More great news – CNN just sent Jesse a heads up that their…

“More great news – CNN just sent Jesse a heads up that their new national poll will show Ron at 10 percent! Huckabee 16% Trump 14% Romney 13% Palin 11% Paul 10% Gingrich 10%”Ron Paul

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  • Everyone of our elected Officials that voted for the continuation of the Patriot act for 4 more years news needs looked at real closely. Possibly impeached for Treason at the worst. At best. Voted out of office. How many of you folks know that amendment were made to it before passage the other day. One of which makes it against the law for farmers to sell unpasteurized milk across state lines. INSANE!

  • anon

    Walter Williams as VP ?

  • anon

    try Walter Williams, as VP

  • Ron Willison

    Now if we could just get Peter Schiff to sign on as his running mate. We would have guts constitutionality and a real economist under one roof so to speak. Dr. Paul You have my support and should you ever feel the need. There are many out here that would drop what we are doing to cover your back. I’m 62. I’ve seen the last 50 years in real time. My memory is good. So fear not I am not wearing a tin hat. Just pragmatic and a bit of a realist.

  • Chris Wisley

    Ron paul is the only one out there proposing real solutions to americas problems the rest are just grandstanding and playing shell games with tax dollars- If he doesnt get the GOP nomination he should go libertarian and run for president


  • Dan Baker


    Your idea about passing a bill to stop the Fed from buying government bonds (debt) is brilliant! It is a simple step in the right direction.
    We need an intelligent and balanced individual like you to guide this country.
    You have my trust and blessings. Thank you for all that you continue to do.

    Dan Baker
    Harwich, Ma