Just arrived home in Texas – what a week! New York, Iowa and…

“Just arrived home in Texas – what a week! New York, Iowa and Nevada. Great energy and tons of media. Thanks so much to everyone who helped!”Ron Paul

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  • Michael

    tj- Saying that America had it coming is just another way of saying what Ron Paul has said. It was a revenge attack against America for it’s interference on the Arabian peninsula. Revenge tj. America had the revenge attack coming. Ron Paul has it right. Also, Ron Paul understands that the Iraq war was for phony reasons and the Bush2 admin knew all along that there were no WMD’s. Nearly a million dead Iraqis for a phony reason? Indeed America still has more coming. The truth can’t be hidden and it’s Ron Paul’s cause to make sure it isn’t. If you can’t handle it then maybe you should find yourself a candidate that’s willing to lie for you.

  • Theodore w rencher

    Ya know you people are absolutley retarded havent you figured it out yet a republican is thr worse for america period there feare mongering bigotts and most definateley responsible for thar arizona incident and all they seem to want to do is take but no remedies just heartless and unamerican

  • Reza

    Fem, I am an economist and don’t quite understand what type of technology you are talking about. Can you give us some insight?

  • raychel

    okay some of you people are seriously on drugs just saying….If you want Dr. Paul to be elected you have to keep your weird conspiracy stories to yourselves okay? Dr. Paul is the future and savior of our country but no one will listen if you say the stupid things y’all are saying.

  • Wayne Everett

    Dear Chris Matthews,

    -Federal Roads? We paid for America to fight a war on the east and west.
    “We” paid, so “we” should benefit (not just YOUR goverment $$)
    -Unregulated airports? How about “OVERregulated”?? Your spot on Mr. Paul.
    -Cancer research is going on EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.
    -Americans defended ourselves at the START OF OUR NATION, WE CAN DO IT AGAIN. (correct again, they want to scare everyone; but with the CANADIANS?)

    Mr. Ron Paul,

    my vote is for you because your not a liberatarian, republican, or anything; your a human being. Very few politicians are.

    We trained them, we changed them, we do it all the time!
    Our offensive mentality needs to become defensive.
    This nation needs a REAL revolution, a true zeit geist.

    I’m a proud, patient, American. But oil?

    In WW2 when America had few tanks and planes; but it took only a year to get into the war.
    Why can’t we do the same with hybrid/electric cars to get OUT OF WAR?!!

    24 years old, army vet. you guys need any help?


  • Michael

    When Ron Paul is elected president in 2012 he will make it clear that 9/11 was a revenge attack by Al queda because of US interference on the Arabian peninsula. That is going to make Obama’s words on getting Osama sound pretty hollow when it becomes clear to the American people that Osama was only interested in revenge. Obama’s moment of fame for getting Osama will be short lived. America had it coming. Right Ron? Go Ron Paul.

    • tj


      I hope you retract this last statement…I have read some of your other sensible comments…but please…”America had it coming”? We should not interfere in the affairs of other nations…I agree with this. However, often our mettling is benevolent and sincere. Bin Laden had no legal or moral grounds to attack those buildings.

      Nevertheless, it is most likely true that had a libertarian been elected in 2000, 9/11 could have been avoided. The impetus that these idiot radical Islamists used for their actions was our involvement in the middle east. As our withdrawal from there would have been a gradual occurrence, there is no way of knowing whether bin Laden would have carried out the attacks…

  • Skid

    Osama Bin Laden is dead. Ron Paul should not run for president in 1012 but 1016. I will expand my point tomorrow because it’s late now.

    • Skid

      Before you thumb down, you should understand this: There is nothing I would like more than see Ron Paul in the office. But I’m also pragmatic, lets back to earth, there are more than 62% chances for Obama to win the reelection. The death of Bin Laden will give Obama a strong push forward.
      None Republican will be able to beat him, even less a Tea Partier anti-war candidate.
      I totally understand that catching Bin Laden has nothing to do with the war on Iraq, Libya, etc. and that it was a precise operation and not a massive deployment.
      But most people won’t even care about the details, and will vote for Obama again as if he did something more than saying “go ahead”.
      But 4 more years with Obama will be so harmful to the economy that people will remember again why is that Obama sucks so much. And that’s where Ron Paul real shines.
      So if he run in 2016 he’s got lot more chances to win than if he runs now.

      • raychel

        Obama had nothing to do with Bin Laden, this is the one time they’re allowed to blame it on Bush.

    • tj

      First of all, in 2016, Ron PAul will be 81 years old.

      • tj

        Secondly, IF OBama “killed” bin Laden, his temporary boost in approval will not make up for continued double digit inflation and unemployment…we are 18 months from the election and the economy looks like it is getting worse…not better

        • tj

          Thirdly..and at the risk of losing some credibilty here…bin Laden was killed in september 2001. Just the facts:

          in the 1990s, bin LAden was not afraid to be seen in public and was even interviewed by CNN

          after 9/11, following his greatest achievement, he would most likely want to celebrate in front of millions of supporters

          instead we get questionable looking videos every so often for a couple of years…the videos then turned into audio tapes …

          there were no live broadcasts from bin Laden since 9/11

          the Bush administration benefitted from the belief that he was alive in order to justify his continued war on terror

          the Obama administration benefits from the belief that he killed him…as OBama’s poll numbers continued to decline

          Saddam Hussein was captured and tried and convicted…bin Laden was shot and killed and his remains quickly disposed of so no one could see his body? (is anyone laughing at this yet?)

  • Adam

    Mr. Paul please enlighten folks about how dangerous and wasteful our foreign intervention is. What are your thoughts on the Libya war and what you think will come of it.

    Thank you

  • Justin

    fukachema dieteechee nuke facilty safty president just steped down we need paul

  • Will

    Dr. Paul,

    Please come visit Louisiana State University at Shreveport. It would be great to hear and see you in person for once and would also like to hear your opinion on the higher education crisis being faced by many states in our Union, including Louisiana. Thank you.

  • Dfens

    The research, carried out by two NGOs, has revealed disturbing allegations of excessive working hours and draconian workplace rules at two major plants in southern China. It has also uncovered an “anti-suicide” pledge that workers at the two plants have been urged to sign, after a series of employee deaths last year. — Guardian

    Vote for Ron Paul and he will turn the US into China. When he unilaterally eliminates tariffs and unions (no right to assembly under the Pauls) you can all experience 3rd world working conditons for your selves.

    • SCOTT

      ALERT, ALERT – The NeoCons appear to be out in force on this site and others. They appear to be running scared that Ron’s message is gaining too much traction. As they can’t seem to present coherent and rational arguments, they employ their tried and true Orwellian fear tactic strategy.

      Why rational people remain in short supply in America, the people are coming to understand Einstein’s definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    • lg


      Please go jump off a cliff

    • Skid

      @Dfens: You are a public employee, aren’t you?
      You are the first one to be fired if Ron Paul get elected. But don’t worry, you will be able to get your first honest job washing dishes at McDonalds.

    • Jake

      I would like to hear a complete argument from Dfens for this reason: Unions, originally founded to protect worker’s rights, have become a source of national contention as a result of their increasing influence over the relationship between workers and employees. Influence that, unfortunately, is being used in some cases to compel employers to provide levels of employee compensation that damages the company’s ability to compete in the global market place. I don’t fully understand why Unions have, in too many cases, mutated from being advocates of worker’s rights into independent sources of power and wealth, but I do believe that they should continue to play a role, albeit a more limited one, in our national economy; I base this belief on the history of worker’s rights in America, a history that is liberally seeded with examples of oppression especially in those areas of production that require large numbers of unskilled and low skilled labor.

    • Jake

      (following on previous)
      So unions have a place, I believe, in our economy because the owners of our nation’s factory infrastructure will always face the very human temptation to get more for less from their employees.
      Dfens comment that Ron Paul’s anticipated action against Unions will turn America into China is, I believe, deliberately inflammatory.
      @Dfens, you owe it to yourself to provide evidence in support of your claims. The Guardian article excerpt that you provided doesn’t mention Unions, America, Ron Paul, or the 3rd world.
      I understand that workers in China are denied the right to unionize. However, I believe China’s history of worker’s rights abuses has been driven by a powerful ideology, not by a single policy against unions. That ideology is against unions, true, but to focus on that single policy is to miss the larger picture: Maoist communism is against personal liberty on a grand scale. I believe this claim stands on its own merits and will not, here, provide evidence.

  • Scott Jordan

    Dr. Paul,

    I’m 42 and voted for Mr. Obama last elestion. I’m left asking why I have never heard of you until recently. I have slowly woke up from the media brain washing me. I want you to know that I have so much respect for you. I beg you to run for President in 2012. You have a lot of people that are waking up and seeing the truth. Bless you Ron. You have my vote.

    Scott Jordan
    Lake Wylie, SC

  • Reza

    Dear Dr. Paul,

    In the past two years I always wished that you would run for president again. The only problem is that in all countries that I am aware of, it is the power of media that drags people to vote. We will need a lot of capital, and by that I mean enough to buy slots on all news agencies on regular weekly basis to have you on their shows or have people talk about the importance of libertarian economics while supporting you. If we don’t get that, people will forget about you just the way they would forget about other candidates. The memory would not last long and would be changed by the 24/7 brainwashing media.

    I feel that you have a plan to spread as much as you can in regards to a transition to a libertarian economy; however, you do have the chance to get elected if we all spread the need for your policies.

    In the ruthless and gambling system of bipartisanship that we live in, you have survived and are our only hope. The world is heading towards expensive oil and that may lead to a world war if we don’t get people such as yourself in the whitehouse.

    • Fem

      I think the current world crisis involves more than the economy, the wars and the media, but the economy drives as well as limits everything else.

      The media, via money, shouldn’t decide what leaders are elected, but the fact is that it is deciding on leaders and everything else that follows, though most people realize that there are deep troubling issues.

      • Fem

        I think currently there’s enough technology and computer power to analyze the current economy, its benefits and disadvantage, its factual consequences at short and long term. And include in the analysis population growth, education, health and the so called markets (existing and new).

        So reasonable planning is doable based in facts. But that is not all that seems to be going on. Because other stuff could be going on in the side that is affecting the estimated planning. So the so called economy crashes.

        Rules are made, approved, written, and promoted, yet they don’t apply: as if there would be a fictitious reality presented to the masses but a true reality that moves the true economy in a different plane. So values develop that are incomparable and clash causing this mess.

        But meantime, and while transitions are put in place, people need to have the basics, and that individual independence needs and must be respected.

        • Fem

          Anyway, it looks like the so called economy has been a myth, well written, taught and promoted all over.

          And NO, I’m not trying to jump in your wagon, just supporting freedom of speech with reasoning rather than repeating political jargon that glues political gangs.

          I’m done with this contribution.