Ron Paul: Bin Laden Death Raises More Questions

Date: 05/03/2011

  • TheDrCynic
  • 29render

    ***Ron Paul 2012**** Wake up America***

  • owlandtree

    RP is appealing to me because he has the courage to speak out against how Bi Partisanism divides our nation by splitting hairs to create validity for individual party. Nationalism vs. Bi Partisanism. Political gridlock is the ammo of terrorists. “They do what we tell them, we give them money, they don’t we bomb them” The teaparty scares me. Reminds me of crazed soccer moms drunk with antiabortion and more govt. regulations. I like RP, not party (not freedom with only 2 choices), A rigged game.

  • SolarGamer

    ron paul’s word=word of god

  • ItsMeLegit

    Dammit Ron Paul if you were 60 years younger I would marry you. Ron Paul 2012!

  • ssjwes

    When I saw Tim G in this clip I was pictureing Ron running up and smacking him.

  • ssjwes

    If you didnt know his stance on legalizing drugs where have you been?
    Thats part of his “crazy side”(I like his views) thats highlighted who he
    is since forever.

  • jimk5447

    A few months I would’ve voted for ron paul definitely for president but im not sure know after hearing some of were he stands on issues if id vote for him or not, like legalizeing all drugs, against harsh interrogations (for terrorists, which got us the information to get bin laden) and also closing gitmo. Also the dismantleing the education, defense. We are still at war and going to be so we need the defense but the government is getting to big but again we do need some government programs.

  • adam99x2004

    Probably one of the best interviews with Ron Paul I have seen on youtube. Most of the interviewers always want to interrupt Ron with another question or use their own personal backlash comment that you don’t really get to see Ron answer fairly. How the other presidential candidates can compete with Ron Paul as President is beyond me. This man GETS it.

  • nathan9384

    Threatening to cut off supplies and money to Pakistan? I think it goes without saying you and I would have done that right off the bat, regardless of whether Bin Ladin was there or not, just like Ron Paul.

  • BikerBry

    Everybody talks about sending aid to poor countries, they fail to realize that food and medical supplies end up being sold or stolen and controlled by warlords. Aid to foreign nations is a good thought, but it rarely ever turns out like it was intended.

  • haolesbrothers

    Ron Paul is absolutely right. The US either gives money to the ruling classes of other countries if they do what they are told, or bomb them. And spending massive amounts of money to rule the world is not going to help the millions of jobless Americans

    People need to wake up before it’s too late…

  • northernligh75

    We are all literally fu*ked if we don’t elect Dr. Paul.

  • Goodspittin

    Don’t people realize we Americans have the right to force the government to show the Bin Laden SEAL tapes.. Right to Petition

  • YummmyDummmy

    NO more funding, dear Amrikans, to Pakistan (that’s what they call them here). Come on guys…. you know not even a single dime has ever been used for its intended purpose, of course except making the politicians rich. One should do more for his/her own country than someone else.. only fair.
    As far as OBL’s death goes, it’s all a drama. What makes people with brains angry is the fact that they could have done better by coming up with smarter lies. He’s been dead for years.

    PS: A Pakistani


    why did we never hear voice of Osama? Did you hear the voice of Osama when he talks about 9/11 that he done it? and another videos. Maybe he talks on video about his family or his work in Afgan? Just think!!!

  • aragornsargonath

    The national debt could be drastically reduced if money was not sent overseas to support other countries.

  • TheAmalgam


  • 411American

    Phony Govern Mentalist show time

  • 411American

    Obama and the main stream media needed a distraction Ron Paul is helping them
    Google ” OBAMA Case in 9th Circuit District Court of appeals,# 1 ”

    Ron Paul will not even take a closer look at the WTC engineer professionals who proved it to be an inside ploy why this non-scene too?