Ron Paul: Bin Laden Death Raises More Questions

Date: 05/03/2011

  • smallyb2009

    So the most famous wanted Man on the planet is supposedly cornered in a house in Pakistan & instead of arresting him & finding out everything they needed to know about Al Qaeda they shoot him in the head,How dumb do they think people are,They say Osama had this house built yet there,s no escape routes from the home of the most wanted man in the World,This is a fairytale invented by obama to help him win a second term in the white house,The day after they supposedly killed him there story changed

  • wizzallace

    close fed

    switch computer records of money to our Treasury

    end wars to begin the saving

    we can do this legally, it’s an idea, we’re the people


  • juggalo309

    if the government didnt lie then there wouldnt be any conspiracy theories!

  • airtobreathe

    This guy is always so honest, it’s almost hard to call him a politician… but it shouldn’t be like that. We should vote for him in 2012. I bet you he would put together an awesome cabinet too! There’s a great group of people out there on all sides that are right behind him and support how he’s trying to save our country.We need to spread the word!


  • 415Dub

    I used to be a liberal, until I found out about Ron Paul.

  • mrhotmale99

    america spends billions on bombing the hell out of countries and killing and injuring civilians, plus gives them billions of dollars in aid, plus america is broke as hell and in debt massivly itself… does that make sense??

  • mrhotmale99

    damm they were skillful alright, 12 highly trained big guys with the latest technology and guys were about to take out 1 unarmed guy, well done!!

  • tauras88d

    daring brave raid …lol
    ooooh this ole” evil mainstream media bunch is always good for a laugh
    they have been exposed and they know it, so they try to hire better deluted actors to spoon feed you the evil lies
    paul get your poker face on you can easy deceive the dumbdown minions all the way to the whitehouse.


  • fakdaworld808

    I HONESTLY BELIEVE RON PAUL DORS NOT BELIEVE THE OFFICIAL 9 11 story but pretends so that he can get votes from stupid fuckers who do……BIN LADEN WAS JUST A MADE UP DUDE FOR THE BLAME OF 9 11….also an excuse to invade other countries……just like how the white man stole this nation from Indians !!!!!!! Man how history repeats itself!!! Man so man ignorant people

  • Serge1965

    Bin laden was dead 10 years ago for crying out loud

  • ggeorgewashington

    This 2012. Do not vote for You or me. Vote for America!

    Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself.
    The World is watching.
    Ron Paul for President in 2012.
    Thank You

  • apalsenberg

    The American government does not seem to care about Americans. If they give that much to Pakistan; how much do they give to Israel, Afghanistan, Egypt… and so on… and on and on.

  • zooted94TV

    i think Ron paul has been listening to 2pac.

  • bobbyraejohnson

    It was bin laden dumb ass that’s why you got videos of bin laden saying I did it lol Ron Paul is getting my attention

  • katnap72

    We should just start calling it the Constitution Party. The bureaucracy of the DHS has soo many tentacles spreading throughout our country. It’s killing our 4A rights incredibly fast! The funding of it is almost the same cost as the five wars we are engaged in. It’s just insane! Ron Paul is the only common sense candidate.

  • bosshog7169

    I voted for Obama over McCain, but I feel betrayed by him and most democrats for several things. Most likely I will support Paul in 2012. I can’t find anything he says I disagree with

  • owainglyndwr16

    Wake the fuck up Ron Paul .. Bin Laden did not do 911 .. It was the Israeli’s and Bush administration !!

  • Jaymz5555

    God people are stupid. Unbelievable…
    “Osama was 40 miles from the capital of pakistain. therefore, the pakistani government knew he was there! better take away their funding!”

    Couldn’t you have easily hid Osama Bin Laden in your basement? Transfer him in the dark of the night. He never bring him the food. “OH! OH! THEN THE US GOVERNMENT MUST OF KNOWN HE WAS IN THE BASEMENT!!”

    Absurdity. These are human beings who have jobs that are being this stupid?

  • Jaymz5555

    I thought this guy was supposed to be smart…
    “why did it take 10 years to get one guy?” cuz he was hiding? we cant read minds.
    “2 trillion dollars to get one guy.” its a war on terror. not a war against osama. DUH.
    “if we went over there to get him, its time to come home.” but that isn’t the only reason we went over there. and its not the only reason we’re still there. afghanistan needs to be able to stand on its own feet so it can’t be used as a terrorist safehouse.

  • TDWPOwns12