Ron Paul: Bin Laden Death Raises More Questions

Date: 05/03/2011

  • sykofreak18

    Come on this Ron Paul, everybody knows Bin Laden died a long time ago and wasn’t responsible for 9/11


  • pkpapers

    Secrets and Lies and Collateral Damage: Ten trillion dollars worth. And more to come.

  • AngryMuppet2012

    bin laden died in Feb. of 2002,.of Marfan syndrome

  • XBestXWorstX

    SPOT ON Mr Ron Paul!

    I am a Pakistani & wants to assure that you have spoken the words of 180 million Pakistani’s. US tax-payer funds are not spent on our people but it directly goes into the pockets of our CORRUPT political elite. Our Gov didn’t spend even 5% of the total aid that the WHOLE world sent when floods hit us in 2010. Its our Gov that are the TRAITORS & BEGGARS. Plzzz Plzzzz Plzzzzzzzz STOP sending aids. Better US should spend on its own citizens.

    THUMBS UP!!!

  • arlichar11

    its amazing that they send ppl to afghanistan, then to iraq, have no idea where he is..
    then all of a sudden find him in pakistan? and if we are so in debt why do send it around he world? wake up america , somethings dont add up

  • KyleR811

    Interviews with Ron Paul are always so informative! We the grass roots need to take a stand! WE NEED RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrscambuster1001

    Osama Bin Laden had Marfan’s Disease. He was treated:

    FALSE FLAG: Bin Laden Received Dialysis Treatment On 9/10/01; Suffers Numerous Ailments

    Bin Laden reported in Dubai hospital July of 2001 (France 2) (CORRECT REPORT FOLLOWED BY TYPICAL DENIALS ON COVER STORY)

    Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered

    Bin Laden Has Been Dead for Years, CFR Dr. Steve Pieczenik Interview 1 of 3

  • mrscambuster1001


    When they cant attack Dr. Ron Paul they attack YOU!!

    nutballs – Establishment

    SO Dr. Ron Paul is great but citizens who want to elect him as President b/c he will End the Federal Reserve (a private banking cartel) run by white-collar criminals, end 4 wars overseas, end nonsensical one party democrat and republican unconstitutional politicals….

    Typical PAID SHILL — the STATUS QUO system is desperate to maintain control over you.

    VOTE for Dr. Ron Paul in 2012

  • ryanshaunkelly

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
    But it cannot survive treason from within … Cicero
    Remember the USAF 9-11 Stand Down Orders.

  • TheGordonAShumway

    The biggest turn off about Ron Paul are his lunatic supporters. I don’t want to be associated with you nutballs.

  • Donninator1

    and they are giving money to pakistan becuase they are in bed with them….

    now the USA is stabbing them in the back, and getting ready for a new war!


  • Donninator1

    what a bunch of god damn sheep

  • DanielKimery

    Ron Paul knows the Osama assassination is a Hoax and basically just called them liars. Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • impalax327

    Ron paul should know better. He knows Bin Laden died in 2001 and he knows why money is given to Pakistan. The whole Bin Laden fable and this latest episode in the “war on the population” (the terror part is 100% made up) is another fabrication by the Whitehouse and CIA, who after all are the real terrorists. Chaney, Rumsfeld and Bush planned 9/11 (with others) with NO involvement from ANYONE outside the US. The rest of the world has woken up to how corrupt the whitehouse is, now it’s your turn.

  • Getdamoneyng0

    did anyone hear that gunshot at 3:12?

  • MtEVALs

    i see Ron Paul believes the pictures are real ? and i see no one else has made a comment about Pakistan why? your president is using Bin Ladden ,to say Pakistan was holding a criminal , So you lot would say they got what was coming to them , in they`re time of need , and boom the shit out of them, they need people dead and they are starting with the people of colour, your next ,,Ron Paul is one off them , wake up

  • DramaBlock


  • ismaithliombainne

    when did trevor mcdonald become a us politician?

  • 0xTRX007

    Election 2012 FOX poll – Ron Paul Voters, Vote Now!!!
    foxnews. com/on-air/fox-news-debates/index.html

  • 2ndSamuel710

    Great new vid on Utube “The Last Days of the Big Lie”­0

    Safer in Nazi work camps WW II than German cities being carpet bombed mercilessly

    Dr. David Duke’s new vid- “Promised Land 4 Organized Crime” is outstanding

    All about Chicago Godfather Italian Catholic Mafia Sopranos of course.
    No? Deceived again? Yah mean it’s not like Marlin Brando pizza & spaghetti?
    We been rooked again? Who’s Meyer Lansky & Murder Inc. anyway?