their god of government.

  • optimusmaximus

    Ron Paul is pro-liberty and needs the support of Americans to get elected president.

  • UKBreakz

    A Man for the People and not himself like most in office…and this man Wouldn’t be can see that!! He speaks from his Soul & Spirit!!

  • andrewjefferson1776

    Chris “Slimeball” Matthews loves being a slave.

  • jpstephens2012

    There’s only 1 candidate for 2012. You’re it!


    is this a recent video

  • recticuli

    Chris Matthews has always been a jerk… This guest does not know or care about facts, or has not taken the time to educate himself. “The Energy Non-Crisis’ by Lindsey Williams

  • recticuli

    The Great Oil Deception ,A Scandal Greater Than Watergate? Yes My vote will still go to Ron Paul!!!! The 12 Million you speak of are ILLEGAL ALIENS , there is a difference between ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!! You politicians lump the two together. That is pure B.S. Just a play on words known as ‘COLOR OF WORD’ using ‘COLOR of AUTHORITY, backed by ‘COLOR of LAW. In other words all a ‘FACADE’