Ron Paul: Bin Laden Death Raises More Questions

Date: 05/03/2011

  • taimooribhatti

    Yeah… Go back!

    All the money you give to Pakistan is getting eaten into corruption. STOP the aid! We don’t need it… PLEASE STOP FOREIGN AID. Just go home!

  • dmeckle

    God bless Ron Paul….RP 2012


  • zioband

    who is without sin cast the first stone.
    now you will see if in addition to many political promises, we’ll see if interesting defend the rights of a simple working of the Sofitel, or if it will be business as usual insabbiato.ora we will see if these politicians as well as smart bombs and not being exported, will be able to bring some ‘of morality in other free and democratic countries.

  • AwesomeChannelTV

    You know who conspiracy theorists are.

    People with they’re own voices
    And until these things are disproved you cannot hate a conspiracy theorist until they have been proven wrong.

    So far none of my predictions have been wrong.

  • MrMrEinstein

    People in the U.S. are eating from garbage can’s. People in the U.S. have no job’s
    And they are still out sourcing job’s to other countries. Poll’s what a joke money controls the media,You only know what they want you to the know.The Matrix is very real in the U.S. When we give money to other Countries you don’t think all that money
    stays there it comes back here to all the corrupt politicians that ask for that money.What thieves we have in Washington China Owns us greed has won Suckers.

  • davitodude

    There was a military school not 1000 feet away. Do you honestly believe they don’t know exactly who lives near their military schools there? I can guarantee you that at West Point they know exactly who lives near by.

  • terminator800tlgm

    Sure if you just look at the amount of dollars figure spent on capturing one guys and the support given to Pakistan till the bin Laden death, you would figure it is very bad foreign aid program and foreign policies in general. But if you do the budget cuts, you have to talk about in a broader sense what and how they will affect our foreign relations. You simply cannot just say no to them all only from the point of view of financial efficiencies. I suspect a lot of these will involve many to

  • Sheeple101

    You need to fight to get the gold and silver returned to America by the corrupt royal pain in the ass that is the major owner of the Federal . Fight for something worth fighting for. Not some dead figure used to get you into the war in the first place.
    One bright morning in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight, drew their swards and shot each other, one deaf cop heard the noise, came and killed the two dead boys.

  • Sheeple101

    A liar is a liar is a liar. They killed a dead man of 9 years. Go back and watch some of the video from the end of 2001 and before. Who did they murder and claim it was Osama? Murder is murder and liars are liars. Everything he promised was a lie. He is not even American as stated. Every word the man every told you was a lie and nobody calls him on it. You can prove the photos, the death of Osama, the continuing of the conspiracy of 9-11 after the fact. RECALL ALL THE GARBAGE BEFORE TOO LATE.

  • izza1231

    Im from Australia and I say RON PAUL 2012 not only does America need him the world needs him those who want to deny the corruption of their government can never be saved dont worry about them sleepers will continue to sleep help those who can be awoken RON PAUL 2012..


  • Sheeple101

    Position required rebuilding America to the way it was before this current takeover. LIARS NEED NOT APPLY.
    If you can talk from both sides of your mouth at the same time NO NEED TO APPLY.
    This person has to be able to see without a teleprompter and must not know lip reading.

  • Sheeple101

    Must be able to read all documents in 30 minutes and understood or see the need to reject such proposed laws. Stop spending our great-great-great-great-great grandkids future on wars we can use water to replace.
    Enforce the law that requires all able body men to own a fully operating riffle to protect the people from out of control government.

  • Sheeple101

    Get our gold and silver back from the criminal takeover by the Queenie-poo and her family that own the Federal Reserve and willing to get all that was stolen by the rouge government of past. Not pardon any criminal actions by the ones which should be of HIGHER STANDARDS to hold high positions and find excuses for them and later bring them and their wives back to cause even greater damage later.

  • Sheeple101

    Repeal the criminally enacted forced death care BS Obama signed into HIS LAW. Repeal all illegal actions from 1913 on taken against the people.

    Get rid of personal taxes and force any company over 10 million dollars to pay all taxes. Support MOM AND POP to fight against imports and keep the money in America where it belongs.
    Any person that has assets over $50,000,000.00 (50 million) will pay 10% on all earnings without deductions or shelters.

  • Sheeple101

    Stop all shelters for the ultra-rich to hind behind tax shelters to poison the kids with vaccines that kill and we the people have to make the money back from this deduction. We need to decide where OUR money goes not Bill Gates and the others. WE NEED TO CONTROL not them. Sorry no more giving millions of our money away without our control and that is exactly what your tax shelters do. If you paid your taxes we could DECIDED where to spend the money NOT YOU BILLY BOY. Stop killing on us!

  • Sheeple101

    Must be able to remember your own words and promises for past the second you close your mouth. You must be able to remember all your promises and words throughout your term.
    If you can stand by the Constitution we will stand by you, if you try to break our agreement with the ones in government we will bring you to justice.
    Ron Paul

  • vet725

    ron paul is insane

  • izza1231

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!


  • 84Darkvader

    Ron Paul 100%!!!!!

  • moochabod

    bill marceux dot com!…but seriously: ron paul.